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1. "Drink [the shot of tequila], Mia." He repeated, quietly, using my name this time. He leaned in close to me so that I could feel the heat of his body. "Believe me," His eyes locked on mine and in a hoarse voice he whispered, "you're going to want to be drunk for what I'm going to do to you tonight."
Author: Donya Petrock
2. "Graystripe pushed past Tigerheart and Whitestorm and crouched beside his old friend. "I would have taken your place if you had let me". His voice was hoarse with grief."
Author: Erin Hunter
3. "When they attack her, I scream until my voice is hoarse so I don't have to hear the shredding sounds."
Author: Jackson Pearce
4. "Thanks for staying with me last night," she said, her voice a bit hoarse and sleepy. "You didn't have to sleep on the bathroom floor.""Last night was one of the best nights of my life."
Author: Jamie McGuire
5. "Erotic play discloses a nameless world which is revealed by the nocturnal language of lovers. Such language is not written down. It is whispered into the ear at night in a hoarse voice. At dawn it is forgotten."
Author: Jean Genet
6. "I fumble with the top button of his vest and, when it comes undone, tug at the next one. Finn catches my earlobes between his teeth. "Are you undressing me?"I shiver at his breath against my ear, achieving a third button. "Do you object?""No." His voice a little hoarse as I remove his vest and toss it onto the floor along with his cloak."
Author: Jessica Spotswood
7. "Don't do this to us." He warned, his voice hoarse with angry desperation as he realize he was losing her. "You're letting eleven years of mistrust color everything you've discovered I've done"."
Author: Judith McNaught
8. "So hot and tight. You're going to be a screamer. You're already fighting to keep quiet, and I've barely started." His low, hoarse voice sent shivers down her back."
Author: Julia Devlin
9. "Tonight," he whispered, his voice hoarse and hot in her ear, "I will make you mine."-Simon to Daphne"
Author: Julia Quinn
10. "Doyou miss a parent you never knew?" he whispered.Kate considered his question for some time. His voice had held a hoarse urgency that told her there wassomething critical about her reply. Why, she couldn't imagine, but something about her childhood clearlyrang a chord within his heart."Yes," she finally answered, "but not in the way you would think. You can't really miss her, because youdidn't know her, but there's still a hole in your life—a big empty spot, and you know who was supposedto fit there, but you can't remember her, and you don't know what she was like, and so you don't knowhow she would have filled that hole." Her lips curved into asad sort of smile. "Does this make any sense?"Anthony nodded. "It makes a great deal of sense"
Author: Julia Quinn
11. "When you stand out there," John continues in a hoarse voice, "keep your chin up, all right? Don't let them get to you." "I won't.""Make them work for it. Punch someone if you have to." John gives me a sad, crooked smile. "You're a scary kid. So scare them. Okay? All the way until the end."For the first time in a long time, I feel like a little brother. I have to swallow hard to keep my eyes dry. "Okay," I whisper."
Author: Marie Lu
12. "Hello again, violinist,' he said in a hoarse voice. 'Fancy meeting you here."
Author: Regina Doman
13. "Friends, huh?" She shook Vincent's hand, but lingered with Peter, giving him a sexy smile. She quickly took in his blond-haired good looks. "If I had a friend like you, I'm not sure I would ever leave the house," she continued, her voice slightly hoarse and extremely sexy."
Author: Rose Wynters
14. "His eyes burned into mine, chasing away any remaining dark shadows, and then he added in a hoarse voice, "I will love you for all eternity."
Author: Sharon Ricklin Jones
15. "Cara waggled a hand over the two of them. "It works better with your clothes off."Richard frowned. His voice came as a hoarse croak. "What?"She seemed mystified by the question. "I believe you will find such things work better without clothes." She put her hands to her hips. "I thought you would know at least that much."
Author: Terry Goodkind

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