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1. "Sometimes by holding onto what you love the most — you end up choking the very life from the thing you want to keep on living. It's possible to try too hard, to love something so deeply that you lose yourself. The danger is never in loving someone — but losing your identity in the process. Because what happens when tragedy strikes? You're left an empty shell. You're left with nothing."
Author: Rachel Van Dyken
2. "The End of World War OneOut of the scraped surface of the landmen began to emerge, like puppiesfrom the slit of their dam. Up from the trenchesthey came out upon the pitted, raw earthwobbling as if new-born.They could not believe they would be allowed to live,the orders had come down: no more killing.They approached the enemy, holding out chocolateand cigarettes. They shook hands, exchangedsouvenirs--mess-kits, neckerchiefs.Some even embraced, while in Londontotal strangers copulatedin doorways and on the pavement, in the ecstasyof being reprieved. Nine months later,like men emerging from the trenches, first the head,then the body, there were lifted, newborn, from these mothers,the soldiers of World War Two."
Author: Sharon Olds

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Quotes About Holding Onto Anger
Quotes About Holding Onto Anger

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