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1. "THE LUXE IS . . .Pretty girls in pretty dresses, partying until dawn.Irresistible boys with mischievous smiles and dangerous intentions.White lies, dark secrets, and scandalous hookups.This is Manhattan in 1899."
Author: Anna Godbersen
2. "And even though quick hookups were all I'd ever been capable of, I would've given her more if she had wanted that.I would've given her everything if she had asked.It would probably never be enough, and I knew I couldn't undo everything I had done in the past. I couldn't go back and change the fact that I'd been with all those girls, that Syd had seen me take home one girl after another, but damn, if she had asked, I would've told her that my feelings for her ran deep."
Author: J. Lynn
3. "Jett said, barely noticing his friend's half full glass. Kenny didn't blink. "How urgent is it?" "Major deal." "A good hookup and can't find her number?" Kenny grinned. He had no idea how close he was to the truth. "Something like that," Jett remarked dryly as he retrieved a brown Manila envelope"
Author: J.C. Reed
4. "I mean, how sad is it that I needed a freaking Facebook profile to tell me my boyfriend was no longer my boyfriend? As if Facebook is the official record keeper of relationships and you have to confirm all breakups and hookups with this sacred online registrar before you can consider them certified and approved."
Author: Jessica Brody
5. "Judge me if you must, but keep in mind how very little pleasure I could have possibly derived from a one-thrust sex session, a quickie in a closet, and a come-free drunken hookup. If anything, you should feel sorry for me."
Author: Kate Madison
6. "Love...who needed love? As long as she had her books and her friends and an occasional hookup, she was perfectly content."
Author: Lauren Conrad
7. "I will meet you on Wednesdays at noon in Celebration Park. Kissing only. I won't touch you below the shoulders. You can touch me anywhere. No dating, no hookups. I will meet with you for as long as you meet me, so if you miss a Wednesday we part as strangers…"
Author: Mary Ann Rivers
8. "Random Girl after a hookup: "Do you love me"Tucker: "I don't understand the question."
Author: Tucker Max

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Quotes About Hookup
Quotes About Hookup

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I can't marry Tove!""Why ever not?" She batted her dark lashes at me."Because I don't love him!""Love is a fairy tale that manks tell their children so they'll have grandchildren," Elora said, brushing me off."
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