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1. "I had a hard time at Chelsea mainly because I was injured much of the time. Every time I recovered from one injury I seemed to get a new one and it set me back again."
Author: Andriy Shevchenko
2. "I always thought when I hit 50 years old that'd be it for the travel. I don't have to tell you - you wait at an airport, your flight's delayed, get on a 14-hour flight, get off, get stuck in traffic, you get to the hotel and the room service is closed."
Author: Brian Setzer
3. "People don't know where to place me. Terry Gilliam used me as a quirky cop in 'Twelve Monkeys', and then he hired me again to be an effeminate hotel clerk in 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'. Another time, I was shooting this indie film 'The Souler Opposite' and six days a week, I'm playing this big puppy dog, then I come to the 'NYPD Blue' set and become this scumbag."
Author: Christopher Meloni
4. "Immediately Chelsea latched onto her wrist and pulled Veronica's hand toward the cup. "Nonsense." Chelsea's eyes narrowed in on Veronica. Her eyes turned black and her mouth opened slightly, revealing her fangs. "Now drink up, researcher. Don't let a good drink go to waste."
Author: Isaiyan Morrison
5. "En su habitación del hotel la muerte, desnuda, está delante del espejo. No sabe quién es."
Author: José Saramago
6. "Kada otvorim vrata i pojavim se na stepeništu, znacu da dole pocinje ulica. Ali ne kalup, unapred prihvacen, niti dobro poznate kuce, ni onaj hotel preko puta, nego ulica, gaj pun života, gde svaki trenutak može pasti na mene u obliku cveta magnolije, i gde ce se lica radati pod mojim pogledom, kada ucinim sledeci korak, kada laktovima i trepavicama i noktima razbijem masu staklene cigle, i reskiram svoj život da bih korak po korak otišao i skupio novine na uglu."
Author: Julio Cortázar
7. "No, not a prostitute. An ‘escort' … An ‘Escort' who'd meet me in a hotel room and do anything I asked in exchange for three hundred prepaid dollars. Not a prostitute at all."
Author: Lauren Gallagher
8. "I just put myself in a hotel and was smoking coke for a while. Then I met up with the wrong people. I ended up getting in a hassle. I had to call the police and get myself arrested or get attacked, ripped off and got to jail. So I called the cops on them and myself."
Author: Marc Wallice
9. "While Elstir, at my request, went on painting, I wandered about in the half-light, stopping to examine first one picture, then another.Most of those that covered the walls were not what I should chiefly have liked to see of his work, paintings in what an English art journal which lay about on the reading-room table in the Grand Hotel called his first and second manners, the mythological manner and the manner in which he shewed signs of Japanese influence, both admirably exemplified, the article said, in the collection of Mme. de Guermantes. Naturally enough, what he had in his studio were almost all seascapes done here, at Balbec. But I was able to discern from these that the charm of each of them lay in a sort of metamorphosis of the things represented in it, analogous to what in poetry we call metaphor, and that, if God the Father had created things by naming them, it was by taking away their names or giving them other names that Elstir created them anew."
Author: Marcel Proust
10. "The band would play on the night off for the local hotel bands and we'd back all the different acts. So I'd been advised by good friends of mine to come back to Hawaii. Oh, I loved Honolulu, playing at a place right on the beach at Waikiki!"
Author: Martin Denny
11. "The day Tarzan opened in London, I sat in a hotel room and discussed the project in detail."
Author: Phil Collins
12. "Es octubre, un día húmedo. Desde la ventana del hotel veo demasiadas cosas de esta ciudad del Medio Oeste. Veo cómo se encienden las luces de algunos edificios, veo cómo el humo de las altas chimeneas se alza en columnas espesas. Me gustaría no tener que mirar."
Author: Raymond Carver
13. "He rolled in his bed, twisting the sheets, grappling with a problem years too big for him, awake in the night like a single sentinel on picket. And sometime after midnight, he slept, too, and then only the wind was awake, prying at the hotel and hooting in its gables under the bright gimlet gaze of the stars."
Author: Stephen King

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Quotes About Hotel Chelsea
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