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1. "Pada akhirnya menulis adalah menolong jiwa penulisnya sendiri dan menemukan apa yang terpendam dalam dirinya... sesuatu yang pernah ada namun telah menghilang karena waktu atau sesuatu yang telah lama ada namun tidak pernah dibangunkan."
Author: Adam Aksara
2. "Learn how to smile in the cannibal pot and life will be so much easier."
Author: Alan Brennert
3. "Radošs darbs nav veicams kaut kada bridi un pec paveles. Dailnieks var stradat tikai tad, kad jutas aicinats! Ja velaties uzrakstit kaut ko lielaku, tad jums jaiemacas iedvesmi organizet – izsaukt pec paveles!… Vispirms meginiet ieturet noteiktas darba stundas! Nekas ta nepalidz ka regularitate. Sestieties pie galda ari tad, ja jums nepavisam negribas rakstit! …Meginiet virzit domas uz aprakstamo tematu un piezimejiet visu, kas šini sakara jums nak prata, lai ari sakariba liktos gluži absurda. Pec pusstundas, ja vien jus neesat patologiski izklaidigs vai šizofrens, jus busit atjaunojis kontaktu ar savu tematu un gluži nemanot iesaksit stradat produktivi."
Author: Anšlavs Eglitis
4. "Often neglected in proper society, swearing effectively is an art form most people simply don't appreciate until they have something callous to say and end up making themselves appear the fool. Like a virgin in the sack, a celibate cusser will find himself stumbling around blind in a worthwhile attempt to impress that only serves to bring ridicule down upon them."
Author: Artemas Khan
5. "Zaman sekarang, kepentingan hidup jadi makin egois dan tempat untuk cinta kadang dilibas juga. Cinta nggak bisa milih tempatnya sendiri untuk tumbuh, esensinya sama dengan perjodohan. Mungkin orang tua kita nggak ngejodohin, tapi kita sendiri yang ngejodohin diri kita demi sesuatu."
Author: Ayuwidya
6. "Another badass Gurkha in recent memory was Sergeant Dipprasad Pun of the Royal Gurkha Rifles. In 2010, while serving as the lone on-duty guard patrolling a small one-room outpost on the edge of the Afghan province of Helmand, Pun was suddenly ambushed by somewhere between fifteen and thirty Taliban warriors armed with RPGs and assault rifles. During his Ultimate Mega Gurkha Freakout Limit Break Mode, the five-foot-seven-inch sergeant fired off four hundred rounds of machine gun ammunition (every bullet he had), chucked seventeen grenades, detonated a remote mine, and then took an enemy soldier down by chucking a twenty-pound machine gun tripod into the dude's face."
Author: Ben Thompson
7. "Coal, oil and gas are called fossil fuels, because they are mostly made of the fossil remains of beings from long ago. The chemical energy within them is a kind of stored sunlight originally accumulated by ancient plants. Our civilization runs by burning the remains of humble creatures who inhabited the Earth hundreds of millions of years before the first humans came on the scene. Like some ghastly cannibal cult, we subsist on the dead bodies of our ancestors and distant relatives. - Dr. Carl Sagan"
Author: Carl Sagan
8. "This strange thing must have crept Right out of hell.It resembles a bird's footWorn around the cannibal's neck.As you hold it in your hand,As you stab with it into a piece of meat,It is possible to imagine the rest of the bird: Its head which like your fistIs large, bald, beakless, and blind."
Author: Charles Simic
9. "Buku seharusnya berada di tangan yang paling bisa menghargainya, dan tidak hanya diletakkan tanpa dibaca, mengumpulkan debu dalam lemari yang terlupakan."
Author: Christopher Paolini
10. "Es un ciclo tan antiguo como el tribalismo. Todo comienza con la ignorancia. La ignorancia genera miedo. El miedo genera odio y el odio genera violencia. La violencia provoca más violencia hasta que la única ley viene dictada por la voluntad del más fuerte."
Author: David Mitchell
11. "As long as we practice with a vow to help others, we are the Bodhisattva of Great Compassion, and we become the leading figure in the Heart Sutra, whether we are a layperson or are ordained, whether whether celibate or married, living in the monastery or living in secular society."
Author: Dosung Yoo
12. "A second type of direct evidence is formed by statements, whether as formal legends or personal information, regarding the age or relative sequence of events in tribal history made by the natives themselves."
Author: Edward Sapir
13. "Bastará decir que soy Juan Pablo Castel, el pinto que mató a María Iribarne; supongo que el proceso está en el recuerdo de todos y que no se necesitan mayores explicaciones sobre mi persona. (63)"
Author: Ernesto Sabato
14. "Arriba, más arriba que ninguna, en la blanca columna del puente, una inscripción resalta sobre todas las demás, imborrable. Está allí, sobre el frío mármol, azul como sus ojos, bella como siempre la ha deseado. Su corazón empieza a latir feroz. Por un instante le parece que todos pueden oírla, todos pueden leer esa frase, precisamente como está haciendo ella en ese momento. Está allí, en lo alto, inalcanzable. Allí donde sólo los enamorados llegan: <>"
Author: Federico Moccia
15. "Que un protestante se muera en domingo lo entiendo, siendo Lutero el diablo. ¿Pero un católico?. Tampoco entiendo que los terremotos tumben iglesias, y con gentecita devota adentro.¡Qué! ¿No estamos los católicos seguros ni en las iglesias, a salvo de la ira de Dios? Está uno tranquilo en una iglesia escampándose del aguacero o de la música disco cuando ¡pum! le da al Otro por temblar, por tirarle a uno el techo encima, las torres y los candiles, el pararrayos y el reloj. Vivir en sí es un peligro y en las iglesias ni se diga con la protección de arriba."
Author: Fernando Vallejo
16. "[As Garibaldi says,] 'Sleep, my dear Chevalley, sleep, that is what Sicilians want, and they will always hate anyone who tries to wake them..."
Author: Frances Mayes
17. "Eran gentes de vidas lentas, a las cuales no se les veía volverse viejas, ni enfermarse ni morir, sino que iban desvaneciéndose poco a poco en su tiempo, volviéndose recuerdos, brumas de otra época, hasta que los asimilaba el olvido."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
18. "Ahora eres muy grande, pero cuanto más alto está un hombre desde más arriba cae.Salladhor Saan"
Author: George R.R. Martin
19. "This is where I falter. This is where I lose myself. This is where years invert and minutes reverse and ideas of what was good and right upend. This is where time is dispersed, thrown down like leaves or stones to be read.It's difficult to say what really happened. I know that my heartache was indescribable, the depth of my loneliness astonishing. I know that I worked very hard, and I never intended to hurt anyone. I cannot describe a life dispossessed of happiness."
Author: Hilary Thayer Hamann
20. "Barzellette matematiche I (*)Un biologo, uno statistico e un matematico sono seduti un caffè e guardano alla gente che passa.Un uomo e una donna entrano in un palazzo dall'altra parte della strada. Dieci minuti dopo ne escono accompagnati da un bambino."Si sono riprodotti" dice il biologo."No" ribatte lo statistico. "È un errore nell'osservazione. In media sono sia entrate sia uscite due persone mezza"."No, no, no" interviene il matematico. "È del tutto ovvio. Se adesso entra qualcuno, il palazzo sarà vuoto".(*) Lo scopo principale di queste barzellette non è farvi ridere, ma mostrarvi che cos'è che fa ridere i matematici e consentirvi di sbirciare in un angolo oscuro del loro ambiente culturale."
Author: Ian Stewart
21. "Sajak Musim GugurMalam-malam berguguran...Kenangan berguguran...Hanya sajak ini yang tumbuhKau selalu berdiri, ketika matahari mengoyak langitKetika panas, mengoyak-ngoyak hidup!Kau pernah ajak aku berjalanMelalui pagi dan senja, berbasah hujanMelalui kali. Luka dan suka mengalir di sanaTanpa jedaBertahan! Kau harus bertahan...Jangan gugur sebelum musim dingin tibaIni kuberikan napasku!"
Author: Iwan Setyawan
22. "With his fantastic mane of multicoloured hair, Phury should have been in Hollywood's league with the ladies, but he'd stuck with his vow of celibacy. There was room for one and only one love in his life, and it had been slowly killing him for years."
Author: J.R. Ward
23. "Curitiba is not a paradise. We have all the problems that most Latin American cities have. We have slums. We have the same difficulties, but the big difference is the respect given by people due to the quality of the services which are provided."
Author: Jaime Lerner
24. "The wall that separates insiders from outsiders is not born of human nature but methodically built, brick by brick, by tribal convention. The "wall" about which I will often speak in this book is not an organism or a membranous extension of some inborn aspect of "human nature". It is a mechanistic process-a barrier meticulously constructed by erratic community decrees as a means of identifying those who are part of the group and marking those who are not. It is not difficult to imagine the chauvinism that require a community to mark its territories and distinguish its members from its enemies. It is far more difficult to understand the kind of "outsiders" who are the subjects of this book-those who are part of the group and yet are rejected by their peers and cast into a terrible internal exile. It is an exile called "alienation"."
Author: Jamake Highwater
25. "Trupul nu-i decat o biata coliba pierduta in pustie."
Author: James Clavell
26. "I think that we reject the evidence that our world is changing because we are still, as that wonderfully wise biologist E. O. Wilson reminded us, tribal carnivores. We are programmed by our inheritance to see other living things as mainly something to eat, and we care more about our national tribe than anything else. We will even give our lives for it and are quite ready to kill other humans in the cruellest of ways for the good of our tribe. We still find alien the concept that we and the rest of life, from bacteria to whales, are parts of the much larger and diverse entity, the living Earth."
Author: James E. Lovelock
27. "Human-rights advocates, for example, claim that the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners is of a piece with President Bush's 2002 decision to deny al Qaeda and Taliban fighters the legal status of prisoners of war under the Geneva Conventions."
Author: John Yoo
28. "Laila watches Mariam glue strands of yarn onto her doll's head. In a few years, this little girl will be a woman who will make small demands on life, who will never burden others, who will never let on that she too had sorrows, disappointments, dreams that have been ridiculed. A woman who will be like a rock in a riverbed, enduring without complaint, her grace not sullied but shaped by the turbulence that washes over her. Already Laila sees something behind this young girl's eyes, something deep in her core, that neither Rasheed nor the Taliban will be able to break. something as hard and unyielding as a block of limestone. Something that, in the end, will be her undoing and Laila's salvation.The little girl looks up. Puts the doll down. Smiles."
Author: Khaled Hosseini
29. "A ratos, cuando se volvía para sacudir la ceniza del cigarrillo en un platito, yo aprovechaba para mirar de soslayo las uñas rojas de sus pies, el brillo dorado de las pantorrillas afeitadas, el pronunciado empeine y, siempre, los senos turgentes y perfectamente redondeados. Me maravillaba que en este mundo hubiese hombres que habían tocado y besado aquellos senos mientras le hacían el amor. ¿Qué más se le podía pedir a la vida después de algo así? ¿Adónde se iba un hombre después de haber alcanzado la cima del mundo? Sólo con gran esfuerzo lograba apartar los ojos y posarlos en algún lugar seguro cuando ella se volvía de nuevo hacia mí."
Author: Khaled Hosseini
30. "The most holy cannibalism you can perform is to eat the flesh and blood of sagacity, and by sharing it with other wisdom thirsty cannibals."
Author: Michael Bassey Johnson
31. "One of them confessed to Paul that his tribe had heard stories about the fiercely cannibalistic ways of white men. Paul's first instinct was to laugh him off as a simpleminded fool. But the legend hadn't been conjured from thin air. When Paul tried to assure him that white men didn't eat black men, the man confronted him with a direct challenge: explain why they bought and sold Africans as if they were cattle, not human beings."Why do you come from nobody knows where, and carry off our men, and women, and children?" the man asked Paul. "Do you not fatten them in your far country and eat them?"
Author: Monte Reel
32. "A Cannibal is a person who walks into a restaurant and orders a waiter."
Author: Morey Amsterdam
33. "Aku ora bakal nangis mergo ledhekmuAku ora bakal tiba mergo jegalmuAku ora sudi mengo mergo matamu menthelengi akuAku ora muntir mergo tenagamu gedheSing marai aku nyiut ya mung perintah utekku dheweAku ora adigung Aku wis wareg olehe andhab asor marang kadonyan ikiDadi aku arep menehi kowe dalan ringkes ben bisa nemoni jangkahkuNanging yen kowe hambesengut marang akuAku dadi saya mesake marang koweMugo-mugo kowe ora gemblung mergo aku"
Author: Neo Wasiman
34. "When one is confirmed in celibacy, spiritual vigor is gained."
Author: Patanjali
35. "Laksanakanlah kewajiban anda sebaik-baiknya, selebihnya serahkan kepada Tuhan."
Author: Pierre Corneille
36. "Celibacy is not a matter of compulsion. Someone is accepted as a priest only when he does it of his own accord."
Author: Pope Benedict XVI
37. "Saya akan lebih mendulukan kebenaran-kebenaran universal, bukan hutang budi, bukan kewajiban moral dan bukan juga pengabdian buta."
Author: Putu Wijaya
38. "I saw the whole universe laid out before me, a vast shining machine of indescribable beauty and complexity. Its design was too intricate for me to understand, and I knew I could never begin to grasp more than the smallest idea of its purpose. But I sensed that every part of it, from quark to quasar, was unique and - in some mysterious way - significant."
Author: R.J. Anderson
39. "Apa yang kita fikir ibarat bunga,bahasa ibarat putik,manakala tindakan adalah buahnya."
Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
40. "La muerte no es nada.No le tengo apego a este cuerpo. Es solo un vehículo que mi alma necesita para alcanzar un nivel más elevado de conciencia e iluminación.Resulta desconcertante para los seres humanos, pero ¿cómo iba el alma inmortal a continuar su viaje sin la muerte?"
Author: Rani Manicka
41. "Grigsby had looked at him askance. "Why is it," he said, "that I have the distinct impression you're not surprised by this news?" ‘Surprised by the fact that the reverend is first and foremost a human being? Surprised by the fact that every human being, reverend or ribald, can be undone by capricious circumstances? Or should I be surprised by the fact that a man who teaches love and forgiveness can love and forgive? Tell me, Marmy, exactly what it is I should be surprised at?"
Author: Robert R. McCammon
42. "Words...To lure the tribal shoals to epigram / And order."
Author: Seamus Heaney
43. "Me acosté en su vieja cama, y miré por la ventana este árbol que probablemente era mucho más pequeño cuando mi padre lo miraba. Y pude sentir lo que sentía en la noche cuando se dio cuenta de que si no se iba, nunca sería su vida. Sería de ellos."
Author: Stephen Chbosky
44. "—¿Por qué sigues creyendo en Dios? ¿No estás enfadada con Él por todas las cosas malas que te han pasado?Ella interrumpió lo que estaba haciendo y se volvió hacia él. Gabriel parecía muy infeliz.—A todo el mundo le pasan cosas malas. ¿Por qué iba a ser yo distinta a los demás?—Porque eres buena.Ella se miró las manos.—El universo no se basa en la magia. No hay unas reglas para las personas buenas y otras para las personas malas. Todo el mundo sufre en un momento u otro. Lo importante es lo que haces con tu dolor, ¿no crees?"
Author: Sylvain Reynard
45. "— Estoy enamorado de ti —susurró.De entre todas las cosas, ésa era la única que iba bien. Y era suficiente."
Author: Sylvia Day
46. "In Panama, I found a spider that eats its own limbs during lean times. I am told they grow back. But though the distinction is razor-thin, desperation is not the same thing as determination. Nevertheless, auto-cannibalism is one the most intriguing phenomenon I have ever heard of."
Author: Taona Dumisani Chiveneko
47. "Penjajah itu tidak tahu kekuatan bersabar. Kekuatan ini bahkan lebih besar dibandingkan peledak berhulu nuklir. Alam semesta selalu bersama orang-orang yang sabar."
Author: Tere Liye
48. "The power of a sports team in a community it's almost indescribable."
Author: Wendell Pierce
49. "I was raised in a tribal situation, among cannibal people."
Author: William P. Young
50. "Kita tidak selalu menemukan keajaiban dalam kehidupan, tapi untukku momen itu istimewa, the best kind of magic there is.Sejauh yang dapat kuingat, momen itulah aku benar-benar jatuh cinta kepadanya."
Author: Winna Efendi

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