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1. "The workforce offers many outlets for personal growth to people of limited potential. You can explore your aptitude for drudgery. Or if you are the creative sort, you can join a corporation and have it come up with your ideas for you. The amount of great ideas corporations have today is astounding. They are far more original than people ever were. In fact, since the rise of the corporation I can't think of a single person who invented anything."
Author: Bauvard
2. "Ray is very secretive about his ideas - why not, the times that the Kinks have been ripped off, especially in the early years, it makes you a little bit cautious about telling anybody what you're doing. And that's understandable."
Author: Dave Davies
3. "I would rather read a poorly structured story that has fresh ideas than a tightly structured one with cliches."
Author: Douglas Wood
4. "Some places will, however, be left behind. Not every city will succeed, because not every city has been adept at adapting to the age of information, in which ideas are the ultimate creator of wealth."
Author: Edward Glaeser
5. "The kind of man who demands that government enforce his ideas is always the kind whose ideas are idiotic."
Author: H.L. Mencken
6. "But that initial, comet-blazing-across-the-sky, Big Idea is only the beginning. Each book is composed of a mosaic of thousands of little ideas, ideas that invariably come to me at two in the morning when my alarm is set for seven."
Author: Lauren Willig
7. "The scientific man does not aim at an immediate result. He does not expect that his advanced ideas will be readily taken up. His work is like that of the planter—for the future. His duty is to lay the foundation for those who are to come, and point the way."
Author: Nikola Tesla
8. "Speech baffled my machine. Helen made all well-formed sentences. But they were hollow and stuffed--linguistic training bras. She sorted nouns from verbs, but, disembodied, she did not know the difference between thing and process, except as they functioned in clauses. Her predications were all shotgun weddings. Her ideas were as decorative as half-timber beams that bore no building load.She balked at metaphor. I felt the annoyance of her weighted vectors as they readjusted themselves, trying to accommodate my latest caprice. You're hungry enough to eat a horse. A word from a friend ties your stomach in knots. Embarrassment shrinks you, amazement strikes you dead. Wasn't the miracle enough? Why do humans need to say everything in speech's stockhouse except what they mean?"
Author: Richard Powers
9. "Not only has this subject been long associated with the ideas of thinking men over the ages but its practical importance is attested to by the huge resources of men and material thrown into this type of work."
Author: Robert Hofstadter
10. "Good ideas are often murdered by better ones."
Author: Roddy Doyle
11. "I think, you know, as an actor we get these terribly sort of pretentious ideas in our heads. We try to take everything very seriously at first, you know, until we lighten up, we get onboard, and have a laugh."
Author: Rosamund Pike
12. "Now why should the cinema follow the forms of theater and painting rather than the methodology of language, which allows wholly new concepts of ideas to arise from the combination of two concrete denotations of two concrete objects?"
Author: Sergei Eisenstein
13. "Even the crudest, most derivative novel is an expression of the author's hopes and fears and ideas about good and evil."
Author: Steven Saylor
14. "My best ideas come when I distance myself from day-to-day operations. It gives me more focus."
Author: Ziad K. Abdelnour

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