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1. "Yes, every life is unique like every person is distinctively different than any other person. Try not to lose your identity by imitating someone else's characteristics or life style. Of course, you are supposed to answer the questions exclusively given to you. Do not mind answering the questions belonged to another person. Needless to say that every human life is a mysterious episode by itself."
Author: Chandrababu V. S.
2. "Become the person of no rank. Become the noble soul, and live in this awakened way, not imitating anyone. Whatever the circumstances your life asks of you, respond to them in your own individual Zen-spirited way. Don't waste any time trying to be someone else...We are not here to have someone else's experience. We are here to have our own vivid experience. So please don't cling to yesterday, to what happened, to what didn't happen. And do not judge today by yesterday. Let us just live today to the fullest! Moment after moment, each sitting is the only sitting."
Author: Maurine Stuart
3. "Imitating someone is the mediocre way of getting humanity back to what we evolved from."
Author: Shubham Choudhary

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Quotes About Imitating Someone
Quotes About Imitating Someone
Quotes About Imitating Someone

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