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1. "Americans in general have a lot of compassion, we just don't always have the same view of how that compassion is implemented."
Author: Adam Kinzinger
2. "Try this: Identify a bottom-up improvement or innovation in your organization, and interview the person who championed it. Chances are you will find a hero story of some kind. Why do we have to be heroes to implement perfectly good ideas?"
Author: Alan G. Robinson
3. "Jan van Leyden announced that a new world order [anabaptism] had been revealed to him and promptly began to implement it. Money was abolished; polygamy was legalized; marriage was made compulsory for women. Those who dissented faced execution."
Author: Alister E. McGrath
4. "The Operative tried to implement the Purusey breathing technique, which has been proven effective at fooling polygraphs. There is no conclusive evidence as towhether it is effective at masking the internal lie detectors of fifteen-year-old boys."
Author: Ally Carter
5. "Se vive así, cobijado en un mundo delicado, y uno cree que vive. Entonces lee un libro (Lady Chatterley, por ejemplo), o va de viaje, o habla con Richard, y descubre que no vive, que está simplemente hibernando. Los síntomas de la hibernación se pueden detectar fácilmente. El primero es la inquietud. El segundo síntoma (que llega cuando el estado de hibernación empieza a ser peligroso y podría degenerar en muerte) es la ausencia de placer. Eso es todo. Parece una enfermedad inocua. Monotonía, aburrimiento, muerte. Hay millones de personas que viven (o mueren) así, sin saberlo. Trabajan en oficinas. Tienen coches. Salen al campo con su familia. Educan a sus hijos. Hasta que llega una brusca conmoción: una persona, un libro, una canción... y los despierta, salvándoles de la muerte."
Author: Anaïs Nin
6. "To ride a bicycle is in itself some protection against superstitious fears, since the bicycle is the product of pure reason applied to motion. Geometry at the service of man! Give me two spheres and a straight line and I will show you how far I can take them. Voltaire himself might have invented the bicycle, since it contributes so much to man's welfare and nothing at all to his bane. Beneficial to the health, it emits no harmful fumes and permits only the most decorous speeds. How can a bicycle ever be an implement of harm?"
Author: Angela Carter
7. "Some readers may have noticed an icy little missive from Noam Chomsky ["Letters," December 3], repudiating the very idea that he and I had disagreed on the "roots" of September 11. I rush to agree. Here is what he told his audience at MIT on October 11:I'll talk about the situation in Afghanistan.... Looks like what's happening is some sort of silent genocide.... It indicates that whatever, what will happen we don't know, but plans are being made and programs implemented on the assumption that they may lead to the death of several million people in the next—in the next couple of weeks.... very casually with no comment.... we are in the midst of apparently trying to murder three or four million people.Clever of him to have spotted that (his favorite put-down is the preface 'Turning to the facts...') and brave of him to have taken such a lonely position. As he rightly insists, our disagreements are not really political."
Author: Christopher Hitchens
8. "L'attitude la plus ancienne, et qui repose sans doute sur des fondements psychologiques solides puisqu'elle tend à réapparaître chez chacun de nous quand nous sommes placés dans une situation inattendue, consiste à répudier purement et simplement les formes culturelles : morales, religieuses, sociales, esthétiques, qui sont les plus éloignées de celles auxquelles nous nous identifions. "Habitudes de sauvages", "cela n'est pas de chez nous", "on ne devrait pas permettre cela", etc., autant de réactions grossières qui traduisent ce même frisson, cette même répulsion, en présence de manières de vivre, de croire ou de penser qui nous sont étrangères."
Author: Claude Lévi Strauss
9. "Most urgent is the good First Job Program, that Lula plans to implement, which hasn't got off the ground."
Author: Claudio Hummes
10. "Behavior precedes belief - that is, most people must engage in a behavior before they accept that it is beneficial; then they see the results, and then they believe that it is the right thing to do....implementation precedes buy-in; it does not follow it."
Author: Douglas B. Reeves
11. "I regularly invite educators and leaders to send me their questions, and hundreds of them do so every month. The most common question, however, is one to which my response is probably most disappointing. The question is "How do I get better buy-in from my staff before I implement some critically needed changes?" The answer is "You don't."
Author: Douglas B. Reeves
12. "An expert is somebody who is more than 50 miles from home, has no responsibility for implementing the advice he gives, and shows slides."
Author: Edwin Meese
13. "En una descripción bien hecha, aunque sea obscena, hay algo moral: la voluntad de decir la verdad. Cuando se usa el lenguaje para simplemente obtener un efecto, para no ir más allá de lo que nos está permitido, se incurre paradójicamente en un acto inmoral."
Author: Enrique Vila Matas
14. "El que corre corre hacia la muerte, que a veces se comporta como una verdadera haragana y se sienta simplemente a esperar a que el cristiano trabaje por ella y tome un revólver el apurado y se despache de un tiro cualquiera en el corazón."
Author: Fernando Vallejo
15. "Unlike old-fashioned Britain, where Tony Blair recruited Lord Levy to encourage his 'Friends of Israel' to donate their money to a party that was just about to launch a criminal war, in America Alan Greenspan provided his president with an astonishing economic boom. It seems that the prosperous conditions at home divert the attention from the disastrous war in Iraq.Greenspan is not an amateur economist, he knew what he was doing. He knew very well that as long as Americans were doing well, buying and selling homes, his President would be able to continue implementing the 'Wolfowitz doctrine' and PNAC philosophy, destroying the 'bad Arabs' in the name of 'democracy', 'liberalism', 'ethics', and even 'women's rights'."
Author: Gilad Atzmon
16. "Organizations are successful because of good implementation,not good business plans."
Author: Guy Kawasaki
17. "Cerrar los ojos no va a cambiar nada. Nada va a desaparecer simplemente por no ver lo que está pasando. De hecho, las cosas serán aún peor la próxima vez que los abras. Sólo un cobarde cierra los ojos. Cerrar los ojos y taparse los oidos no va a hacer que el tiempo se detenga."
Author: Haruki Murakami
18. "Pero éste no es su Dios. Es mi Dios. Lo he aprendido porque he sacrificado mi vida, porque me han lacerado la carne y desgarrado la piel, chupado la sangra, arrancado las uñas y despojado de mi tiempo, mis ilusiones, y recuerdos. No es un Dios con forma. No viste de blanco ni luce largas barbas. No tiene doctrina, libro sagrado o preceptos. No recompensa ni castiga. No concede ni arrebata. No ha dispuesto un Cielo al que subir ni un Infierno al que caer. Dios, simplemente, está ahí, haga frío o no."
Author: Haruki Murakami
19. "Lo que te aseguro es que será único, y lo único no es ni mejor ni peor, simplemente es eso: único."
Author: Ildefonso Falcones
20. "You just sit there and tolerate it, the same way everything in this country is tolerated. Every deception, every lie, every bullet in the brains. Just as you are already tolerating bullets in the brains that will be implemented only after the bullet is put in your brains."
Author: Imre Kertész
21. "—Simplemente no te agrada Ash.—No es que me desagrade. —Dee se salió fuera de la cama y se disparó por la habitación, apareciendo al lado de su ventana—. Simplemente creo que es una perra.Dawson se rió ahogadamente.—Sí, no te desagrada en lo absoluto."
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
22. "From zoning to labor to food safety to insurance, local food systems daily face a phalanx of regulatory hurdles designed and implemented to police industrial food models but which prejudicially wipe out the antidote: appropriate scaled local food systems."
Author: Joel Salatin
23. "En realidad, nosotros somos el conejo blanco que se saca del sombrero de copa. La diferencia entre nosotros y el conejo blanco es simplemente que el conejo blanco no tiene sensación de participar en un juego de magia."
Author: Jostein Gaarder
24. "No puedo ofrecerte amor y devoción porque no estoy seguro de que los tenga en mí pero por alguna razón, me siento atraído por ti, estoy cautivado por ti. Y simplemente no puedo dejarte marchar sin tratar de ayudar de algún modo. No creo que pudiera perdonármelo jamás si lo hiciera."
Author: Lauren Hammond
25. "Up to a point a man's life is shaped by environment, heredity, and movements and changes in the world about him; then there comes a time when it lies within his grasp to shape the clay of his life into the sort of thing he wishes to be. Only the weak blame parents, their race, their times, lack of good fortune, or the quirks of fate. Everyone has it within his power to say , this I am today, that I shall be tomorrow. The wish, however, must be implemented by deeds."
Author: Louis L'Amour
26. "El mandato de gustar conduce –y esto es en realidad lo decisivo– a que la crítica negativa casi haya desaparecido. En internet nos comportamos exactamente como frente al televisor: cuando uno se enfada quizá profiere un insulto, pero no lo hace público. A pesar de que los usuarios de facebook exigerion durante meses la introducción de un pulgar de "no me gusta", esta opción no existe todavía: si no te gusta, simplemente clica en algún otro sitio, limítate a pasar de ello."
Author: Meredith Haaf
27. "At Wal-Mart, if you couldn't explain an idea or a concept in simple terms on one page of paper Sam Walton considered the new idea too complicated to implement."
Author: Michael Bergdahl
28. "The call of the gospel is for the church to implement the victory of God in the world through suffering love."
Author: N. T. Wright
29. "... el arte que es simplemente malo ni siquiera es capaz de provocarnos repugnancia."
Author: Orhan Pamuk
30. "Los buenos artistas existen simplemente en su producción, y por consecuencia resultan completamente faltos de interés en sí mismos. Un gran poeta, un verdadero gran poeta, es el menos poético de los seres. Pero los poetas inferiores son absolutamente fascinantes. Cuanto peor riman, más pintorescos parecen. El solo hecho de haber publicado un libro de sonetos de segundo orden hace a un hombre completamente irresistible. Vive la poesía que no pudo escribir. Los otros escriben la poesía que no se atreven a realizar"
Author: Oscar Wilde
31. "Implementing best practice is copying yesterday, innovation is inventing tomorrow."
Author: Paul Sloane
32. "Our foremost priority is the removal of poverty, hunger and malnutrition, disease and illiteracy. All social welfare programmes must be implemented efficiently. Agencies involved in the delivery of services should have a strong sense of duty and work in a transparent, corruption-free, time-bound and accountable manner."
Author: Pratibha Patil
33. "Google owns YouTube, and recently, I drew a comic about an idea for a YouTube feature - which they actually took seriously and implemented. So I'm thinking that maybe we'll have a future where Google is 'xkcd.'"
Author: Randall Munroe
34. "Laboratories can reduce risk by implementing a proven and internationally accepted quality assurance technology that is applicable across the globe."
Author: Richard Curtis
35. "A skilled Transition Team leader will set the general goals for a Transition, and then confer on the other team leaders working with him the power to implement those goals."
Author: Richard V. Allen
36. "Simplemente te amaré me quieras o no."
Author: Richelle Mead
37. "No me mantienes cerca por ser gentil. Si quieres bondad, aquí hay una docena de corderitos que rasgarían la garganta de los demás simplemente por tener el favor de la princesa Dragomir."
Author: Richelle Mead
38. "Right idea, wrong implementation."
Author: Robert A. Rice Jr.
39. "Souvent, je m'en achète une livre, je m'installe quelque part au soleil, au bord de la mer, ou n'importe où, sur un trottoir ou sur un banc, je mords dans mon concombre et me voilà complètement heureux. Je reste là, au soleil, le coeur apaisé, en regardant les choses et les hommes d'un oeil amical et je sais que la vie vaut vraiment la peine d'être vécue, que le bonheur est accessible, qu'il suffit simplement de trouver sa vocation profonde, et de se donner à ce qu'on aime avec un abandon total de soi."
Author: Romain Gary
40. "It didn't make a lot of sense for us to be doing Lotus Notes implementations."
Author: Sanjay Kumar
41. "¿Sabes, por casualidad, si existió alguna vez una fe en un dios… imperfecto?(...) Es el único dios en el que yo podría creer, un dios cuya pasión no es una redención, un dios que no salva nada, que no sirve para nada: un dios que simplemente es."
Author: Stanisław Lem
42. "Trató de pensar con coherencia ysimplemente no pudohacerlo."
Author: Stephen King
43. "We have increased conservation spending, enacted legislation that enables us to clean up and redevelop abandoned brownfields sites across the country, and implemented new clean water standards that will protect us from arsenic."
Author: Sue Kelly
44. "Actually, it was only part of myself I wanted to kill: the part that wanted to kill herself, that dragged me into the suicide debate and made every window, kitchen implement, and subway station a rehearsal for tragedy."
Author: Susanna Kaysen
45. "Please be assured that as we move along through the implementation of health insurance reform, making sure that we find efficiencies within the existing system, is foremost on the President's mind."
Author: Valerie Jarrett
46. "Les enfants sont des créatures extraordinaires, quand ils ne sont pas simplement chiants."
Author: Vernor Vinge
47. "Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life; everyone must carry out a concrete assignment that demands fulfillment. Therein he cannot be replaced, nor can his life be repeated, thus, everyone's task is unique as his specific opportunity to implement it."
Author: Viktor E. Frankl
48. "Ce sentiment d'aventure, il n'y a peut-être rien au monde à quoi je tienne tant. Mais il vient quand il veut ; il repart si vite et comme je suis sec quand il est reparti! Me fait-il ses courtes visites ironiques pour me montrer que j'ai manqué ma vie? … Le sentiment de l'aventure, c'est, tout simplement, celui de l'irréversibilité du temps."
Author: Virginia Woolf
49. "Windows favors multi-threading, which means that a service is implemented by one single process."
Author: Wietse Venema
50. "Artists to my mind are the real architects of change, and not the political legislators who implement change after the fact."
Author: William S. Burroughs

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