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1. "I jumped out of the way and Monique skidded across the floor like a drunk monkey on a skateboard and landed face-first in the puke. I hoped that popping sound was just the button on her halter top and not an imploded implant. That was a mess I wasn't about to clean up."
Author: Barbra Annino
2. "Sometimes, there was no getting over it. Sometimes, you lived with the empty place inside of you until you imploded on it, loss as singularity, or until the empty place expanded and hollowed out the rest of you so thoroughly you became the walking dead, a ghost in your own life."
Author: Caitlin Kittredge
3. "Mostly what you lose with time, in memory, is the specificity of things, their exact sequence. It all runs together, becomes a watery soup. Portmanteau days, imploded years. Like a bad actor, memory always goes for effect, abjuring motivation, consistency, good sense."
Author: James Sallis
4. "His thought processes imploded when she grabbed his ass, her nails digging in a way that set his body on fire. He loved the way her breath was hot on his cheek, the way her eyes had gone unfocused and fluttered closed, her lashes resting softly on her cheeks. She was here and for tonight, this weekend, she was his."
Author: Leah Braemel
5. "You been stickin' your shit in any hole that'll take it, so what the fuck makes Tegen any damn different?"Cage imploded. "BECAUSE SHE'S TEGEN!" he roared. "She's fuckin' mine!"
Author: Madeline Sheehan
6. "<spoiler>Azrael...In a flash, they disappeared. The path, the gate, the demon, and the Silver Blood.Kingsley was gone. Trapped in Hell for eternity.Mimi collapsed to the ground, as if her heart had imploded in her chest.</spoiler>"
Author: Melissa De La Cruz
7. "Mimi collapsed to the ground, as if her heart had imploded in her chest."
Author: Melissa De La Cruz
8. "Total borrowing has imploded. Private borrowing has collapsed. And, in effect, the Treasury Department is the last borrower left standing."
Author: Peter Orszag
9. "Rickey sometimes wondered what would have become of them if the Peychaud crew hadn't imploded one night in a marathon of apocalyptic drunkenness. No one remembered much of this night, but by the end of it, two cars were totaled, the sous chef and the bartender were in Charity Hospital, the chef was in jail, and the grill guy's wife was filing for divorce. The owner decided to close the place and they found themselves jobless. Rickey guessed this kind of thing was known as a "wake-up call"
Author: Poppy Z. Brite
10. "I imagine the people whose lives are most intertwined with mine, and I realize life has gone on without me. The planet has not imploded because I, the girl who has always done what is expected of her, decided not to, just this once."
Author: Rachel Friedman

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Quotes About Imploded
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