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1. "I will not subscribe to the argument that ornament increases the pleasure of the life of a cultivated person, or the argument which covers itself with the words: "But if the ornament is beautiful! ..." To me, and to all the cultivated people, ornament does not increase the pleasures of life. If I want to eat a piece of gingerbread I will choose one that is completely plain and not a piece which represents a baby in arms of a horserider, a piece which is covered over and over with decoration. The man of the fifteenth century would not understand me. But modern people will. The supporter of ornament believes that the urge for simplicity is equivalent to self-denial. No, dear professor from the College of Applied Arts, I am not denying myself! To me, it tastes better this way."
Author: Adolf Loos
2. "Success means your options multiply. Size increases complexity, and complexity can confuse vision."
Author: Andy Stanley
3. "Grief is a normal and natural response to loss. It is originally an unlearned feeling process. Keeping grief inside increases your pain."
Author: Anne Grant
4. "Committing your goals to paper increases the likelihood of your achieving them by one thousand percent."
Author: Brian Tracy
5. "Writing fiction, there are no limits to what you write as long as it increases the value of the paper you are writing on."
Author: Buddy Ebsen
6. "Most of the major increases in the debt ceiling have been accompanied by structural changes in the way we raise and spend money."
Author: Charles Bass
7. "I'd like to emphasize that when a reader finishes a great novel, he will immediately begin looking for another. If someone loves your book, it increases the chance that he or she will look at mine. So there is no competition between writers. Another writer's success helps build a larger readership for all of us."
Author: David Farland
8. "The facility of obtaining food is beneficial in two ways to the owners of capital, it at the same time raises profits and increases the amount of consumable commodities."
Author: David Ricardo
9. "That single thought is enough. The impulse increases to a wish, the wish to a desire, the desire to an uncontrollable longing, and the longing (to the deep regret and mortification of the speaker, and in defiance of all consequences,) is indulged."
Author: Edgar Allan Poe
10. "Woman's discontent increases in exact proportion to her development."
Author: Elizabeth Cady Stanton
11. "The rain increases and umbrellas sprout like mushrooms amongst the graves."
Author: Erin Morgenstern
12. "Today, with the abundance of books available, it is the mark of a truly educated man to know what not to read. … Feed only on the best. As John Wesley's mother counseled him: ‘Avoid whatever weakens your reason, impairs the tenderness of your conscience, obscures your sense of God, takes off your relish for spiritual things, … increases the authority of the body over the mind."
Author: Ezra Taft Benson
13. "Time, which wears down and diminishes all things, augments and increases good deeds, because a good turn liberally offered to a reasonable man grows continually through noble thought and memory."
Author: Francois Rabelais
14. "It is deliberate policy to keep even the favoured groups somewhere near the brink of hardship, because a general state of scarcity increases the importance of small privileges and thus magnifies the distinction between one group and another."
Author: George Orwell
15. "The researchers found that nearly every change they made was followed by a temporary uptick in performance, even when it involved simply undoing a previous change. They concluded that the increases in worker productivity were not due to better lighting or better pay or longer breaks per se. They were just temporary improvements caused by a change in routine."
Author: Hal Herzog
16. "Beware of speaking too much, for it increases mistakes and engenders boredom."
Author: Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu Talib A.S
17. "If all of a sudden the number of friend requests in your profile increases, understand that the thirty days block period of people is over.."
Author: Himmilicious
18. "Perimeter is not meaning, but it changes meaning,/as wit increases distance, and compassion erodes it."
Author: Jane Hirshfield
19. "My shadow falling over a spot of land always increases its real estate value. Buy it now, because at high noon, all value will vanish."
Author: Jarod Kintz
20. "I continue to vote against such spending increases, but sometimes I think some of my Republican colleagues forgot that we were sent here to shrink the federal government, not to grow it."
Author: Jeff Miller
21. "Conservative think tanks like the Heritage Foundation and Cato Institute have criticized Bush for his big increases in spending, which far exceed those of the Clinton era."
Author: Jim Cooper
22. "Oh, Mama," I said. "What if I don't live that long?" My mother didn't hesitate one second. "By hook or by crook, you will. Having children only increases your grip on the world. It's like reading a thriller. You can't put it down because you have to know how the story turns out."
Author: Jo Ann Mapson
23. "Because power corrupts, society's demands for moral authority and character increase as the importance of the position increases."
Author: John Adams
24. "Men grow mighty under the results of temple service; women grow strong under it; the community increases in power; until the devil has less influence than he ever had before. The opposition to truth is relatively smaller if the people are engaged actively in the ordinances of the temple."
Author: John Andreas Widtsoe
25. "Apparently alcohol increases charm and courage by at least ten points."
Author: John Corwin
26. "Scientology is the study of knowingness. It increases one's knowingness, but if a man were totally aware of what was going on around him, he would find it relatively simple to handle any outnesses in that."
Author: L. Ron Hubbard
27. "New Adult is a label that is condescending to readers and authors alike. It implies that the books act as training wheels between Young Adult and Adult. For the New Adult books that are particularly childish, the label implies that they are a step above Young Adult--which is insulting to the Young Adult books that are far superior. For the New Adult books that are particularly sophisticated, the label implies that they are not worthy of being considered "adult." It's a lose-lose situation for everyone.[...]Therefore, the new genre of New Adult is a large step backwards. It increases the system of categories and labels even further, and prevents readers from expanding their horizons and minds. The term is reductive and it is insulting to its own audience."
Author: Lauren Sarner
28. "Patience serves as a protection against wrongs as clothes do against cold. For if you put on more clothes as the cold increases, it will have no power to hurt you. So in like manner you must grow in patience when you meet with great wrongs, and they will then be powerless to vex your mind."
Author: Leonardo Da Vinci
29. "Large increases in cost with questionable increases in performance can be tolerated only in race horses and women."
Author: Lord Kelvin
30. "Disease increases in proportion to the increase in the number of doctors in a place."
Author: Mahatma Gandhi
31. "I was merely making more perceptible that binary rhythm which love adopts in all those who have too little confidence in themselves to believe that a woman can ever fall in love with them, and also that they themselves can genuinely fall in love with her. They know themselves well enough to have observed that in the presence of the most divergent types of woman they felt the same hopes, the same agonies, invented the same romances, uttered the same words, and to have realised therefore that their feelings, their actions, bear no close and necessary relation to the woman they love, but pass to one side of her, splash her, encircle her, like the incoming tide breaking against the rocks, and their sense of their own instability increases still further their misgivings that this woman, by whom they so long to be loved, does not love them."
Author: Marcel Proust
32. "Humans do not have enough mental capacity to do all the things that we think we can do. As attentional load increases, attentional capacity gradually diminishes."
Author: Margaret Heffernan
33. "Possession which cloys man, only increases the affection of woman"
Author: Matthew Gregory Lewis
34. "The good may lose; the bad may win! Remember this! Because knowing this increases the chance of the good to win!"
Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
35. "I am not a capitalist in the simplistic left/right sense. But I do believe in the power of the global free-market economy and in using capitalist tools. I believe in the power of teh free market and the power of capital in the marketplace. I also believe that providing unemployment benefits is not the best way to address poverty. The able-bodied poor don't wan tor need charity. The dole only increases their misery, robs them of incentive and, more important, of self-respect."
Author: Muhammad Yunus
36. "When you have increasing power of religious groups, oppression of women increases. Women are oppressed in all religions."
Author: Nawal El Saadawi
37. "Software is like entropy. It is difficult to grasp, weighs nothing, and obeys the second law of thermodynamics; i.e. it always increases."
Author: Norman Ralph Augustine
38. "Most of the competition was into bulk popcorn because of the major increases in the Drive-In Theatre Outlets."
Author: Orville Redenbacher
39. "When the velocity of progress increases beyond a certain point, it becomes indistinguishable from crisis."
Author: Owen Barfield
40. "As order exponentially increases, time exponentially speeds up."
Author: Ray Kurzweil
41. "It is not much different from a person who goes to the gym to exercise on a regular basis versus someone who sits on the couch watching television. Proper physical exercise increases your chances of health, and proper mental exercise increases your chances for wealth. Laziness decreases both health and wealth."
Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki
42. "Whatever lessens suffering in yourself and others, that is right. Whatever increases suffering, that is wrong. The answer is within you. When you are free of pride and prejudice, when you are calm and attentive, a light will shine within you. Through meditation and through being mindful you will find your own knowledge of rightness. You will be your own light."
Author: Satish Kumar
43. "God has to remind us this isn't heaven by a long shot, so he increases the radios and lethal flies."
Author: Sylvia Plath
44. "Bewilderment increases in the presence of the mirrors."
Author: Tarjei Vesaas
45. "The constant effort towards population, which is found even in the most vicious societies, increases the number of people before the means of subsistence are increased."
Author: Thomas Malthus
46. "More company increases happiness, but does not lighten or diminish misery."
Author: Thomas Traherne
47. "Our Universe is a multidimensional one; every individual life unit consciously functions in a particular vibratory level (dimension or density) but unconsciously/ subconsciously functions in and through all the other levels, and as the awareness increases it moves to the conscious existence of the next immediate level."
Author: Thomas Vazhakunnathu
48. "Coins always make sound but currency notes are always silent, so when ever your value increases keep yourself calm and silent."
Author: William Shakespeare
49. "Every single instance of a friend's insincerity increases our dependence on the efficacy of money."
Author: William Shenstone
50. "He talked and talked, the kind of talking you do to stave off the inevitable physical desire, the kind of talking that only increases it."
Author: Zadie Smith

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