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1. "Every great movement in the history of Western civilization from the Carolingian age to the nineteenth century has been an international movement which owed its existence and its development to the cooperation of many different peoples."
Author: Christopher Dawson
2. "We have actively sought and are actively seeking to make the United Nations an effective instrument of international cooperation."
Author: Dean Acheson
3. "To contrast national solidarity and international cooperation as two opposites seems foolish to me."
Author: Gustav Stresemann
4. "The war on terror, if this is a war on terror, can only be won by a sincere regional and international cooperation. All have to believe they have something at stake and work together. In the absence of this it will become political and interest-oriented."
Author: Hamid Karzai
5. "International cooperation, multilateralism is indispensable."
Author: Hans Blix
6. "You look at the large problems that we face - that would be overpopulation, water shortages, global warming and AIDS, I suppose - all of that needs international cooperation to be solved."
Author: Molly Ivins

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Quotes About International Cooperation
Quotes About International Cooperation
Quotes About International Cooperation

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