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51. "En esta analogía, por otra parte, se revelaba, una vez más, que infinitas son las formas de poseer un cuerpo, y que no necesariamente la mas instintiva es también la mas irrevocable."
Author: Alessandro Baricco
52. "Mr. Cope...' Povy began.Jem narrowed his eyes.'The lad has a remarkably innocent face.''Innocence is a time of life, not an irrevocable blot."
Author: Eloisa James
53. "Great joys,why do they bring us sadness? Because there remains from these excesses only a feeling of irrevocable loss and desertion which reaches a high degree of negative intensity. At such moments, instead of a gain, one keenly feels loss. sadness accompanies all those events in which life expends itself. its intensity is equal to its loss. Thus death causes the greatest sadness."
Author: Emil Cioran
54. "Perhaps home is not a place but simply an irrevocable condition."
Author: James Baldwin
55. "He broke me down past the flesh, past the muscle, past the bone, down to my soul and in a loud provocation, he asked, "What are you made of?"After I gathered the broken bits and pieces of my life together, I shouted at the top of my lungs, "HOPE! Unbreakable, undeniable, irrevocable hope!"
Author: Jay Grewal
56. "Casting a ballot is your irrevocable right, and no one will ever deny you that right, but just as you tell children not to play with matches, so we warn whole peoples of the dangers of playing with dynamite."
Author: José Saramago
57. "Somewhere at the back of my head I heard a click, tiny and irrevocable. Memory magnifies it to a wrenching, echoing crack, but the truth is that it was the very smallness that made it so terrible."
Author: Tana French

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