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1. "No doubt Jack the Ripper excused himself on the grounds that it was human nature."
Author: A.A. Milne
2. "Jack the Ripper – media myth arising when clever individual murderers concocted a monster so as to avoid suspicion."
Author: Anthony North
3. "Did they like being maids & butlers? Before you answer this consider everything you've ever read about English history after Robin Hood and before he Who. Your choices were: serving, being served, being killed by Jack the Ripper. So, the employee class made the best of it and got with the program. It was indoor work, after all. And as a wise man once observed, "You're gonna hafta serve somebody." (Bob Dylan, C. 1497-1580). And it beat mining."
Author: Chris Kelly
4. "How miserably hypocritical, you might say, but no sooner am I offered a chance to flee Hell than I yearn to stay. Few families hold their relations as closely as do prisons. Few marriages sustain the high level of passion that exists between criminals and those who seek to bring them to justice. It's no wonder the Zodiac Killer flirted so relentlessly with the police. Or that Jack the Ripper courted and baited detectives with his - or her - coy letters. We all wish to be pursued. We all long to be desired."
Author: Chuck Palahniuk
5. "I hope you can grow a third kidney, Drew," Erin says. "Because if Mathew, Jack and Steven ever need one at the same time, you're going to have to hand them over."(...)"Book Jack a table at Scores this weekend. One me"Nothing says thank you like a prepaid stripper."
Author: Emma Chase
6. "The public is entitled to know whether or not I am married to Jack The Ripper."
Author: Geraldine Ferraro
7. "It was mild monsters like these that made Jack the Ripper go after young women, she decided: who could tolerate yielding the world to someone who behaved as if she had given birth to the very world herself?"
Author: Gregory Maguire
8. "As long as he has a house with two bathrooms. I swear to God, I don't care if he's Jack the Ripper."
Author: Janet Evanovich
9. "Who do I think Jack The Ripper was? Do you know, I've got no idea who Jack The Ripper was. No idea."
Author: Jerome Flynn
10. "It was as if the news itself wanted to reassure me. Even Jack the Ripper himself had reappeared as part of the greeting committee."
Author: Maureen Johnson
11. "Some nutter's gone and pulled a Jack the Ripper."
Author: Maureen Johnson
12. "Shane:is your distant cousin jack the ripper dropping in for coffee.eve:screw you collins"
Author: Rachel Caine
13. "Since we place so much value on human life, why do we glorify, in a perverse sort of way, the extinguishment of life? The answer to that question, whatever it is, is at least a partial answer to why people continue to be fascinated by Hitler, Jack the Ripper—Manson."
Author: Vincent Bugliosi

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