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51. "I'm at that age where I watch such things with two minds, one that cackles at these capers and another that never gets much beyond a rather jaded and self-conscious smile, like the Mona Lisa."
Author: Alan Bradley
52. "Trust me, Jade. I'm very skilled in the water. And it's not just limited to swimming." He loosens his grip like he's going to let me go, but then tightens it again. "Oh, and what we did just now? That was nothing. I can get very creative when water's involved."
Author: Allie Everhart
53. "Jade, you're doing the exact same thing you did after the pool that night. Don't you know how to do this?""Do what?""Give a person a hug.""I'm not much of a hugger." "Well, you need one, so don't just stand there. Put your damn arms around me."
Author: Allie Everhart
54. "Jade, you know I'm not safe out there." He says it as if he's really in danger. "Did you see all those girls running around in towels and robes?"I roll my eyes. "I swear. The insults are coming, my friend. So tell your ego to get ready."
Author: Allie Everhart
55. "Actually, I jade very quickly. Once is usually enough. Either once only, or every day. If you do something once it's exciting, and if you do it every day it's exciting. But if you do it, say, twice or just almost every day, it's not good any more."
Author: Andy Warhol
56. "By the eighteenth century the most reliable way to get a bath was to be insane. Then they could hardly soak you enough. In 1701, Sir John Floyer began to make a case for cold bathing as a cure for any number of maladies. His theory was that plunging a body into chilly water produced a sensation of "Terror and Surprize" which invigorated dulled and jaded senses."
Author: Bill Bryson
57. "Cause' I don't wanna' spend my life jaded, waiting to wake up one day and find that I've let all these years go bywasted. Oh I don't wanna' keep on wishing, missing, but still every morning the color of the night, I ain't spending no more time wasted."
Author: Carrie Underwood
58. "No, it's okay. It was just … weird. No one has ever called me hot before.""Really?" Trace frowned. "Well, that changes right now." He ceased walking, stopping in the dead center of the pathway and reached for my hands. "Jade Cannon, you are totally hot!" Trace announced loudly, and people nearby stopped to stare at us after his outburst. I couldn't help but laugh."
Author: Chelsea Lynn Charters
59. "Not as the plants and flowers of Earth, growing peacefully beneath a simple sun, were the blossoms of the planet Lophai. Coiling and uncoiling in double dawns; tossing tumultuously under vast suns of jade green and balas-ruby orange; swaying and weltering in rich twilights, in aurora-curtained nights, they resembled fields of rooted serpents that dance eternally to an other-worldly music."
Author: Clark Ashton Smith
60. "I shutter to think your demon fingers ever held my gentle skin. Your aged, jaded heart ever held me-if even for a moment-inside hers. I shake when I think your name knows mine, your lips have touched mine.You didn't break my heart, you tortured her. And for what, but the bitter revenge of the one who had destroyed you, long before I even knew you. I could say you are dead, but you are very living. You live to destroy, as you were once destroyed. You live to kill."
Author: Coco J. Ginger
61. "A worm of fear wriggled in Jaden's stomach, and the ethereal assuredness he channeled moments before evaporated as the worm burrowed deeper. When he next spoke, his own voice of trapped hysteria broke through, the worm having reached journey's end."
Author: Courtney Kirchoff
62. "Have you worked here long?" Sebastian asks.Just a few months," I say. "Do you come here a lot?" As if you don't know, Jade.I used to come every day, or, you know, when I could, I'd bring Bo after work. Or just myself."At night sometimes. You'd climb the fence. You'd watch the stars. You'd tilt back your head and look at the sky.You'd think it over, whatever it was."
Author: Deb Caletti
63. "Livia's nickname for him was Green Eyes, as his were spectacular—the clearest jade and almost glowing."
Author: Debra Anastasia
64. "I'm a very jaded and cynical person."
Author: Ed Helms
65. "But always, to her, red and green cabbages were to be jade and burgundy, chrysoprase and prophyry. Life has no weapons against a woman like that."
Author: Edna Ferber
66. "Simple people. . . . listen to music with their hearts and enjoy it more than those who are spoiled, jaded, blase."
Author: Elfriede Jelinek
67. "In a lot of ways that poor little potato' – Evan pointed directly at Jade's French fries – 'symbolizes the reckless consumerism that plagues America."
Author: Francine Pascal
68. "As far as guys who perform onstage, I love Chris Rock. I'm kind of jaded on everyone else."
Author: Gabriel Iglesias
69. "A dozen great fires raged under the city walls, where casks of burning pitch had exploded, but the wildfire reduced them to no more than candles in a burning house, their orange and scarlet pennons fluttering insignificantly against the jade holocaust."
Author: George R.R. Martin
70. "I find that it's nice to work with somebody and spin off on someone else's feelings. You get a little jaded by yourself."
Author: Herb Alpert
71. "Even as I'm shoveling up my hooter, I realize the sad truth. Coke bores me, It bores us all. We're jaded cunts, in a scene we hate, a city we hate, pretending that we're at the center of the universe, trashing ourselves with crap drugs to stave off the feeling that real life is happening somewhere else, aware that all we're doing is feeding that paranoia and disenchantment, yet somehow we're too apathetic to stop. Cause, sadly, there's nothing else of interest to stop for."
Author: Irvine Welsh
72. "Cerré los ojos como me dijo y lentamente me giró hacia él. Puso sus manos en mi cara y me acercó a la suya, por alguna razón no podía reaccionar y me estaba dejando llevar. Inconscientemente puse mis manos en su pecho y al sentirlo tan firme y tan fuerte una reacción extraña y placentera se activó en mi cuerpo. Poco a poco sentí su cálido aliento y su nariz tocando la mía y sin darme cuenta, sus labios se posesionaron de los míos con fuerza, sujetándome de la nuca para evitar que lo rechazara, asaltando mi boca, explorando con su lengua, bebiendo mi esencia, dejándome sin aliento y amenazando con arrancarme los labios y ahogarme. Jadeaba intentando respirar y él gemía a la vez que succionaba todo de mí, mi cuerpo se excitó respondiendo a él de manera exagerada al sentir su fuerza, mis instintos de mujer me habían traicionado."
Author: Itxa Bustillo
73. "I have to know.""Know what?" Jaden demanded."Well, for starters, I have to know why you left without even saying goodbye." Without thinking, he caressed the soft curve of her cheek with his thumb, stroking it affectionately as he stared into her green eyes. "But more importantly, I need to know why a woman I barely know has left such a gaping hole in my chest, why when I open my eyes in the morning I'm disappointed that you aren't there, and why every song on the radio sounds like Frank Sinatra. Why is it that one night with you felt more like a thousand?"
Author: Ivan Rusilko
74. "Po tom višku koji nosi svako umetnicko delo kao neki trag tajanstvene saradnje izmedu prirode i umetnika, vidi se demonsko poreklo umetnosti. Postoji legenda da ce Antihrist, kada se bude pojavio na zemlji, stvarati sve što je i Bog stvorio, samo sa vecom veštinom i sa više savršenstva [...] Možda je umetnik preteca Antihrista. Možda se hiljade i hiljade nas "igramo Antihrista", kao što se deca, usred mira, igraju rata."
Author: Ivo Andric
75. "Me, I was already jaded and tarnished, skeptical that a fantasy world could keep reality at bay."
Author: Jodi Picoult
76. "Is it the part of the police department to harass me when this city is a flagrant vice capital of the civilized world?" Ignatius bellowed over the crowd in front of the store. "This city is famous for its gamblers, prostitutes, exhibitionists, anti-Christs, alcoholics, sodomites, drug addicts, fetishists, onanists, pornographers, frauds, jades, litterbugs, and lesbians, all of whom are only too well protected by graft. If you have a moment, I shall endeavor to discuss the crime problems with you, but don't make the mistake of bothering me."
Author: John Kennedy Toole
77. "Para leer en forma interrogativaHas vistoverdaderamente has vistola nieve los astros los pasos afelpados de la brisaHas tocadode verdad has tocadoel plato el pan la cara de esa mujer que tanto amasHas vividocomo un golpe en la frenteel instante el jadeo la caída la fugaHas sabidocon cada poro de la piel sabidoque tus ojos tus manos tu sexo tu blando corazónhabía que tirarloshabía que llorarloshabía que inventarlos otra vez."
Author: Julio Cortázar
78. "So what'd we miss?" Jade pulled a chair from the next table and wedged it between Kale and Dax. "We were just about to vote you off the island," I said, stirring my coffee."You've got my vote," Kiernan said enthusiastically, glaring at Jade."
Author: Jus Accardo
79. "Hands on hips, Jade snickered. "I'm invincible. Go ahead and give it your best shot.""I wonder how invincible you'd be if I shoved an M-80 up your ass?"
Author: Jus Accardo
80. "It's's not every day someone comes along willing to take a bullet for your little sister."I swallow back a laugh, try to lighten the mood. "Nah, I'm sure Hanson would've stepped up."Daniel rolls his eyes, reaches for his drink. "I hated that kid.""Jaden thought he was perfect.""I think Jaden started to see a new kind of perfect when she met you."
Author: Katie Klein
81. "He turned his head and caught her with his eyes.She froze, locked by the intensity of his stare. His eyes were stark and cold, the concentrated green of pale jade. Outlined in smudged black kohl, those eyes focused on her, unblinking through the feathery strands of his jet black hair, and it was like being watched through a cage by a complacent and calculating cat.Discomfort welled in her, thick and black as an oil spring. Who was this guy and what was his royal problem? Her gaze flicked briefly to the small metal loop that hugged one corner of his bottom lip.He blinked once, then slowly lifted one hand and crooked a beckoning finger at her.Isobel hesitated but then as though spellbound to obey, she found herself leaning in."What are you staring at?" he whispered."
Author: Kelly Creagh
82. "This is going very fast," I reiterated. "Yes," he agreed, not letting go of my hand or my gaze. "It's scary." "Yes," he agreed again and I watched in fascination as his beautiful jade eyes turned hard and determined. "And this, my poppy, will be the last thing on this world or any other that you fear."
Author: Kristen Ashley
83. "You are too alive to bury yourself at this age, Jade. Don't do it - it won't work anyway."
Author: Lada Ray
84. "When gold and jade fill the hall, their possessor cannot keep them safe."
Author: Lao Tzu
85. "In any case I just cannot imagine attaching so much importance to any food or treat that I would grow irate or bitter at the mention of the suffering of animals. A pig to me will always seem more important than a pork rind. There is the risk here of confusing realism with cynicism, moral stoicism with moral sloth, of letting oneself become jaded and lazy and self-satisfied--what used to be called an 'appetitive' person."
Author: Matthew Scully
86. "Their boredom becomes more and more terrible. They realize that they've been tricked and burn with resentment. Every day of their lives they read the newspapers and went to the movies. Both fed them on lynchings, murder, sex crimes, explosions, wrecks, love nests, fires, miracles, revolutions, war. This daily diet made sophisticates of them. The sun is a joke. Oranges can't titillate their jaded palates. Nothing can ever be violent enough to make taut their slack minds and bodies. They have been cheated and betrayed. They have slaved and saved for nothing."
Author: Nathanael West
87. "This is my friend, Sebastian.' 'Best friend,' I blurted out and then wanted to punch myself in the face for sounding so dumb. At this rate, I'd be painting nails with her any day now. Thank God, Jaden wasn't here."
Author: Nyrae Dawn
88. "Why ponder thus the future to foresee, and jade thy brain to vain perplexity? Cast off thy care, leave Allah's plans to him – He formed them all without consulting thee." Three Cups of Tea"
Author: Omar Khayyam
89. "You lose a certain kind of innocence when you experience this type of kindness. You lose your right to be a jaded cynic. You can no longer go back through the looking glass and pretend not to know what you know about kindness. It's a defeat, in a way."
Author: Rob Sheffield
90. "See on kõige hirmsam kannatus inimlikes asjades, paljut mõista ja mitte mingit võimu omada"
Author: Ryszard Kapuściński
91. "Kas me kunagi mõtleme sellele, et maailma rikus on mäletamatutest aegadest olnud prjade loodud? Alates Mesopotaamia niisutussüsteemidest, Hiina müürist, Egiptuse püramiididest, Ateena akropolist kuni Kuuba suhkrurooistandusteni, Louisiana ja Arkansase puuvillaistandusteni, kuni Kolõma söekaevadnusteni ja saksa automagistraalideni välja. Aga sõjad? Sõdu on igivanast ajast peetud selleks, et orje saada"
Author: Ryszard Kapuściński
92. "Mew," the kitten retorted, locking gazes with him. It had the expression common to all kittens, that of a tyrant in the becoming. 'I was comfortable, and you dared to move,' those jade eyes said. 'For that you must die.' When it became apparent to the cat that its two or three pounds of mass were insufficient to break Locke's neck with one mighty snap, it put its paws on his shoulders and began sharing its drool-covered nose with his lips. He recoiled."
Author: Scott Lynch
93. "Why should one think thay are okay mentally? Making a study of ourselves is the best solution to our society.Our minds are so complex and if we don't have an avenue to explore, we just cough it up as it is just who I am...However, it is just half of who you are, we need to find our other half and it is not in the form of another person."-Serena Jade"
Author: Serena Jade
94. "To be religious is to have an obligation to a particular religion, but to be truly spiritual is to have a commitment to your soul."-Serena Jade"
Author: Serena Jade
95. "Lovey-dovey bullshit. Now let me tell you about what happens when you betray everything you hold dear and the bitch doesn't return the favor. Oh, wait, you know that lesson already. The problem is you take the leap and you don't know until it's too late to pull back if you're going to land on a foam-covered mattress or jagged rocks where you lie impaled, slowly bleeding and wishing you'd just die already. (Jaden)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
96. "Which is why you deal with demons. (Acheron)Who are even more pathetic than humans when you think about it. Personally, I'd rather play video games. Wouldn't it be great if we could suck the souls of the people we hated into the box, shoot them down and then dance on their entrails? (Jaden)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
97. "The girl and Doctor Reefy began their courtship on a summer afternoon. He was forty-five then and already he had begun the practice of filling his pockets with the scraps of paper that became hard balls and were thrown away. The habit had been formed as he sat in his buggy behind the jaded white horse and went slowly along country roads. On the papers were written thoughts, ends of thoughts, beginnings of thoughts.One by one the mind of Doctor Reefy had made the thoughts. Out of many of them he formed a truth that arose gigantic in his mind. The truth clouded the world. It became terrible and then faded away and the little thoughts began again.("Paper Pills")"
Author: Sherwood Anderson
98. "Unlike the summer sun,my life has started to fadeForsaken by the memories of thee,which once shone like the jade.My eyes elude the moist fear,and are now as dry as hayMelancholy cries are all I hear,'Will you be there?' I daresay!"
Author: Supriya Kaur Dhaliwal
99. "I get kind of sad when I look at all of my magazines and think about how at one time I was much more impressed with a certain fashion editorial, or how I feel like I can't really relate to being that excited about fashion anymore. Maybe it's being jaded, but I honestly like that now, when something's really good, I feel more affected by it."
Author: Tavi Gevinson
100. "Jaded. I never understood the term. Jade is pretty and worth something, yes? I was rusted if I was anything. Too long in the rain. Going out in an orange blaze of muted, anonymous, common-as-dirt oxidation."
Author: Trebor Healey

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