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101. "I have church on Sunday.""Of course you do.""You're welcome to come along.""Thanks, but I'm allergic to incense.""That's a shame.""It's the bane of my existence."- Beth and Jake"
Author: Alexandra Adornetto
102. "You see that thirty-year-old blonde next to Jake? That's his fiancée, Carrie Clapboard. Carrie moved all manner of heaven and earth to get into that chair. And soon she will happily oversee scullery maids and table settings and the reupholstering of antique chairs at three different houses; which is all well and good. But if I were your age, I wouldn't be trying to figure out how to get into Carrie's shoes—I'd be trying to figure out how to get into Jake's."
Author: Amor Towles
103. "You're a wrestler, right, Jake?" Dad asked, passing Jake more saag. My parents were in an Indian food phase. The evening's entree consisted of limp spinach. God forbid we'd throw a few burgers on the grill and just have a barbecue when guests came over.Jake gave the bright green, mushy contents a wary glance but accepted the bowl. "Yeah. I wrestle. I'm captain this year.""How Greco-Roman of you," Lucius said dryly, lifting a glob of spinach and letting it drip, slowly, from his fork. "Grappling about on mats."
Author: Beth Fantaskey
104. "It felt like an eternity before he gingerly lifted himself from the table and staggered backwards. Glass shards protruded from chest to groin. The guy looked like a bloody porcupine. A cute, tall bloody porcupine. I'm tall too. Five foot ten. But he had at least four inches on me, even with my thick-heeled boots."What's your name?" he slurred. While visions of reckless homicide charges danced in my head, I contemplated using an alias. Finally, I said my real name, "Sam.""Nice to meet you, Sammers. I'm Jake," he said."
Author: Betsy Cook Speer
105. "[...] He didn't want his wife to read historical romances because it might give her unrealistic expectations. [...] If I had been him, I would have been reading your books every time you laid them down to see how I could improve my skills and please you. Second warning of the night. I bought a couple." You bought a couple of what?" Historical romances. I'm three-quarters through the first one." He flashed her a slow grin. "All I can say is, I like the way your mind works." ~Jake Coulter and Molly Wells"
Author: Catherine Anderson
106. "Your marriage," Jake said, almost impatiently. "It's like the grapes. Just a paint job."He went straight to bed."
Author: Charlie Carillo
107. "Country jakes are always whining about the sanctity of states' rights and individual freedoms. Yet when a couple of queers want to get married in Massachusetts, half the South goes apeshit with homemade posters and fire-breathing sermons. And when a few million concerned residents of states thousands of miles away decide they want to stop destroying their landscape in the name of corporate mammon and consumer stupidity, the South sends out its greasy merchants of avarice to cajole, bribe, hector, lie, intimidate, and "lobby" until the seed of their plantation mentality is protected and their gluttonous mouths are once again filled with the jizz of the master caste before whom they kneel like Bourbon Street whores on Navy payday."
Author: Chuck Thompson
108. "I rewrapped the scarf around my neck, and thought about how excited Jake had been that first winter he was here. Maybe it was just as simple as this: that he'd been up here enough to know that there wasn't anything special about Willow Hill. Including me."
Author: Claire Ray
109. "He raised one eyebrow. Infuriatingly. Then he looked me up and down, but not in a meaningful way like Jake used to, more as if i was a horse, which was weird because he hadn't yesterday when i was actually dressed as one."
Author: Diane Messidoro
110. "Jake knew that his mother had a tendency to mistake rules, her rules, for principles. She did not bend because she did not have enough confidence to know when or how far. She did not listen well because one ear was always otherwise engaged - either listening to what she herself had just said or what she would say next."
Author: E.L. Konigsburg
111. "Hand through the pain. She'd been wheeled into surgery when the labor had stopped progressing. Jake had been with her as her son was cut"
Author: Elisabeth Naughton
112. "Oh Jake," Brett said, "We could have had such a damned good time together."Ahead was a mounted policeman in khaki directing traffic. He raised his baton. The car slowed suddenly, pressing Brett against me.Yes," I said. "Isn't it pretty to think so?"
Author: Ernest Hemingway
113. "Here's a taxidermist's," Bill said. "Want to buy anything? Nice stuffed dog?" "Come on," I said. "You're pie-eyed.""Pretty nice stuffed dogs," Bill said. "Certainly brighten up your flat.""Come on." "Just one stuffed dog. I can take 'em or leave 'em alone. But listen, Jake. Just one stuffed dog.""Come on.""Mean everything in the world to you after you bought it. Simple exchange of values. You give them money. They give you a stuffed dog.""We'll get one on the way back.""All right. Have it your own way. Road to hell paved with unbought stuffed dogs. Not my fault."
Author: Ernest Hemingway
114. "Beautiful," Jake whispered. "The pictures could never hold you. This is mine; this is what I was trying to find." "Now that it's found," Aaron replied as his fingers combed through Jake's hair, "don't lose it again."Ellis, Giselle (2010-02-23). Take My Picture (Kindle Locations 1646-1648). Dreamspinner Press. Kindle Edition."
Author: Giselle Ellis
115. "The Universal Turtle VerseI spend the day nibbling rent-freeUnderneath the Giving Tree.Me, Rirty Dat and Snerry JakeShow Runny Babbit how to makeUp verses. Then I lug my hump(Careful not to bump the Glump)Into the woods to trade a wordWith the argle-bargle bird:Nuthatch wisely recommends,Find out where the sidewalk ends."
Author: J. Patrick Lewis
116. "Trusted you... Jake Sully: continuing what he was saying - with you. Neytiri: getting upset I trusted you Jake Sully: trying to calm her Trust me now. Please. Neytiri: You will never be one of The People"
Author: James Cameron
117. "And if you were still here today, I would tell you, that in your future, do not settle for anything less than the Jake Andrews of the world. Because they exist, and not just in fairytales."
Author: Jay McLean
118. "Are you serious? What the hell does a stunt double do in a porno flick?"Jake waved a hand vaguely toward his belt. "Extreme close-ups.""Uh. What?""Historically speaking, it doesn't happen often. Especially what with Viagra now. But it isn't unknown for a director to bring in a double for the close of a scene, if the actor is having trouble finishing."I blinked. "He thought I was a stunt penis?"Jake laughed at my reaction. "Man. You are new."
Author: Jim Butcher
119. "Now apply for reinstatement. He'd dropped that bomb on Jake a couple of times to gauge his response, but got nothing. Nothing visible anyway, but just under the surface Jake was mortified at the thought of reacquiring a senior"
Author: John Grisham
120. "He strapped a video camera to the hood of his car and we drove around while he filmed us smashing through piles of old dead Christmas trees that residents had left in the alleys and he would set on fire. I could never get Jake to "put out" but it still was a really romantic night for me, so I stayed in touch."
Author: John Waters
121. "It was nearly five before Jake walked in. He was sunburnt, wet, and smelled faintly of fish. Sexy as hell. Don't ask me to explain."
Author: Josh Lanyon
122. "I love you," Jake whispered. "Are you strong enough for this?"I made myself comfortable. Said over my shoulder, "Sure.""Would you tell me if you weren't?"I grinned. "Maybe. I can't think of a nicer way to commit suicide.""That's good. I can't think of a more pleasant way to commit murder."
Author: Josh Lanyon
123. "'What about stress? Are you using your stress-management techniques when things seem to be getting on top of you?' 'Nothing is getting on top of me.' As I said it, a totally inappropriate picture popped into my mind. 'What are you feeling?' Jake's breath warm against my face, my bruised lips tingling from his kisses. 'Tell me what it feels like with me inside you.'"
Author: Josh Lanyon
124. "Do you still do the clubs?"Jake shakes his head. "You do the clubsbecause you can't find what you need at home. I've got everything I need. I've got the answer to needs I didn't even know I had."
Author: Josh Lanyon
125. "Shrugging out of the damaged shirt, Jake said roughly, "I still dream about you.""I have nightmares about you." I dragged my T-shirt over my head, threw it aside."
Author: Josh Lanyon
126. "Talking of the local Sheriff, Jake Valentine, tall and skinny and his wife Myra, "She was a short woman, maybe five feet tall in her socks, the top of her head not quite reaching Jake's chest. What she lacked in height she made up for in girth. Jeffrey guessed she was at least a hundred pounds overweight. Standing side by side, the Valentines looked like the living embodiment of the number ten."
Author: Karin Slaughter
127. "Jake? Do me a favor. Don't ever say 'so far, so good'. The only time anyone ever says 'so far, so good' is right before everything blows up in his face!"-Marco"
Author: Katherine Applegate
128. "I may walk you down that aisle and consent for Jake to marry you, but I'll never fully give you away. You'll always be my little girl." His hand came to his chest. "You'll forever remain right in my heart, Abigail."
Author: Katie Ashley
129. "Hey, Ambs, you have a good day?"Jake asked as i got in the car."actually yeah i did, right up until the very end when some slut hit on me," i answered with a shrug. Jake immediately slapped Liam around the back of the head."Ouch, shith, what was that for?" Liam asked, rubbing his head."for hitting on my little sister." Jake shrugged."How did you know it was me?"
Author: Kirsty Moseley
130. "Jake felt suddenly raw. Humble. Grateful. Honored. Loved."
Author: Kristen Ashley
131. "She suspects her husband, Jake, might be gay." "Did you suggest she ask him?"Mom laughed. "Of course not. Business is slow."
Author: Lisa Lutz
132. "It just made me realize that I wouldn't have anything if you left," he said miserably. Jake gave a pained wince and looked down at the floor. "I wouldn't have anything if I left, either," he murmured."
Author: Madeleine Urban
133. "U njezinim ocima drhtale su suze...A on je osjecao da pripadaju njemu...Sva mu duša zatrepti. Nije vidio ništa drugo nego njezine suzne oci, ni na šta nije više mislio, samo je osjecao nju. U tom osjecaju povuce njezine ruke i privine ih na svoje grudi. Ona se nije opirala. Osjecala je da mu srce burno udara, da je svaki udar jedan krik za njom, vapaj k njoj, da je svaki dah ovog muškarca njezin...Kroz tvrdi oklop kojim je okovala svoje srce provali zatajena ljubav. Misli i razbor utekoše, ona klone na njegove grudi...Zadrhtao je kao trstika, kad je zahvati vihor. Njegove jake ruke obuhvate je, privinu k sebi tako cvrsto, silno i pohlepno kao da ce je pretvoriti u sebe. Sve misli, sav razbor zanijemiše, obamriješe. Samo srca šapcu, dozivaju se i cjelivaju u besvjesnom omamnom zagrljaju. Sunce se spuštalo na zapad i kroz velike prozore opraštalo se s njima svojim krvavim suzama. Tiho i necujno šuljaju se trenuci da ih ne probude iz sna."
Author: Marija Jurić Zagorka
134. "Jake leaned on the horn, swearing loudly. Gina covered her eyes. Doc flung his arms around me, burying his face in my lap, and Dopey, to my great surprise, began to scream like a girl, very close to my ear...."
Author: Meg Cabot
135. "He gives me a kiss that barely touches my lips – it means nothing or everything. After he's gone, I think, Happy birthday to me.Jack says, ‘That was the guy?'‘That was him.'Jake shakes his head.‘What?'‘He's not for you,' he says.I say, ‘How do you know?' but what I mean is, How do you know?‘He's like Ashley Wilkes,' he says. ‘Any one of these guys is Rhett-ier than he is.'Again, I ask my benignly inflected, ‘How do you know?'‘How do I know?' he says, tackling me into a bear hug. ‘How do I know? I know, that's how I know."
Author: Melissa Bank
136. "You say 'please' and 'thank you' to everyone, Evie. You almost bumped into a cocker spaniel being walked by his owner and when you ducked around him, you said, 'excuse me.' You said 'excuseme' to a dog, Evie. And I bet you didn't even think twice about that. And that's because your manners are so deeply ingrained in you, that that is second nature. And given what I know about your past, I'm gonna guess that no one fucking taught you that. That that is just all Evie."- Jake Madsen"
Author: Mia Sheridan
137. "Jake looked at us like we should know this already. "SMB? Sandwich-Making Bitch."
Author: Molly McAdams
138. "Do whatever you gotta do. Go fuck that girl six ways from Sunday." Danny laughed, trying to keep his hand steady as he glanced up. "I hope you have a daughter one day." Jake's face dropped. "Dude, fuck you, that's not even funny."
Author: Priscilla Glenn
139. "Jake once said on stage that Jonny was the mighty in their storm, and now I see that Jake is my mighty storm. He's broken and complex, and no one knows him like I do, or ever will. He needs me. He's my storm to calm. And I'm going to spend the rest of my life doing just that."
Author: Samantha Towle
140. "Men want to be him, women want to screw him... most wanting to be the one to tame the untameable Jake Wethers."
Author: Samantha Towle
141. "Look you don't know I'm your soul mate," Lily said. " You barely know me at all. I have terrible habits. I swallow toothpaste. My socks don't always match. I'm not good at small talk. I'm just about the most unpopular kid in class, a close third behind the guy who doesn't shower and the girl who's a compulsive liar. Besides, it's not like Jake and me... He was just being nice.""You are my soul mate, even if you don't know it yet," Tye said"
Author: Sarah Beth Durst
142. "Don't worry if I lay my head back and start to snore while we're flying. It's normal. I'm just here in case Jake has a stroke and dies. (Tony)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
143. "I've met talespinners before, Jake, and they're all cut more or less from the same cloth. They tell tales because they're afraid of life."
Author: Stephen King
144. "Jake reached into the front pocket of his poncho, lifted Oy out, set him on the powdery floor of the cave. He bent down, hands planted just above his knees. Oy looked up, stetching his neck so that their faces almost touched. And now Roland saw something exraordinary: not the tears in Jake's eyes, but those that had begun to well up in Oy's. A billy-bumbler crying. It was the sort of story you might hear in a saloon as the night grew late and drunk--the faithful bumbler who wept for his departing master. You didn't believe such stories but never said so, in order to save brawling (perhaps even shooting). Yet here it was, he was seeing it, and it made Roland feel a bit like crying himself. Was it just more bumbler imitation, or did Oy really understand what was happening? Roland hoped for the former, and with all his heart."
Author: Stephen King
145. "Will I like it Jake? In your place?''I hope so, hon.''Is it very different?'I smiled. 'People pay more for gasoline and have more buttons to push. Otherwise, it's about the same."
Author: Stephen King
146. "Jake went in, aware that he had, for the first time in three weeks, opened a door without hoping madly to find another world on the other side. A bell jingled overhead. The mild, spicy smell of old books hit him, and the smell was somehow like coming home."
Author: Stephen King
147. "Overprotective isn't he?' Jacob said, talking just to me. 'A little trouble makes life fun. Let me guess, you're not allowed to have fun, are you?'Edward glowed, and his lips pulled back from his teeth ever so slightly.'Shut up, Jake,' I said.Jacob laughed. 'That sound like a NO. Hey if you ever feel like having a life again, you could come see me. 'I've still got your motorcycle in my garage."
Author: Stephenie Meyer
148. "To be unforgiving is like to drink poison and wait for someone else to die!! Rev. TD Jakes (have I said how much I love ya!)"
Author: T.D. Jakes
149. "Sick twisted Abby was in love, with sick twisted, beautiful Jake."
Author: T.M. Frazier
150. "The new country lay open before me: there were no fences in those days, and I could choose my own way over the grass uplands, trusting the pony to get me home again. Sometimes I followed the sunflower-bordered roads. Fuchs told me that the sunflowers were introduced into that country by the Mormons; that at the time of the persecution when they left Missouri and struck out into the wilderness to find a place where they could worship God in their own way, the members of the first exploring party, crossing the plains to Utah, scattered sunflower seeds as they went. The next summer, when the long trains of wagons came through with all the women and children, they had a sunflower trail to follow. I believe that botanists do not confirm Jake's story but, insist that the sunflower was native to those plains. Nevertheless, that legend has stuck in my mind, and sunflower-bordered roads always seem to me the roads to freedom."
Author: Willa Cather

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