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1. "You're not welcome here. Why don't you slink off into the hole you crawled out of? (Adron)Oh, that's real original and mature. Why don't you call me Mr. Stinky Pants while you're at it? (Jayce)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

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It is an extremely unfortunate fact, that there are those who see the morale of respect as something that is beneficial to the other person on the receiving end, rather than something that is beneficial to the one who is capable of giving the respect! Because that's simply not how it works; the person who is capable of discerning respect and giving it to others, is the person who is better! There are people who believe that the virtue of respect and the ability to discern when to give respect and in which amounts to give it, belongs to the lower class! Oh I beg, I beg to differ! No. And no and no! If I am able to discern the amounts of respect to be given so that I may function as a beaming member of society, this virtue illuminates ME; this virtue does not illuminate those whom I give the respect to! Respect is known by the illuminated being!s"
Author: C. JoyBell C.

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