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1. "I spend my time backstage at the Lanvin shows, and when I come out at the end, all I see are people's eyes."
Author: Alber Elbaz
2. "Like Sylvia Plath, Natalie Jeanne Champagne invites you so close to the pain and agony of her life of mental illness and addiction, which leaves you gasping from shock and laughing moments later: this is both the beauty and unique nature of her storytelling. With brilliance and courage, the author's brave and candid chronicle travels where no other memoir about mental illness and addiction has gone before. The Third Sunrise is an incredible triumph and Natalie Jeanne Champagne is without a doubt the most important new voice in this genre."
Author: Andy Behrman
3. "I was always drawn to teachers who made class interesting. In high school, I enjoyed my American and English literature classes because my teachers, Jeanne Dorsey and Dani Barton, created an environment where interaction was important."
Author: Ellen Ochoa
4. "Adolf Hitler was a Jeanne d'Arc, a saint. He was a martyr. Like many martyrs, he held extreme views."
Author: Ezra Pound
5. "I was born on the eighteenth of December, 1935, in the town Bourg-en-Bresse, about thirty miles northeast of Lyon, the second of three sons of Jeanne and Jean-Victor Pepin. Weighing only two and one half pounds, I nearly died at birth."
Author: Jacques Pepin
6. "Energy holds our potential in patterns of intelligence. Self awareness can take us to these shimmering fields so we can manifest our choices ~ Jeanne McElvaney"
Author: Jeanne McElvaney
7. "It's all right," Jeanne was yelling. "Yeah, you heard me, it's all right! Delos isn't dangerous. Not to us, anyway. Come on, you, get out of there! What are you doing hiding behind that pig?"
Author: L.J. Smith
8. "I guess we both lose the bet. What bet Thomas asked entering the room.Boxers or briefs Jeanne Louise answered. I was betting boxers and Elspeth thought briefs. Instead he went commando!! So be warned ladies, don't assume they are wearing any undies!!"
Author: Lynsay Sands
9. "Rest in Peace?' Why that phrase? That's the most ridiculous phrase I've ever heard! You die, and they say ‘Rest in Peace!' …Why would one need to ‘rest' when they're dead?! I spent thousands of years of world history resting. While Agamemnon was leading his ships to Troy, I was resting. While Ovid was seducing women at the chariot races, I was resting. While Jeanne d'Arc was hallucinating, I was resting. I wait until airplanes are scuttling across the sky to burst out onto the scene, and I'm only going to be here for a short while, so when I die, I certainly won't need to rest again! Not while more adventures of the same kind are going on."
Author: Roman Payne
10. "Tu sais, le moment révolutionnaire - j'ai essayé de l'expliquer de différentes manières - est un moment exaltant parce que c'est quelque chose de nouveau pour lequel on peut s'engager. Je l'ai dit de la façon la plus simple que j'aie pu trouver : "La révolution est comme un enfant : il est tout mignon quand il naît, mais il est possible que, dix ans plus tard, il devienne con, bossu et méchant." De la même manière, quand elle naît, la Révolution est fascinante, car elle promet la nouveauté. Imagine : si aujourd'hui, en Italie, arrivait un Savonarole, ou une Jeanne d'Arc disant : "Allez, renonçons à tout, mangeons deux fois moins !", les gens n'hésiteraient pas une seconde, Folco. Un jeune sur deux aujourd'hui serait heureux de jeter son téléphone portable dans le lac pour avoir quelque chose de mieux. Mais, plus tard, on se rendrait compte que le portable était utile, que le lac est pollué... Ainsi va la vie... (p. 255)"
Author: Tiziano Terzani
11. "The Rivière Secrète was no longer a secret. Two riverbanks, covered in wild grapevines and Black Willows, had emerged from the muck of the Marais Foncé. The bateau dipped and bobbed, and Monsieur Lavelle poled hard to keep us steady as the river, pale green and foaming white, hummed toward us. I licked its cold sweet spray from my lips, my body throbbing with excitement.Anton was moments away." The Marquise Jeanne Reneau, The Last Lord of Paradise––Generation One"
Author: Vivian LeMay

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