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1. "Jesse James's next tattoo should be a warning label: Danger. Loving this man could break you."
Author: Alafair Burke
2. "Well, one of my favorite ones to work on - besides just about any scene from 'Deadwood' - was my scene with Brad Pitt in 'Assassination of Jesse James'. That was just a fun day."
Author: Garret Dillahunt
3. "Far from being freaks, the Hell's Angels are a logical product of the culture that now claims to be shocked at their existence. The generation represented by the editors of Time has lived so long in a world full of Celluloid outlaws hustling toothpaste and hair oil that it is no longer capable of confronting the real thing. For twenty years they have sat with their children and watched yesterday's outlaws raise hell with yesterday's world ... and now they are bringing up children who think Jesse James is a television character. This is the generation that went to war for Mom, God and Apple Butter, the American Way of Life. When they came back, they crowned Eisenhower and then retired to the giddy comfort of their TV parlors, to cultivate the subtleties of American history as seen by Hollywood."
Author: Hunter S. Thompson
4. "To tell a woman not to talk too much was like telling Jesse James not to carry a gun, or a hen not to cackle."
Author: Malcolm X

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Quotes About Jesse James
Quotes About Jesse James
Quotes About Jesse James

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