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1. "Jiu Jitsu is the vehicle. Not the road."
Author: Chris Matakas
2. "I've done jiujitsu a huge chunk of my life, and I try to spend a lot of time educating people on the nuances, the subtleness of the ground game. It's a big part of mixed martial arts."
Author: Joe Rogan
3. "I grew up in Westlake Villiage, a suburb of L.A. There was a guy there who was a fighter and was like, 'I'll teach you to box.' I started a little bit of boxing, then it crossed over into jiu-jitsu. I was into it for a little while, but then I started doing basketball, baseball, team sports."
Author: Jonathan Lipnicki
4. "I studied Jeet Kune Do and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. On element of Jeet Kune Do is that I had several of years of practice with the kali stick - a stick with a size and length similar to a baseball bat."
Author: Jose Pablo Cantillo

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