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1. "I think Islam has been hijacked by the idea that all Muslims are terrorists; that Islam is about hate, about war, about jihad - I think that hijacks the spirituality and beauty that exists within Islam. I believe in allowing Islam to be seen in context and in its entirety and being judged on what it really is, not what you think it is."
Author: Aasif Mandvi
2. "If you are really bored with life, just meet a decent magician and have a close up magic show, he will restore inspiration in your life."
Author: Amit Kalantri
3. "Bad men... aim at getting more than their share of advantages, while in labor and public service they fall short of their share; and each man wishing for advantage to himself criticizes his neighbor and stands in his way; for if people do not watch it carefully the common weal is soon destroyed. The result is that they are in a state of faction, putting compulsion on each other but unwilling themselves to do what is just."
Author: Aristotle
4. "That children shall be compelled to receive religious instruction which is in antagonism to the wishes of their parents, is what no man with say sense of justice would suggest."
Author: Charles Tupper
5. "Jump ahead ten years, and not much has changed. Ten years of ther­apy, and I'm still in about the same place. This prob­ably isn't some­thing we should cel­ebrate."
Author: Chuck Palahniuk
6. "You just feel better when you look nice."
Author: Gin Wigmore
7. "It's just that you're about to do something out of the ordinary. And after you do something like that, the everyday look of things might seem to change a little. Things may look different to you than they did before. But don't let appearances fool you. There's always only one reality."
Author: Haruki Murakami
8. "I went back to the door of Georges's study and pushed it open. He and Camille were sitting at either side of the empty fireplace, not speaking, just staring into each other's faces."Am I interrupting you?""No," Camille said, "we were just staring into each other's faces. I hope you weren't discomfitted by what you heard when you were listening at the door just now?"
Author: Hilary Mantel
9. "I just said yes to opportunities that came my way."
Author: Isabel Lucas
10. "Justin, honey, you were my very first kiss. My very first hand to hold. But you were nothing more than an average guy. And I don't say that to be mean- I don't. There was just something about you that made me need to be your girlfriend to this day I don't know exactly what that was. But it was there.. and it was amazingly strong. -Thirteen Reasons Why"
Author: Jay Asher
11. "From: GDL824@yahoo.comSent: Monday, June 10, 2013 4:24 PMTo: EONeill22@hotmail.comSubject: birds of a feather I couldn't find the rock you were talking about, but I think I'm at the right place. It's pretty much just me and the seagulls, so I should be easy to spot...(I'm the one without feathers.) "
Author: Jennifer E. Smith
12. "It was all as it had been,except for the weight of the present,that scuttled the pact we made with heaven.In truth there was no cause for rejoicing,nor need to turn around, either.We were lost just by standing,listening to the hum of wires overhead."
Author: John Ashbery
13. "Ebola haunted Zaire because of corruption and political repression. The virus had no secret powers, nor was it unusually contagious. For centuries Ebola had lurked in the jungles of central Africa. Its emergence into human populations required the special assistance of humanity's greatest vices : greed, corruption, arrogance, tyranny, and callousness."
Author: Laurie Garrett
14. "Friends are just family you get to pick out."
Author: Madeleine Urban
15. "In real life, you just work for the ordinary self, but in the front of audience you become the superself. That's a completely different thing."
Author: Marina Abramovic
16. "We'd have to suck away at oxygen canisters between songs just so that we could keep playing."
Author: Michael Hutchence
17. "I feel like, in some ways, I'm just a journalist."
Author: Nanci Griffith
18. "Still-there's no use trying to figure why things fall the way they do. Things just are, and fussing don't bring changes."
Author: Natalie Babbitt
19. "You remember all those phrases about how 'these people' - Asians - don't value human life like we do. Well if you spend any time around them, you discover that they love their children just as much as we love ours. That is certainly true of the Vietnamese."
Author: Neil Sheehan
20. "Whether out of inertia or selfishness, whether out of fear or a simple lack of moral imagination, we so often spend our lives as if in a fog, accepting injustice, rationalizing inequity, tolerating the intolerable"
Author: Obama
21. "So when a man surrenders to the sound of music and lets its sweet, soft, mournful strains, which we have just described, be funnelled into his soul through his ears, and gives up all his time to the glamorous moanings of song, the effect at first on his energy and initiative of mind, if he has any, is to soften it as iron is softened in a furnace, and made workable instead of hard and unworkable: but if he persists and does not break the enchantment, the next stage is that it melts and runs, till the spirit has quite run out of him and his mental sinews (if I may so put it) are cut, and he has become what Homer calls "a feeble fighter"."
Author: Plato
22. "I was a slave to something he believed to be silly and superstitious: the idea that all life was worth defending and that nothing justified surrender to the forces of destruction."
Author: Rick Yancey
23. "It wasn't that I was shy to go out with him, I just didn't want people with preconceived notions to assume anything about why we were together. I was pretty careful for a while."
Author: Rose McGowan
24. "The end justifies the means. Sometimes you have to do the wrong thing to get the right result."
Author: Sebastian Fitzek
25. "I love judging food by its smell and feel and taste. The healthiest tomato isn't always the perfect one that's been covered in pesticides."
Author: Sheherazade Goldsmith
26. "..the ceiling is just a deep, dusty dome, like the inside of a skull. (Both are vaults, both repositories of knowledge.)"
Author: Sheridan Hay
27. "You're an intensely attractive woman. You do know that, don't you?" To her silence, he replied, "You'd believe me if you could see yourself.""I have seen myself. That's the snag, you see."He shook his head. "No, no. Not in a mirror. I know how mirrors work. They're all in league with the cosmetics trade. They tell a woman lies. Drawing her gaze from one imagined flaw to another, until all she sees is a constellation of imperfections. If you could get outside yourself, borrow my eyes for just an instant...There's only beauty."
Author: Tessa Dare
28. "I will not judge your character by your limo, but by how you react when it breaks down on the way."
Author: Vikrant Parsai
29. "But for us the tragedy was but just beginning; as in the case of other wounds the pain was drugged at the moment, and made itself felt afterwards when we began to move. There was pain in all our circumstances, or a dull discomfort, a kind of restlessness and aimlessness which was even worse. Misery of this kind tends to concentrate itself upon an object, if it can find one, and there was a figure, unfortunately, who would serve our purpose very well."
Author: Virginia Woolf
30. "Setiap strategi yang sehat dan benar harus selalu berusaha mereduksi pihak lawan seminimum mungkin dan merangkul kawan sebanyak mungkin, sambil membujuk sebanyak mungkin lawan menjadi kawan, terserah apa latar belakangnya. Gerakan yang berkebiasaan membuat musuh di mana-mana amatlah bodoh."
Author: Y.B. Mangunwijaya

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