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1. "I was the Justin Bieber of the '70s. Really, I was."
Author: Barry Manilow
2. "Okay. Would you rather I looked like Leonardo di Caprio or Justin Timberlake?""Ryan Gosling," Sophie smiled.She answered a little too fast for Adam's comfort. "What the hell, Sophie! You're supposed to say Mitchell! You're supposed to say you want me to look like me!""You weren't one of the options," Sophie smirked."Neither was Ryan Gosling!"
Author: Bethany Walkers
3. "Facebook is big. Bigger than Justin Bieber or Ashton Kutcher's Twitter following. Hell, it's even bigger than obesity and possibly just as lethal!"
Author: Gemini Adams
4. "For the most part, each day listed a different rendition of "Justin ate well" and "Justin took a great nap". Every now and then they noted Justin doing unusual things, like biting. I was embarrassed to read "Justin is biting his friends again" or "Justin did better with biting and only bit one boy". Other than that, though, my son was a pretty happy-go-lucky kid."
Author: Pattie Mallette
5. "He can't playwhen someone is watching him," Justin almost sang into my ear. "Totally screwsup then.""But you allare watching him," I pointed out.At the back ofthe room, someone laughed. "Yeah, but we're not girls."
Author: Piper Shelly
6. "I would love to be like Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez. They were catapulted into stardom when they were so young - like I was - and they still haven't gone down the wrong path and I hope neither or them will. I find that really inspiring."
Author: Rebecca Black
7. "Generation Y are everything you feared. They're everything your worst nightmares conjured up. They're lazy, apathetic, unoriginal, scared of innovation, scared of difference, just plain scared. They binge drink. The confuse sex for intimacy. They definitely couldn't tell you the capital cities of more than five countries. And they really think that Justin Bieber is the Second Coming. Only fifty per cent of Generation Y own more than two books and, yes, they listen to music, but they download it from the internet because content is free, yo. Want, take, have is their battle cry. Ladies and gentlemen, this is my generation and my generation is royally screwed up."
Author: Sarra Manning
8. "It could be fun to sing with Prince or Michael Jackson. Justin Timberlake has an amazing new sound now."
Author: Taryn Manning
9. "I am a Justin Bieber fan, but I am also so fascinated by how weird pop music can be and how manipulated it can be, so I enjoy thinking about that side of it too. I feel bad for him. I could never imagine growing up that way."
Author: Tavi Gevinson
10. "If someone does something illegal on Twitter - like incite hatred, or make racist remarks, or threaten to rip someone's intestines out if they insult Justin Bieber - then there has to be some way of censuring them."
Author: Tony Parsons

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