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1. "Katy was neither a Methodist nor a Masochist. She was a goddess and the silence of goddesses is genuinely golden. None of your superficial plating. A solid, twenty-two-carat silence all the way through. The Olympian's trap is kept shut, not by an act of willed discretion, but because there's really nothing to say. Goddesses are all of one piece. There's no internal conflict in them. Whereas the lives of people like you and me are one long argument. Desires on one side, woodpeckers on the other. Never a moment of real silence."
Author: Aldous Huxley
2. "Kissa ja nainen esiintyvät samassa merkityskentässä. Kissalla on "emäntä" ja koiralla "isäntä". Koiran ja miehen suhde perustuu valtaan, kissan ja naisen suhde kumppanuuteen. Kun kissa yhdistetään naimattomaan naiseen, syntyy pelottava liitto, jossa yhdistyvät mykkä animaalinen kauneus ja kahlitsematon feminiininen seksuaalisuus. Saduissa nainen muuttuu tällaisessa liitossa noidaksi.Nykyajan noitia ovat "kissatantat" eli yksin elävät naiset, joilla on kissa tai mielellään monta. Kissatantta on sosiaalisista karikatyyreista halveksituimpia. Hän on ärsyttävämpi kuin esimerkiksi pultsari tai nörtti (tai sukulaishahmonsa moraalitantta), sillä kissatantta investoi tunteensa eläimiin. Kissatantta jos kuka on "eläinrakas", siis eräänlainen sodomiitti, eläimiinsekaantuja. Mitä hänen ihmisyydelleen ja seksuaalisuudelleen on tapahtunut?"
Author: Antti Nylén
3. "It's not objective. It's subjective." Katya hooks her bra behind her back. "It's just what you think, not the truth."
Author: E. Lockhart
4. "My eyes glue to him in fascination as he cleans his flogger. He's shirtless since the room is above comfortable temperature. I watch as a drop of sweat creates a path down his back, gliding around all those perfect striated muscles. The drop disappears beneath his low-slung, leather pants. A shiver rocks my body at the thought of it sliding down the crack of his bitable ass."Katya, snap your mouth shut, close the door, and have a seat," Dexter commands and I listen."
Author: Erica Chilson
5. "I'm universal. As much as I can get out a 'Firework' with Katy, I can get a 'Lil Freak' out with Usher. Or a 'Lay It Down' with Lloyd. I can get Caribbean as I did on 'Rio,' then go from there to working with No Doubt."
Author: Ester Dean
6. "I love Lady Gaga and I love Katy Perry and R&B and rap music... I love big, American pop music."
Author: Florence Welch
7. "Indeed, everything that could hum, or buzz, or sing, or bloom had a part in my education--noisy-throated frogs, katydids and crickets held in my hand until, forgetting their embarrassment, they trilled their reedy note, little downy chickens and wildflowers, the dogwood blossoms, meadow-violets and budding fruit trees. I felt the bursting cotton-bolls and fingered their soft fiber and fuzzy seeds; I felt the low soughing of the wind through the cornstalks, the silky rustling of the long leaves, and the indignant snort of my pony..."
Author: Helen Keller
8. "There are Katy-Perry-in-concert-type pieces that I look at and am like, 'This dress has a hundred cupcakes on it - I want it!' My mom will always talk me down."
Author: Ireland Baldwin
9. "Fathers and SonsArkaday watching Katya's face as she accepts his marriage proposal:Anyone who has never seen such tears in the eyes of a beloved one cannot fathom to what extent, all overcome with gratitude and shame, a human being can be happy on earth.Bazarov on his death bed:I am done for. I've fallen under the wheel. And it transpires that there was no point in thinking about the future. It's an old story, is death, but to every man it comes anew."
Author: Ivan Turgenev
10. "There's a country song about this. Deana Carter sings about it. Lady Antebellum sings about it. Gosh, not just country artists. Katy Perry. Everybody has a song about it because everybody's been through it. You find that person at eighteen and you lose yourself. And the tragedy is, it's the person who's completely opposed to everything you've ever wanted. You bond with that person, and that person breaks your heart. I'm that tragedy, and you're mine."
Author: Jennifer Echols
11. "Deana Carter sings about it. Lady Antebellum sings about it. Eric Church. Gosh, not just country artists. Katy Perry. Everybody has a song about it because everybody's been through it. You find that person at eighteen and you lose yourself. And the tragedy is, it's the person who's completely opposed to everything you've ever wanted. You bond with that person, and that person breaks your heart. I'm that tragedy for you, and you're mine."
Author: Jennifer Echols
12. "Daemon: Ever hear the saying you catch more lions with honey than vinegar?Katy: I think it's 'catch more bees' and not lions.Daemon: Whatever."
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
13. "Dee kuncogott, és egy nyalókát dugott a szájába. – Na jó, mielott nemet mondasz, Ashsel már megbeszéltem. – Mit beszéltél meg? – néztem rá értetlenül. – Holnap bulit rendeznek náluk. Csak mi megyünk, egypáran. Daemon is ott lesz. – Izé, nem hiszem, hogy Ash szeretne engem ott látni. – De, minden oké. – Dee úgy repdesett a nappaliban faltól falig, mint egy csapdába esett pillangó. – Megígérte, hogy nem lesz tuskó. Szerintem kezd megkedvelni téged. – Mint a benott lábkörmöt – morogtam. Már attól elszédültem, ha Dee-re néztem. – Nem is tudom.– Jaj, Katy, ne már. Ha akarod, még Blake-et is meghívhatod. – Na, ot aztán nem – fintorogtam. Dee megtorpant, a kezében lekonyult a nyalóka. – Gondjaitok vannak? – kérdezte reménykedve."
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
14. "I love you, Katy. Always have. Always will."—Daemon Black"
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
15. "Staring down at Katy, I fell for her all over again. Lost my heart when she smiled."
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
16. "KatyI always had this plan for the off chance I was around for the end of the world. I'd climb up on my roof top, turn up the radio, blast R.E.M.'s It's The End of The World, and watch it all go down from my lofty perch.Except real life rarely turned out that cool.And it was really happening—it was the end of the world as we knew it, and I sure as hell didn't feel fine.Everything had changed and we had been the catalyst for it all."
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
17. "Dee and Adam were joined at the mouth when I sat down. I glanced at Carissa. She rolled her eyes, but I smiled. My sucky love life aside, I was still on Team Love Rocks.The only thing I honestly couldn't deal with was my mom and Will making out, which I'd gotten an eyeful of yesterday before she left for work. Ew."You going to eat that salad?" Dee asked."It's cute how you stopped kissing for food." I laughed, pushing my tray toward her."Hey, Adam."His cheeks were flushed. "Hey, Katy.""Sorry. I worked up an appetite." Dee grinned."And I lost mine," Carissa muttered"
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
18. "Daemon: I have something really corny to say. Get ready for it.Katy: I'm ready.Daemon: I'm mental for you."
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
19. "Me and Katy look adorkable in extraterrestrialhighway shirts. You would just look stupid. You can thank me later."
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
20. "– KATY ANN SWARTZ!! A mély álom ringató ölelésébol egy dühödt kiáltás rántott ki: rekedt férfinevetés követte. Felpattant a szemem. Nem is emlékeztem, anyu mikor használta utoljára a teljes nevemet. Megvan: évekkel ezelott, amikor meg akartam simogatni egy oposszumkölyköt, amelyik az erkélyünkre tévedt. Anyu az ajtómban állt, még mindig a köpenyében, a szája eltátva, mögötte Will, az arcán fura, elégedett mosoly. – Mi van? – motyogtam. Megmozdult a párnám. Lepillantottam, és az arcomat elfutotta a pír. Daemon még mindig az ágyamban feküdt. Én pedig félig orajta. Az egyik keze az enyémre kulcsolódott, és a szívére szorította. Jajistememcsakeztne."
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
21. "Daemon: I checked out your blog.Katy: Stalking me again, I see. Do I need to get a restraining order?Daemon: In your dreams, Kitten. Oh wait, I'm already starring in those, aren't I?Katy: Nightmares, Daemon. Nightmares."
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
22. "Katy shook her head at me. 'We don't pretend we're from the legend. We are the legend"
Author: Jessica Verday
23. "Someone like Katy Perry - I like her writing because I listen to music as a songwriter. I like a lot of her songs - like, 'Firework' is a song that I think I could write."
Author: Jimmy Cliff
24. "Now you're an adult, Katya!" he'd said, picking her up under the armpits like he'd been doing since she'd been born."
Author: Jonathan L. Howard
25. "I object! What? Bugger, was that acting? Is not courtroom, Katya. Shut up! I'm not good at having two conversations at once. And I hate Scott's plan! You mean you "object" to it."
Author: Joss Whedon
26. "I think Bruno Mars is a great example of a great voice and classic songwriting with a twist that makes it contemporary. I think he's done a great job of it. I think Katy Perry has undeniable songs for what she does, for that pop market. And, if we're talking in the truly pop market, I would say those two."
Author: Kara DioGuardi
27. "Like Martin Luther King Jr., Frankie dreamed of living in a nation where people would not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. The sonner she realized that dream, the sooner she could get started on Katy Perry's and live the teenage one."
Author: Lisi Harrison
28. "I like Katy Perry. I mean, what is there not to like?! She's crazy, she's fun and she has some crazy pipes on her. She can sing."
Author: Logan Henderson
29. "In the past I had often tried to escape the grown-up world of sorrow through my imagination- dreaming that a handsome young lieutenant would ride to my rescue or that a great empresario would discover my musical talents and whisk me away. I had envisioned knights in shining armor and happily ever after scenes to escape from rules or boredom or pain; including a vision of my mother walking through our front door whole and well again. Now I knew that a lifetime of escape led to a life like Aunt Bertie's. My imagination was a gift, but I had to live in the real world. My eyes had been opened this summer to poverty and crime and abuse and I needed to use my imagination not to escape, but to help people like Irina and Katya, to make my own contribution as the women in the women's pavilion had done. I couldn't do it in the same way Jane Adams and my grandmother and Aunt Mat were, but I would find my own way and my own time."
Author: Lynn Austin
30. "I think Katy B encapsulates young London in a way I never could. She reps London harder than anyone song-wise since Lily Allen."
Author: Mark Ronson
31. "What are we watching?" [...][...] He hugged her closer. "The sacrifices I make for you -just watch."She was intrigued enough to pay attention to the screen. "Pride and Prejudice," she read out. "It's a book written by a human. Nineteenth century?""Uh-huh.""The hero is... Mr. Darcy?""Yes. According to Ti, he's the embodiment of male perfection." Dev ripped open a bag of chips he'd grabbed and put it in Katya's hands. "I don't know -the guy wears tights."
Author: Nalini Singh
32. "Dev called Katya on the comm panel as soon as he was able. "How are you?""Fine." Her lips curved. "Connor brought me a smoothie -he said you threatened to cut his legs off at the knees if he forgot.""Damn straight."
Author: Nalini Singh
33. "Katy Perry is the sexiest woman I've ever kissed. It was amazing and very purple - she had purple lipstick on. I don't think there will ever be anything cooler than kissing her... until I marry her maybe!"
Author: Niall Horan
34. "I love Katy Perry, she is a wonderful pop singer."
Author: Pat Benatar
35. "You're so hypno-something, could you be the devil, could you be an angel, your touch is something good, feels likegoing floating, leave my body glowing." "Katy Perry? She's singing Katy Perry in the hospital bathroom. Just when you think you've seen it all," Sally mumbled. She knocked on the door again. Still no answer, so she started banging. Then she was banging and hollering, "JEN! OPEN THE FREAKING DOOR!" Wouldn't you know, she just sang louder. Why am I not surprised, she thought."
Author: Quinn Loftis
36. "Music was in the air when I was growing up. My siblings Katy, Dave and Phil were musical; my dad worked in inner-city New York where a musical revolution was taking place - folk music, rock n' roll, gospel music. My sister taught me to sing. My brothers taught me to play."
Author: Sam Barry
37. "Katy skipped over, her low-rise jeans threatening to fall off her skinny hips. With some girls, that was a sexy look. With Katy, it made you nervous."
Author: Sara Zarr
38. "I love Nicki Minaj, Eminem, Katy Perry. They are all about being themselves and I love that."
Author: Selena Gomez
39. "Do you have the hots for this boy?" her father asked in all seriousness. "Do we need to have him over for dinner so that I can show him my own gun collection?""Dad.""Threatening the police isn't one of your best ideas, Frank," her mother offered in Olivia's defense."He's not the police, Katy. He's some hormone driven boy who wants to sweet-talk our daughter into bed so that he can fire off a few rounds of his own.""Dad!" Olivia's face grew hot with humiliation."I'm just speaking the truth, honey. He's a man. Don't think he's never considered it. You're a beautiful young woman. All I'm saying is that I'd like to send him a little message before he gets any ideas."Olivia melted into her seat, covering her face with her hands."Frank, we're eating.""Yeah, and?"
Author: Shawn Kirsten Maravel
40. "You should have heard the old men cryYou should have heard the biddiesWhen that sad stranger rasied his fluteAnd piped away the kiddies.Katy, Tommy, Meg, and BobFollowed skipping gaileyRed-haired Ruth, my brother Ron,And little crippled BaileyJon and Nils and Cousin Claire Dancin', spinnin', turnin''Cross the hills to god knows where-They never came returnin'.'Cross the hills to god know whereThe piper pranced a leadin'.Each child in Hamlin town but me And I stayed home unheedin'.My papa says that I was blest For if that music fond meI'd be witch-cast like all the rest.This town grows old around me.I cannot say I did not hearThat sound so hauntin' hollow.I heard, I heard, I heard it clear...I was afraid to follow."
Author: Shel Silverstein
41. "No live organism can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality; even larks and katydids are supposed, by some, to dream. Hill House, not sane, stood by itself against its hills, holding darkness within; it had stood so for eighty years and might stand for eighty more. Within, walls continued upright, bricks met neatly, floors were firm, and doors were sensibly shut; silence lay steadily against the wood and stone of Hill House, and whatever walked there, walked alone."
Author: Shirley Jackson
42. "There is a saving grace in truth which helps truth-tellers through the worst of their troubles, and Katy found this out now."
Author: Susan Coolidge
43. "To-morrow I will begin," thought Katy, as she dropped asleep that night. How often we all do so! And what a pity it is that when morning comes and to-morrow is to-day, we so frequently wake up feeling quite differently; careless or impatient, and not a bit inclined to do the fine things we planned overnight."
Author: Susan Coolidge
44. "Dette hotellet - Hotel Amazon - var bare for kvinner, for det meste piker på min alder med velstående foreldre som ville være sikre på at døtrene deres bodde et sted hvor menn ikke kunne få tak i dem og narre dem; og alle sammen gikk på snobbete sekretærskoler som Katy Gibbs; hvor de måtte gå med hatt og strømper og hansker i timene, eller de var nettopp uteksaminert fra skoler som Katy Gibbs og var sekretærer for sjefer og juniorsjefer og bare hang rundt i New York og ventet på å bli gift med en eller annen karrieremann."
Author: Sylvia Plath
45. "She was like a reprieve; like Eurydice, gifted back to Orpheus from the darkness for a brief miraculous moment. I wanted, so intensely it took my breath away, to reach out and lay a hand on her soft dark head, to pull her tightly against me and feel her slight and warm and breathing, as if by protecting her hard enough I could somehow undo time and protect Katy, too."
Author: Tana French
46. "I've worked with an awful lot of people. Katy Hepburn, Spencer Tracy."
Author: Vincente Minnelli

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