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1. "Perbuatanku boleh terkendali tapi bila niatku jahat ... aku tetaplah tidak berakhlak.Bila aku berbuat jahat, negara menghukumku.Untuk itu, undang-undang dan peraturannya sudah jelas.Namun bila aku berniat jahat, siapa yang dapat menerkanya?Aku sendiri bertanggungjawab terhadap niat jahatku."
Author: Anand Krishna
2. "Kamu nggak pernah tau gimana cinta itu datang dengan sendirinya, tanpa bisa kamu kendalikan. Andai aja aku bisa mengatur dan meminta pada siapa aku akan jatuh hati, tentu persoalannya akan lebih gampang. Nggak akan ada yang tersakiti dan menyakiti..."
Author: Anastasia Ervina
3. "Ternyata memelihara cinta sebelah tangan itu seperti memelihara dinosurus. Dino kecil polos yang manis, tiba-tiba sudah tumbuh sangat besar, lebih besar daripada yang bisa kuukur. Ia sudah tumbuh menjadi monster yang bahkan bisa membunuh diriku sendiri, yang telah memeliharanya. Aku tidak bisa lagi memeliharanya, karena ia telah tumbuh di luar kendaliku. Sekarang, aku tidak bisa lagi membiarkannya tumbuh tanpa menyakitiku."
Author: Ayuwidya
4. "Carlos: "I'm 22." Logan: "I'm 22." James: "I'm 12." Kendall: "You have a really deep voice for a 12 year old." James:"I'm maturing quickly."
Author: Big Time Rush
5. "Rasa memiliki itu hidup seperti sel. semula satu dan kemudian terpecah jadi seribu satu. dan aku menyimpan sel-sel yang sangat sehat. ia akan terpecah diluar kendali cinta itu sendiri. sel ini terus bertambah dan merambah. mereka hidup melingkari kita, semenjak kita saling mencinta. suka tak suka."
Author: Dee
6. "They wanted Guy Middleton instead of Kenneth More, and even Kay Kendall wasn't their first choice!"
Author: Dinah Sheridan
7. "Ketidakbahagiaan datang lewat ketakutan atau keinginan yang tidak terkendali."
Author: Epicurus
8. "Nicolette, Kendalle, and Alexandra are my children. Their mother, Cynthia Beck, and I, love them very much."
Author: Gordon Getty
9. "Tak ada dewasa yg 100%, tak akan ada manusia yang sempurna. mainkan emosimu tapi jangan di permainkan emosi. kendali ada di tanganmu!yang terhebat akan tetap bersyukur dan tersenyum adalah senjata terhebat... :-)"
Author: Heru Kristiawan
10. "Life is not kind. Who are you trying to kid, Kendall?" He sighed."
Author: Holly Hood
11. "He pulled the gun from his waist, running it along my cheek and back down to my lips. I blinked back the tears at sick game. He finally stopped the gun at my temple, my pulse fighting against the pressure of the cold metal of the gun."Do you think you are a good person, Kendall?""No, not at all," I said, swallowing down the misery of my honest answer."Really?" he asked, one eyebrow lifting in confusion. "Are you afraid to die?"I wished I could spit in his face for making everything so hard. I wished he would just pull the trigger and end it already. But a small part of me was begging and pleading internally that he wouldn't shoot me."No, I'm not afraid to die," I admitted, I closed my eyes and the tears fell quickly. "I'm not afraid of much in life. I've seen too much to be scared."He let out a sigh. I opened my eyes. He pulled the gun away from me."Well, damn. How the hell am I supposed to kill someone so miserable?"I looked away. Even in death I was pitiful."
Author: Holly Hood
12. "Morals are meant to be shared." He held me away for another moment, reading, then grinned and handed me the book. "I like this one." ..."It's better to love people than wealth. I love Dad, Mom, Kendall, Sandra, Nick, baby Stetson, and especially Hudson. I wouldn't trade them for a mountain of gold." "I love the word 'especially,'" he said. "And I love the person who wrote it." Then he bent over to kiss me."
Author: Janette Rallison
13. "A sharp bolt of hunger hit Luther hard. His knees almost buckled, his poker face almost grimaced. For two weeks now his sense of smell had been much keener, no doubt a side effect of a strict diet. Maybe he got a whiff of Mabel's finest, he wasn't sure, but a craving came over him. Suddenly, he had to have something to eat. Suddenly, he wanted to snatch the bag from Kendall, rip open a package, and start gnawing on a fruitcake."
Author: John Grisham
14. "Score one for Team Kendall, Payton thought.Not that it was a competition between them.Not at all."
Author: Julie James
15. "The shower trick. Let's hear it, Kendall"
Author: Julie James
16. "Never send a boy to do a woman's job, Irma." - Payton Kendall"
Author: Julie James
17. "We're out of time, Payton. You said it yourself: the only way we'll make it is for us to go into this together. I know we can do this. But I need you to believe it. You need to believe... in us."Peyton didn't say anything for a long moment, and J.D. could literally hear his heart beating. Then she finally answered."It would have to be called Kendall and Jameson."It took J.D a moment to catch on. Then he grinned. "No way. Jameson and Kendall. It's alphabetical.""You told our boss that you banged me on top of your desk.""Kendall and Jameson sounds great"
Author: Julie James
18. "I am not light nor the absence of it. I am the broad spectrum. Everything that makes you think, want to touch, or taste. Don't box me into that life that you so desperately need to be black and white because that's not me; I won't fit. I am bold, brilliant, and beautiful, I will sparkle and shimmer every hue. Ever changing. Undefinable. So do not give me limits or make me try to fit. There is no containing subtle softness careening into the harsh and dominant, every faucet creating a reaction which will cause you to feel and know you are alive." - Kendal Waller"
Author: Kendal Waller
19. "My name is Kendall. Kendall Jenner. I am not a Kardashian."
Author: Kendall Jenner
20. "In my years of public service at both the federal and state levels, I have had the privilege of representing most of the communities that make up Congressional District 21, including Hialeah, Westchester, Doral, Kendall, Miami Lakes, Hialeah Gardens, Medley and Palmetto Bay."
Author: Mario Diaz Balart
21. "Segala aturan dan beban itu memang disengaja. Itu sudah merupakan paket, agar tingkah laku jadi selalu laras dan terkendali. Tekanan adalah juga kendali."
Author: Putu Wijaya
22. "Sebagai republik yang merdeka, Indonesia berusia lima puluh tahun, tetapi kedengaran lebih mirip sebuah kekaisaran tak terkendali daripada sebuah negara bangsa modern."
Author: Richard Lloyd Parry
23. "Ian's the black sheep.""I thought I was the black sheep," said Seth, sounding almost hurt."No. You're the unfocused artistic one. I'm the responsible one. Ian's the wild, hedonistic one.""What's hedonistic?" asked Kendall.Her father considered. "It means you run up a lot of credit card bills you can't pay, change jobs a lot, and have a lot of…lady friends."
Author: Richelle Mead

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