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1. "Everyone is wondering where the Royal twins are, since they happened to miss Grom's kingship ceremony. At least I had the good sense to hold a private mating ceremony-in view of Rayna's absence and all."Galen scowls. "He's right. We need to go home for a few days. Our father isn't as protective as your mother, but he likes to see us once in a while. Especially Rayna. She's spoiled."Rayna nods. "It's true. I am. Besides, I need to get our mating-seal overturned.""Aw, princess, I thought we had a good time today. You know I'll make sure you're still spoiled. Why would you want to unseal us?" Toraf says. She lets him take some of her load but turns up her nose at his attempt to kiss her cheek.Galen ignores their marriage meltdown."
Author: Anna Banks
2. "It is we who create value and our desires which confer value. In this realm we are kings, and we debase our kingship if we bow down to Nature. It is for us to determine the good life, not for Nature - not even for Nature personified as God."
Author: Bertrand Russell
3. "Welcome, Prince,' said Aslan. 'Do you feel yourself sufficient to take up the Kingship of Narnia?'I - I don't think I do, Sir,' said Caspian. 'I am only a kid.'Good,' said Aslan. 'If you had felt yourself sufficient, it would have been proof that you were not."
Author: C.S. Lewis
4. "Some men want to believe their kingship will make them stronger, more invulnerable to life's sorrows so that hurts do not hurt, pain is laughable. They are surprised to discover the paradox of strength - only the truly vulnerable possess the ability to love powerfully."
Author: Edmond Manning
5. "Aion is a child at play, playing draughts; the kingship is a child's."
Author: Heraclitus
6. "I have neither talent or taste for kingship, cousin. I am a warrior, and to dwell always in one place and live at court would weary me to death!"
Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley
7. "Kingship Ascension in Aridu, Sumer, where mankind learnt for the first time the laws of the Earth. After 7000 years, mankind has still not learnt the lessons of time"
Author: Mohammed Abad Alrazak
8. "It is a kingship grand that all of us build, every day of our meager lives, and it is a castle made of sand. Every wrong righted seems to bring another misdeed tumbling down upon our heads. But I for one will keep building such a kingdom."
Author: Ned Hayes
9. "All human kingship risks a denial of the sovereignty of God."
Author: Peter Hollingworth
10. "At first I was exhilarated by my freedom from the responsibility of the kingship. This lasted about seven minutes. I was also depressed by my freedom from marriage, for I had become accustomed to the attentions of a woman. This lasted about nine minutes. Then I was bored."
Author: Piers Anthony
11. "Ranulf had spent much of his life watching those he loved wrestle with the seductive, lethal lure of kingship. It had proved the ruination of his cousin Stephen, a good man who had not made a good king. For his sister Maude, it had been an unrequited love affair, a passion she could neither capture nor renounce. For Hywel, it had been an illusion, a golden glow ever shimmering along the horizon. He believed that his nephew had come the closest to mastery of it, but at what cost?"
Author: Sharon Kay Penman
12. "I tell you the truth, a man may not make himself king; only the blessing of him who holds the kingship can elevate a man to that high place. For sovereignty is a sacred trust that may not be bartered or sold; still less may it be stolen or taken by force."
Author: Stephen R. Lawhead
13. "Kingship wrought of Infinite worship,Quick-forged by the Swift Sure Hand;Bold in Righteousness,Valiant in Justice,A sword of honor to defend the clans of Albion!"
Author: Stephen R. Lawhead
14. "He could think only of the girl and the child. He was certain she had been ready to change her mind, had needed only the command, I, a priest of God, adjure thee, and the grace to hear it--if only they had not forced him to stop where she could witness "God's priest" summarily overruled by "Caesar's traffic cop." Never to him had Christ's Kingship seemed more distant"
Author: Walter M. Miller Jr.

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