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1. "It isn't all just kismet. Some of it is serendipity. Some of it is sagaci"
Author: Briar Kit Esme
2. "Love doesn't have to be on Valentine's Day. It doesn't have to be by the time you turn eighteen or thirty-three or fifty-nine. It doesn't have to conform to whatever is usual. It doesn't have to be kismet at once, or rhapsody by the third day.It just has to be. In time. In place. In spirt.It just has to be."
Author: David Levithan
3. "Akismet started on a $70 dollar-a-month server. Anyone can scrape together $70."
Author: Matt Mullenweg
4. "I was never a believer in kismet, but meeting Jasper White has altered that belief. Suffering the loss of Harper is something I will never fully recover from, but what if it was my destiny to experience that defeat to become victorious?What if Jasper is my victory prize?"
Author: Monica James
5. "I guess it was what my friend Phoolendu at the yoga studio would call kismet. That's like fate, but much more dramatic."
Author: Robin Palmer
6. "Kismet, beloved. It was meant to be."~Michael"
Author: Rosalie Lario
7. "It was karma, it was kismet, it was magic. It doesn't matter how it happened, just that it did."
Author: Shannon Hale
8. "Sometimes, kismet happens."
Author: Stephenie Meyer
9. "I like to say I don't believe in mystics . I don't believe in fate. I don't believe in destiny or kismet. I don't believe in God. I don't believe in anything. But I believe in the possibility of everything."
Author: Tiffanie DeBartolo

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