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1. "The Korean War has also show quite clearly that in a major conflict manpower is as important as horsepower."
Author: Aly Khan
2. "I got called back into the Navy during the Korean War."
Author: Daniel J. Evans
3. "You could buy individual boxes of detergent and fabric softener, even bleach, and there was nothing that made me grind my teeth with pleasure more than a real thing shrunken down small. The first time my dad showed me a toothache kit from a box of equipment from the Korean War and I saw the tiny cotton balls (the size of very small ball bearings), I nearly swooned. "Let me hold one of those," I said, almost mad at him. He gave it to me with a tiny pair of tweezers. I let it float in my palm a moment and then made him take it back. Miniaturization was a gift from God, no doubt about it, and there it was, right in a vending machine in the place we used to do our laundry."
Author: Haven Kimmel
4. "I am a Korean War veteran. I support our troops as much as anyone in this body, but I do so by advocating redeployment out of Iraq as soon as it can be safely done."
Author: John Conyers
5. "Olaf hielt sich keineswegs für etwas Besonderes; seine Heavy-Metal-Kutte und die schwarzen T-Shirts mit grellbunten Aufschriften trug er nicht aus einem Grund, den man vor zehn oder zwanzig Jahren in den Kategorien von Identitätsstiftung, Sozialisierung und Jugendkultur erfasst hätte, sondern weil sie zu der Musik gehörten, die er mochte, und weil andere Klamotten ihm nicht gefielen. Aber 'Divergenz' bedeutete 'Auseinanderstreben', und Olaf strebte auseinander.Zwischen anderen Menschen und vor allem innerhalb der so genannten Klassengemeinschaft fühlte er sich wie ein Europäer unter Japanern: Alle sahen gleich aus, betrachteten einen als Gaijin, und zum Schluss erfuhr man, dass sie Koreaner waren. [...] er wusste nicht, worüber er mit ihnen reden sollte, und wunderte sich an manchen Tagen darüber, dass sie überhaupt dieselbe Sprache verwendeten wie er. Seine Unfähigkeit, sich als einer von ihnen zu fühlen, war Divergenz - und in deprimierten Momenten 'Inkompatibilität'."
Author: Juli Zeh
6. "Some day, somebody is going to have to start talking about what happens to us all a decade from now if we let these North Koreans and the Iranians go forward with their nuclear weapons program."
Author: Lawrence Eagleburger
7. "When the Korean economy was just trying to get back on its feet after the war, having parks was a luxury."
Author: Lee Myung Bak
8. "With a book called 'Keeping Score,' I really did want to write a book about the Korean War, because I felt that it is the least understood war in the American cultural imagination. So I set out with the idea that Americans didn't know much about the Korean War and that I was going to try to fix a tiny bit of that."
Author: Linda Sue Park
9. "I took Beetle home thinking that after the Korean War was over, I would have to take him out of the Army. I thought, well, what am I going to do with him?"
Author: Mort Walker
10. "I would not suggest the U.S. should sit down with the North Koreans bilaterally immediately after they've fired missiles - because the appearance is that you reward bad behavior. But if North Korea behaves for some period of time, I would pretty much favor direct talks."
Author: Richard Armitage
11. "Hardly had I left when we ran into the Korean war, doubled what I had asked for and doubled it again. I had told him I would stay in Government, be honored to, but not with the Air Force."
Author: Stuart Symington
12. "East Asia has prospered since the end of the Vietnam War, and Northeast Asia has prospered since the end of the Korean War in a way that seems unimaginable when you think of the history of the first half of the century."
Author: William Kirby

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