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1. "I've been alone since my mom met Scott.He sucked the nectar from her heartlike a famished butterfly. No nurture,no nourishment left for Kristina.A vacation is a poor substitutefor love."
Author: Ellen Hopkins
2. "Alone, there is only the person inside. I've grown to like her better than the stuck-up husk of me. Alone, there is no perfect daughter, no gifted high school junior, no Kristina Georgia Snow. There is only Bree." (Ellen Hopkins)"
Author: Ellen Hopkins
3. "...I think the moreshe has failed at things like relationshipsand parenting, the more she has cutherself off from feeling bad about thosethings. And if you don't let yourself feelbad, sooner or later you stop feelinggood, too. You insulate yourself. Buildup layers, like stacking paper, everythinggrowing heavier. And when the weightbecomes too much, those layers compress.Become hard. Sad, really, to think thatKristina has turned herself into cardboard."
Author: Ellen Hopkins
4. "Though outwardly Kristina maintained that a clean room was a symptom of a diseased mind (for how could she, while studying the world's greatest thinkers, be bothered with such mundane earthly issues as cleaning?), inwardly she hated untidyness and made a point of spending as little time in the room as possible."
Author: Paullina Simons

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Quotes About Kristina
Quotes About Kristina

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Así que floto, a la deriva, como si fuera una misión, mirando al cielo, pensando en eso de que uno se siente solo cuando está con gente; cuando uno está solo, en cambio, hasta puede que se sienta acompañado."
Author: Alberto Fuguet

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