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1. "You see an absolutely brilliant film later, as an adult, and you walk out thinking about what to have for dinner. Whereas something like Jaws winds up having a huge effect on me. If only my parents had been taking me to Kurosawa films when I was eight, but no."
Author: Ann Patchett
2. "Being a kid growing up with Kurosawa films and watching Sergio Leone movies just made me love what it could do to you, and how it could influence you - make you dream."
Author: Antoine Fuqua
3. "I'm a huge fan of Akira Kurosawa, a big Hitchcock fan."
Author: Jennifer Lynch
4. "For the casual viewer, Kurosawa's films can be an exercise in endurance."
Author: Jerry White
5. "I was in Japan, and my assistant director had worked with Kurosawa. I used quite of number of Kurosawa's crew."
Author: John Boorman
6. "The great Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa said that to be an artist means never to avert your eyes. And that's the hardest thing, because we want to flinch. The artist must go into the white hot center of himself, and our impulse when we get there is to look away and avert our eyes."
Author: Robert Olen Butler
7. "I was influenced by European movies, old Fellini, old Kurosawa - any sort of foreign film."
Author: Ted Demme

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