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1. "Only you can take you to Funkytown."
Author: Aristotle
2. "Do not oversleep and miss the school bus-you'll be late.That's a habit teachers generally don't appreciate. Never tell your friends at school that you still wet your bed.They are sure to tease you, and you'll wish that you were dead.Never call your teacher a name when she's not near you.Teachers' ears are excellent, so they can always hear you.Do not read a textbook when your hands aren't clean-it's trickyto separate the pages when the pages get real sticky.When you go out for a team it's always wise to practice.When you are a substitute, the bench can feel like cactus.Do not copy homework from a friend who is a dummy.If you do, I'm sure that you will get a grade that's crummy.And if your report card's bad, don't blame it on your buddy.Kiss up to your parents quick, or they might make you study."
Author: Bruce Lansky
3. "From a thread of skyto the warp and weft of your beingYou're beautiful, graceful,like no other;You're pretty damn good as you are."
Author: Imogen Heap
4. "If funkytown was a trailerpark, this guy would be a double-wide."
Author: Maya Angelou
5. "We reach with our handsand brush away the clouds and pierce the skyto reach the moon and Marsbut we still can't reach the truth"
Author: Tite Kubo

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I approach serious subjects, and I like to have the good guys win and have the parents among the good guys."
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