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1. "I najveca je snaga samo u drugima jaka. Samoj sebi je slabost.Zato vas upozoravam: Ako nadjete sebe i odlucite ovako da hodate na rukama morate biti uporni i biti cudesno odvazni da prihvatite zemlju i drzite je na rukamaAko je ispustite, polomice vam vrat. I svemir ce vas zatrpati svojom tezinomJer po zemlji se ne gazi.Treba je pridrzavati i treba joj ppmoci da bude mlecna i cista u ponorima bezmerjaValja se dobro osloniti o svoju hrabrost i ljubav, i plave slojeve nadeTo vam je najprostiji nacin da pronadjete sebe i domognete se mnogih nesvakidasnjih cuda."
Author: Miroslav Antić
2. "Baclli swarm within my portalsSuch as ne'r conceived by mortals,But, bred by scientists,Wise and hoary in some Olympian laboratory.Bacteria as large as miceWith feet of fire and heads of ice,Who never interrupt for slumberTheir stomping, elephantine rumba.( From the poem--- " The Common Cold " )"
Author: Ogden Nash

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Quotes About Lab Mice
Quotes About Lab Mice

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