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1. "Dominan adalah kemampuan baptisan yang dapat mendominasi lawannya untuk menggunakan kekuatannya, istilahnya memaksa mereka dalam pengaruh kita." "Contohnya?" kataku seperti seorang yang sedang mengajari padalah akulah yang tidak mengetahui apa pun juga. Nadia berpikir sejenak dan menjelaskan, "Aku memiliki kekuatan menghilang dan aku dapat mendominasi pakaianku dan perlengkapanku untuk ikut menghilang bersamaku karena mereka adalah benda mati. Berbeda untuk makhluk hidup yang juga memiliki kekuatan mereka tersendiri, aku tidak dapat menyalurkan kekuatanku pada mereka dan membuat mereka ikut menghilang bersamaku kecuali aku memiliki kekuatan untuk mendominasi mereka atau mereka memiliki kekuatan receive untuk menerima kekuatanku. Sedangkan untuk anda yang dapat mengerahkan kekuatan untuk mendominasi banyak orang tentunya adalah Tyrant"
Author: Adam Aksara
2. "Inilah masalahnya, berlagak cuek, merasa tidak cocok, tapi terus penasaran."
Author: Ahmad Fuadi
3. "Aku telah mengidap sakit gila nomor enam belas: yakni penyakit manusia yang membuat dunia sendiri dalam kepalanya, menciptakan masalah-masalahnya sendiri, terpuruk di dalamnya, lalu menyelesaikan masalah-masalah itu, sambil tertawa-tawa, juga sendirian."
Author: Andrea Hirata
4. "To cope, he and his siblings – older and younger sisters, a younger brother - created a game called Henry Kissinger. Palahniuk remembers that as their parents fought, lots would be drawn to see who would play Kissinger. 'This was the early to mid-70s, when Kissinger was a hero, forging peace in the Middle East,' he explains. 'Whoever became Henry Kissinger would have to go and redirect our parents' attention or anger to a different crisis.' The child who drew the short straw would severely hurt himself, presenting himself as 'this injured thing' in an effort to diffuse conflict."
Author: Antonella Gambotto Burke
5. "Úgy döntöttem, hogy ha noi cipokrol van szó, lényegében sztrájkolok. Kiszállok az egész cipello-világból, amíg nem képesek valami olyat tervezni, amiben több mint egy órán át lehet járni a táncra perdülo Gene Kelly könnyed lépteivel, és utána nem fáj a lábad egy napig. Tökéletesen tisztában vagyok vele, hogy a lábbeliekkel szembeni igényeim jelen pillanatban csupán kisebbségi érdeknek minosülnek – ki tudja, meddig dübörögnek még a Szex és New York Blahnik-ajnározásának utóhatásai –, de akkor is eltökélt vagyok. Végso soron én is láttam azokat a képeket Victoria Beckham csupasz, bütykös lábairól. Nem akarok úgy kinézni, mint azok a Contergan-hurkák. Ha egyszer elverek 500 fontot egy márkás cipore, az olyan legyen, amiben a) tudok táncolni a „Bad Romance"-ra, és b) el tudok futni egy gyilkos elol, ha netán egyszer hirtelen üldözobe venne. Ez a minimum, amit elvárok egy cipotol. Hogy lehessen benne szaladni, és ne gyilkoljanak le miatta."
Author: Caitlin Moran
6. "The wild pursuit of status and wealth has destroyed our souls and our economy. Families live in sprawling mansions financed with mortgages they can no longer repay. Consumers recklessly rang up Coach handbags and Manolo Blahnik shoes on credit cards because they seemed to confer a sense of identity and merit. Our favorite hobby, besides television, used to be, until reality hit us like a tsunami, shopping. Shopping used to be the compensation for spending five days a week in tiny cubicles. American workers are ground down by corporations that have disempowered them, used them, and have now discarded them"
Author: Chris Hedges
7. "From a May 2010 Interview, Chuck Palahniuk"Weird and creepy but true, I've been reading lots of Judy Blume. Being a 48-year-old male reading about adolescent sex in Forever gets me lots of stares in airports...At this point I am an authority on menstruation."
Author: Chuck Palahniuk
8. "All a gun does is focus an explosion in one direction. You have a class of young strong men and women, and they want to give their lives to something. Advertising has these people chasing cars and clothes they don't need. Generations have been working in jobs they hate, just so they can buy what they don't really need. ~Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club, Chapter 19"
Author: Chuck Palahniuk
9. "Aku tahu, kalau kau ingin jatuh cinta, kau juga harus siap dengan segala risikonya—entah itu suka atau duka. Aku yakin, semua orang siap dengan rasa bahagia karena kehadiran cinta. Tapi masalahnya adalah; apakah semua orang siap untuk sakit hati? Tidak, kan?"
Author: Cindy Pricilla
10. "I love Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik."
Author: Danielle De Niese
11. "Kau membuatku percaya bahwa keajaiban itu ada. Kau membuatku merasa bahwa tidak ada salahnya menulis puisi cinta dan menyimpannya dalam botol kaca. Aku datang hanya untuk mengatakan itu. Karena selanjutnya, aku akan selalu membencimu di sisa hidupku."
Author: Devania Annesya
12. "Tapi kita nggak boleh ngomongin karakter individu. Kalo udah begitu masalahnya selesai. Jadi apa-apa tergantung orangnya."
Author: Donny Dhirgantoro
13. "Then I whispered, "I love you, my Lahn," and heard the swift hiss of his intake of breath. Then he buried his face in my neck and whispered back, "Loot kay hansahnalay na, my Circe." And I love you, my Circe."
Author: Kristen Ashley
14. "Vayoo ansha."I shook my head and whispered, "Never. For good and always, you have lost me. Na me lapay kahLahn. Not anymore."**"
Author: Kristen Ashley
15. ""Your king did not break through with me until his touch stopped taking and started giving and until, in our cham, he treated me with kindness. He is the mightiest of Suh Tunak, recognized the battle he had on his hands, analyzed it, created his strategy and then he went about winning that battle using any means necessary. And, Zahnin," I edged closer and for the sake of this man who pledged to guard me even if it meant giving his life, who backed me against Dortak and who clearly wanted his wife to settle in her new life with him in his cham, I admitted to him at the same time I admitted to myself, "My Lahn won that battle. I now lay awake at night waiting for him to return. When he does not, I fall asleep looking forward to the morning when he will wake me with his hands. He is my King, He is my Warrior, He is my Husband and I am proud to say above all...He is MINE." "
Author: Kristen Ashley
16. "Out there, King Lahn is a fierce warrior but in here, my Lahn… kah Lahn is sweet."
Author: Kristen Ashley
17. "He has bragged greatly about you. The Lahnahsahna, a true warrior's wife. He told his people he did not claim you. He told his people he battled you before he won you. He told his people you challenged him. The warrior king's bride fought like a warrior. She did not lay back and accept her fate. She stood strong and shouted in the face of a king. She fought and did not give up. Even knowing she'd taste defeat, she fought on, like a true warrior. He told his people you are not his queen. You are his warrior queen."
Author: Kristen Ashley
18. "Chuck Palahniuk asked which is worse: Hell or nothing. Here is my answer: Of course nothing! Because even in Hell, there is hope!"
Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
19. "It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and through rebellion." - Oscar Wilde (Chuck Palahniuk - Pygmy)"
Author: Oscar Wilde
20. "For example, if she joined the book club — there was always a book club — and hung out with them, her choice of guys would be limited to the dark and moody Chuck Palahniuk/Kurt Vonnegut/Life-Sucks-and-Then-You-Die brooders."
Author: Pete Hautman
21. "I added pieces the same way I'd constructed my body, from the inside out: boy-cut panties first (lacy), bra (sheer), stockings (thigh high), knee-length leather skirt (black), lime green midriff-baring shirt (polyester). David leaned against the wall and watched this striptease-in-reverse with fabulously expressive eyebrows slowly climbing toward heaven, I finished it off with a pair of strappy lime green three-inch heels, something from the Manolo Blahnik spring collection that I'd seen two months ago in Vogue.He looked me over, blinked behind the glasses, and asked, "You're done?"I took offense, "Yeah. You with the fashion police?""I don't think I'd pass the entrance exam." The eyebrows didn't come down. "I never knew you were so…""Fashionable?""Not really the word I was thinking."I struck a pose and looked at him from under my supernaturally lustrous eyelashes. "Come on, you know it's sexy.""And that's sort of my point."
Author: Rachel Caine
22. "Walaupun kita hebat di musik, olahraga, seni, ataupun sastra, selama kita nggak menguasai sains, kita tetap nggak akan dianggap pintar. Sebenarnya, apa salahnya hebat dalam suatu bidang yang nggak berhubungan sama angka?... Itu sama saja menganggap Beethoven itu bodoh, Van Gogh itu idiot, Pele itu bego, dan Shakespeare itu tolol."
Author: Windhy Puspitadewi
23. "Sesekali, minta tolong nggak ada salahnya, kan?... Lagian itu bikin kamu kelihatan lebih manusiawai."
Author: Windhy Puspitadewi

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