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1. "Kepercayaan itu didapat secara alamiah. Bukan dipaksa."
Author: Clara Ng
2. "No soy ya el que conocisteis, oh mujeres. Histrio. Mimo. Noche de empusas, lamias, mala sombra, final del gran juego. Cómo cansa ser todo el tiempo uno mismo. Irremisiblemente. No las veré nunca más, está escrito."
Author: Julio Cortázar
3. "We have to get the... the thing I got... to the Angel. And then he'll tell Door about her family, and he'll tell me how to get home." Lamia looked at Hunter with delight. "And he can give you brains," she said, cheerfully, "and me a heart."
Author: Neil Gaiman
4. "Then the queenmother said, "I am done with weeping." She whistled for the grey wolves that guarded her keep, and they loped at her heels as she rode around the Inward Sea and south to Ramas, and the way was long and hard. She knelt before her brother, King Thyrse, and begged him to lend this strength to save her son and kingdom from the lamia's stranglehold. But he bade her go hom to her northern keep, saying, "It more befits a woman to weep than to war." She rent her gown and showed under it a corset of steel, saying, "Brother, by our sire and our dame, remember the same blood runs in both our veins."
Author: Sarah Micklem
5. "Lamia was not sure whether she liked Leyla. She was too quiet, too knowing, her eyes were always probing, she felt, and she was clearly a bad influence on Tala, enticing her to museums and libraries when she should be shopping."
Author: Shamim Sarif
6. "It was the downfall of love, Lamia thought wistfully, that it inspired the lover to toss away any shred of caution just to obtain the pure, desperate pleasure of talking about the beloved."
Author: Shamim Sarif
7. "She was sobbing for help, but her sobbing wails died within the four walls of the room under the clamorous slogans raised by a mob on the road, which had gathered near the masjid just beside the hospital, raising slogans, "Hum kya chahte, Azadi, we want freedom", "Yahan, kya chalega- Nizam-e-Mustafa", "La Sharqiya' lagharbia, Islamia Islamia."
Author: Tarif Naaz

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Quotes About Lamia
Quotes About Lamia

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