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1. "I turned to him, wishing for nothing more than to tell him who I was.That I was supposed to be Melanie's husband, not him.That I adored her more than any other creature that had ever lived and always would.That I had every intention of taking her away from him."
Author: A.L. Jackson
2. "I still couldn't believe Melanie was here. It was all I could do to keep myself from jumping over the table to get to her, to fall to my knees, to plead for forgiveness, to beg her to take me back."
Author: A.L. Jackson
3. "My eyes darted to her, dreading to see the pain I knew I would find. Please, Melanie, you have to know I only wanted this with you. I couldn't say the words out loud, but I prayed she would understand, that she could see it in my eyes."
Author: A.L. Jackson
4. "Immortal." Melanie paused and stared into space for a moment, her mouth moving with nothing coming out. "That is way cool," she said finally. "That probably means you're old. How old are you?""Hmm, let's see. I never remember the answer to that question." Nick calculated for a moment. "819 years old.""No way, José!" Melanie stopped and stared at him. "That's even older than my parents!"
Author: Abramelin Keldor
5. "Eh, I've always rather enjoyed being fashionably late." I picked up the violin case for Melanie, giving her an hug before clambering off the rock. "I feel like we should be leading a procession in, Pied Piper style.""I know just the thing." A hint of her old self peeked through her eyes.A moment later the first bars of "Safety Dance" hummed from the strings. I bit my lip trying not to giggle. Together the two of us broke out in lopsided chorus as I twirled about her. Ignoring the stares of the elves, we strutted up the center of the caravan, Brystion trailing behind us bemusedly."
Author: Allison Pang
6. "There was noise in the corridor outside Alice's office; and though it was nothing of concern, they separated. Roger stood, fingers tucked into his waistcoat pockets, admiring prints on the wall that held no interest for him. The noise was Melanie, but her voice, a length of razor wire wrapped in a soufflé, eventually faded."
Author: Andrew Barrett
Author: Angela Carter
8. "Why do you do up your hair in those tortured plaits, now, Melanie? Why?Because, she said.You know that's no answer. You're spoiling your pretty looks, pet. Come here.She did not move. He ground out his cigarette on the window-ledge and laughed.Come here, he said again, softly.So she went."
Author: Angela Carter
9. "Then she broke down and cried onto the flowery wrapping paper. Melanie put her arms around the poor, thin body. What is Aunt Margaret made of? Birdbones and tissue paper. spun glass and straw."
Author: Angela Carter
10. "I've been thrown into a turbulent triangle, but even though I have deep feelings for Shiray doesn't mean my feelings will disappear for Melanie immediately. Fate has really dealt me a cruel hand of cards."
Author: B. Truly
11. "You wouldn't match Melanie and me up, and if we hadn't gotten stuck together as lab partners in junior high science, I doubt if we'd have matched us up either. I'm not sure why we even stuck, except that we each probably find the other to be entertaining...Besides I feel like it was a personal mission of mine to broaden Melanie's world, though I think she felt the same for me."
Author: Deb Caletti
12. "I'm going to make love to you, Lanie. I'm not your first, but I will be the last."
Author: Flora Roberts
13. "I think of me and Melanie when we were younger, on the high dive at the pool in Mexico. We would always hold hands as we jumped, but by the time we swam back up to the surface, we'd have let go. No matter how we tried, once we started swimming, we always let go. But after we bobbed to the surface, we'd climb out of the pool, clamber up the high-dive ladder, clasp hands, and do it again. We're swimming separately now. I get that. Maybe it's just what you have to do to keep above water. But who knows? Maybe one day, we'll climb out, grab hands, and jumo again."
Author: Gayle Forman
14. "I turn to Melanie. It's on her now. She narrows her green eyes at Willem. "If you rape or murder my friend, I will kill you."Willem tsk-tsks. "You Americans are so violent. I'm Dutch. The worst I will do is run her over with a bicycle.""While stoned!" Melanie adds."Okay, maybe there's that," Willem admits."
Author: Gayle Forman
15. "Las dos nos quedamos ahí paradas en la acera, con las manos a nuestros lados, sin saber qué decir. Oigo el aullido de los niños vecinos en los aspersores. Pienso en mí y Melanie cuando éramos más jóvenes, en la plataforma de clavado en la piscina en México. Siempre nos tomábamos de la mano mientras saltábamos, pero en el momento en que nadábamos de vuelta a la superficie, nos habíamos soltado. No importa cuánto tratábamos, una vez que empezábamos a nadar, siempre nos soltábamos. Pero después de que llegábamos a la superficie, nos gustaba salir de la piscina, trepábamos las escaleras de la plataforma, nos agarrábamos las manos, y lo hacíamos de nuevo.Estamos nadando separadas ahora. Lo entiendo. Tal vez es lo que tienes que hacer para mantenerte flotando. ¿Pero quién sabe? Tal vez un día, salgamos, agarremos nuestras manos y saltemos de nuevo."
Author: Gayle Forman
16. "Esther always avoided asking questions of Lydley, who found an answer as she found a key, by pouring out a pocketful of miscellanies."
Author: George Eliot
17. "No," he said calmly, filled with purpose. he took her arms lightly in his hands and shook her. "I am not giving you up."Emily looked at him, and for just a moment he could read her thoughts. Melanie use to say they were like twins, with their own secret, silent language. in that instant, Chris felt her fear and her resignation, and the knotty pain of coming up against a brick wall again and again. She glanced away, and he could breathe again. "The thing is, Chris" Emily said, "it's not your choice."
Author: Jodi Picoult
18. "E non mi venne in mente che anche il più rapace degli uccelli, il laniere, è capace di cantare."
Author: Joe R. Lansdale
19. "We hope you have found challenge in your path this morning." -- Laniel, Abbot of Bilkar the Furred"
Author: Jordan MacLean
20. "But then a revelation came crashing down on me. The harshness of it was so fierce I was the one trembling instead of Melanie. My memory flashed back to her Monday night in the parking lot with her messed up hair and smeared makeup. They weren't willingly hitting it in his office. He hadn't turned me away that night because he had been with someone. Oh, no, it was much worse than that. I stared at her in disbelief. He had screwed her—the panties were proof of that. But it wasn't by her consent…he had truly raped her. I gasped. "Oh my God!" My mind shattered with the thoughts of what he had done. To his star…to his son's girlfriend. It was too much. I slammed back against the sink and shook my head. "He raped you, didn't he?"Her eyes widened in horror. "NO!" she screamed."
Author: Katie Ashley
21. "Part of me tingled with excitement. This was it. I was finally going to be with Will. We were going to make love for the first time—after all this time. But the voices of doubt mocked me. What do you think you're doing? You can't give yourself to him—you've already been had! And by his father. I reached the landing of the stairs and squeezed my eyes shut, desperately battling the raging war in my mind. If I'm with Will, it can erase the past. Our love is powerful enough to take the rape away. I truly believed I could delude myself into accepting he was my first—that what happened in Coach T's office was false. Yes, once we were together, it would change."--Melanie"
Author: Katie Ashley
22. "No, it's more like once I lie. I'll only be a part of the team if I lie. I can only keep Will if I lie. I can only keep my sanity if I lie"---Melanie"
Author: Katie Ashley
23. "I love him, Melanie. I love him He's not just a star, he's the whole fucking sky to me. He's the sun and every planet in this galaxy."
Author: Katy Evans
24. "'Fiancee' is a very fun word to say, because I never thought I would have a fiancee or be a fiancee. Sometimes when I would introduce myself and say, 'This is my girlfriend Melanie,' it wasn't always clear what I meant. Now I get to say, 'This is my fiancee Melanie.'"
Author: Kirsten Vangsness
25. "Are you real?" I asked his skin."Baby, you're standing in my arms," he answered."Please be real," I whispered."Feel this." He gave me a squeeze. "I'm real, Lanie."
Author: Kristen Ashley
26. "With women, it's about the slow soak, babe. Assholes pour shit on the surface and women keep goin' not even knowin' that shit is soakin' in. Then one day, out of fuckin' nowhere, that acid has burned deep in a way it leaves a wound that will never heal. Wipe that shit away, Lanie. Don't let it soak in. He doesn't know me. He cannot make that call about me."
Author: Kristen Ashley
27. "Lanie, you live 15 minutes away from your office and you get there at eight. Over two hours every day just to do your hair and makeup. Diana fuckin' Ross in her heyday probably took less time to get ready for a show. Babe, if that isn't high maintenance, I do not know what is."
Author: Kristen Ashley
28. "Sit down, Lanie, and eat. It's getting cold."I took two steps into the room, stopped and said quietly but firmly, "I don't have the energy to spar with you tonight. I've been working for five hours and although not physically taxing, it's been mentally draining. I just want a quiet night." I shook my head and amended, "No, I need a quiet night.""Then it's good we're just gonna watch TV. And when I fuck you later, you're golden. I'll do all the work."
Author: Kristen Ashley
29. "My name is Lanie Kincaid," I told his chest."Sure the fuck is," Hop replied on a growl."
Author: Kristen Ashley
30. "Fuck me, babe, seriously? You knocked yourself out to make me wild. Why, Lanie? Why the fuck would you pull out all the fuckin' stops to make a man already drunk on you drunker?"
Author: Kristen Ashley
31. "Scarlett's mind went back through the years to the still hot noon at Tara when grey smoke curled above a blue-clad body and Melanie stood at the top of the stairs with Charles' sabre in her hand. Scarlett remembered that she had thought at the time: 'How silly! Melly couldn't even heft that sword!' But now she knew that had the necessity arisen, Melanie would have charged down those stairs and killed the Yankee - or been killed herself."
Author: Margaret Mitchell
32. "What Melanie did was no more than all Southern girls were taught to do: to make those about them feel at ease and pleased with themselves. It was this happy feminine conspiracy which made Southern society so pleasant. Women knew that a land in which men were contented, uncontradicted, and safe in possession of unpunctured vanity was likely to be a very pleasant place for women to live. So from the cradle to the grave, women strove to make men pleased with themselves, and the satisfied men repaid lavishly with gallantry and adoration. In fact, men willingly gave the ladies everything in the world, except credit for having intelligence.Scarlett exercised the same charms as Melanie but with a studied artistry and consummate skill. The difference between the two girls lay in the fact that Melanie spoke kind and flattering words from a desire to make people happy, if only temporarily, and Scarlett never did it except to further her own aims."
Author: Margaret Mitchell
33. "She is the only dream I ever had that lived and breathed and did not die in the face of reality."(Ashley said about Melanie)"
Author: Margaret Mitchell
34. "For years she had had her back against the stone wall of Rhett's love and had taken it as much for granted as she had taken Melanie's love, flattering herself that she drew her strength from herself alone. And even as she had realized earlier in the evening that Melanie had been beside her in her bitter campaigns against life, now she knew that silent in the background, Rhett had stood, loving her, understanding her, ready to help. Rhett at the bazaar, reading her impatience in her eyes and leading her out in the reel, Rhett helping her out of the bondage of mourning, Rhett convoying her through the fire and explosion the night Atlanta fell, Rhett lending her the money that gave her her start, Rhett who comforted her when she woke in the nights crying with fright from her dreams-why, no man did such things without loving a woman to distraction!"
Author: Margaret Mitchell
35. "God, that's sexy," Melanie said. "It's like you two are talking dirty right out in the open."Archer smiled over at her and I laughed. I shook my head. "Maybe you two should learn sign so you can join us." I grinned."
Author: Mia Sheridan
36. "Are you sure it is trustworthy, Mellanie?" "I'd be dead if it wasn't.""yes. I suppose that does generate a respectable level of personsal confidence"
Author: Peter F. Hamilton
37. "In college, my friend Melanie and I used to have weekly Jimmy Stewart viewings, and 'Harvey' seemed to make its way into the rotation an inordinate amount of times."
Author: Rich Sommer
38. "(The tree bend over. Suddenly, a hiss and a meow sounded an instant before two cats darted off across the backyard.)Look, Lanie, it's Mr. Tomcat come to save me from my celibacy. Oh, help me, Moon Mistress. Whatever am I to do with the attentions of such an unwanted suitor! Help me quick, before he kills me with my allergies. (Grace)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
39. "Or more precisely, is there anything I can do for you, ma'am? (Waiter)‘How about a bag for my head, or a stick to beat Lanie with?' (Grace)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
40. "Honey, you need to get laid. (Selena)Why don't you speak a little louder, Lanie? I don't think the guys in Canada were able to hear you. (Grace)Oh, I don't know. They're probably headed south even as we speak. (Waiter)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
41. "Her name was Melanie Stryder. She was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She was in Los Angeles when the occupation became known to her, and she hid in the wilderness for a few years before finding... Hmmm. Sorry, I'll try that one again later. The body has seen twenty years. She drove to Chicago from..." I shook my head. "There were several stages, not all of them alone. The vehicle was stolen. She was searching for a cousin named Sharon, whom she had reason to hope was still human. She neither found nor contacted anyone before she was spotted. But..." I struggled, fighting against another blank wall. "I think... I can't be sure... I think she left a note... somewhere."
Author: Stephenie Meyer
42. "Melanie: well, tell himwanda: what will happen then?melanie: you know what will happen. kyle broke the rules. jeb will shoot him, or they'll kick him ou. meybe ian will beat the snot out of him first.that would be fun to watch."
Author: Stephenie Meyer
43. "My name is Jared Howe. I haven't spoken to another human being in more than two years, so I'm sure I must seem... a little crazy to you. Please, forgive that and tell me your name, anyway.""Melanie," I whisper."Melanie," he repeats. "I can't tell you how delighted I am to meet you."
Author: Stephenie Meyer
44. "You'll need to do a better job, Annabelle. No more dates like the first one tonight.""Agreed. And no more making me sit through your Power Matches introductions, either. As you so wisely pointed out, helping Portia Powers isn't in my best interests.""Then why are you still trying to talk me into seeing Melanie again?""Hunger makes me weird.""You got rid of the last one in fourteen minutes. Well done. I'm rewarding you by letting you sit in on all the introductions from now on."She nearly choked on an ice cube. "What are you talking about?""Exactly what I said."
Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
45. "Just give us until Rome." The tears escaped. "Just give us until Rome, Melanie."
Author: T.M. Williams
46. "Wstane teraz, by pójsc ku wyspie Innisfree,Chatka z gliny i lóz na srodku wyspy stanie:W dziewieciu rzedach groch i ul, i pszczoly, iMieszkanie bede mial na pelnej pszczól polanie. I znajde spokój tam, gdzie swierszczy spiewny gwar,Spokój z poranka mgiel powoli splynie w koncu;Pólnoc tam zawsze lsni, blyszczy poludnia zar,A purpurowy zmierzch pelen jest skrzydel dzwonców. Wstane teraz, by pójsc, bo slysze fali glos,Choc plusk. gdy lize brzeg, ledwie sie wsacza w cisze;Jezdni pod stopa bruk, chodnik czy asfalt szos,Slysze go dzien i noc, na sercu dnia go slysze."
Author: W.B. Yeats

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