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1. "Kaptan Larsen'in Dünya Görüsü: "Insan hayatini demek istiyorsun. Ama yedigin balik ya da hayvan etlerinin insaninkinden hiç bir farki yok. Böylesine ucuz ve degersiz olan bir hayat için neden hasisce davranayim? Yeryüzünde gemilerden çok daha fazla denizci, fabrikalardan ve makinalardan çok daha fazla isçi var. Neden siz, karada yasayan insanlar, zavalli insanlarinizi, kentlerinizin kenar mahallelerinde sefil sokaklarinizda barindiriyorsunuz?... Neden bütün hastaliklari ve açligi onlarin üstüne yigiyorsunuz?... Bir parça is için vahsi hayvanlar gibi dögüsen insanlar gördün mü hiç hayatinda?..."
Author: Jack London
2. "I'll have you know I do the swearing on this ship. If I need your assitance I'll call you." Capt. Wolf Larsen"
Author: Jack London
3. "My dad was good friends with the Bad Medicine Blues Band - one of the only blues bands in Fargo, as you can imagine! He took me out to see them play when I was 12 years old and I was really inspired by their guitar player, Ted Larsen."
Author: Jonny Lang
4. "The biggest game I ever played in was probably Don Larsen's perfect game."
Author: Mickey Mantle
5. "He could no longer be that Ed Larsen, but, through a lack of imagination or just sheer exhaustion, he couldn't come up with a new one, and faked his way through the days like a bad actor..."
Author: Stewart O'Nan

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