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1. "CALIGULA: I'm the only true artist Rome has known - the only one, believe me - to match his inspiration with his deeds.CHEREA: That's only a matter of having the power.CALIGULA: Quite true. Other artists create to compensate for their lack of power. I don't need to make a work of art; I live it."
Author: Albert Camus
2. "I think all in all, one thing a lot of plays seem to be saying is that we need to, as black Americans, to make a connection with our past in order to determine the kind of future we're going to have. In other words, we simply need to know who we are in relation to our historical presence in America."
Author: August Wilson
3. "Even if I'm writing music, it's with a lyric in mind, to communicate some kind of feeling."
Author: Cass McCombs
4. "I've had some dark nights of the soul, of course, but giving in to depression would be a sellout, a defeat."
Author: Christopher Hitchens
5. "You start with a darkness to move throughbut sometimes the darkness moves through you."
Author: Dean Young
6. "I need God's grace and something baked with peanut butter and chocolate."
Author: Gloria Furman
7. "I can't tell you exactly how I found it. It was just a process of writing a lot of stories and reading a lot of stories that I admired and just working and working until the sentences sounded right and I was satisfied with them."
Author: Jhumpa Lahiri
8. "On one hand, as a filmmaker, I don't want to make a movie with guns everywhere."
Author: Jim McKay
9. "She stood in one smooth motion, surprisingly pale where the sun not touch her, slender and hard-muscled, yet with roundnesses and softnesses that haunted his dreams."
Author: Robert Jordan
10. "Meditation is both the symbol and expression of our intention to grow. Sitting still, alone with our thoughts and feelings, we can honor missed opportunities, passing desires, remembered disappointments, as well as our inner strength, personal wisdom, and ability to forgive and love."
Author: Sebastian Pole
11. "Carefully they replaced the soil and covered the entire grave with uprooted grass.Neither one had spoken a word."
Author: Toni Morrison
12. "I am aware of how little space there is between us—six inches at most. That space feels charged with electricity. I feel like it should be smaller."
Author: Veronica Roth

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Quotes About Late Nights With Friends
Quotes About Late Nights With Friends
Quotes About Late Nights With Friends

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