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1. "We Latins make splendid lovers and splendid older men."
Author: Cesar Romero
2. "We Latins are known for jabbering on."
Author: Eduardo Galeano
3. "It is very evident what mean and sneaking lives many of you live, for my sight has been whetted by experience; always on the limits, trying to get into business and trying to get out of debt, a very ancient slough, called by the Latins aes alienum, another's brass, for some of their coins were made of brass; still living, and dying, and buried by this other's brass; always promising to pay, promising to pay, to-morrow, and dying to-day, insolvent..."
Author: Henry David Thoreau
4. "Latins for Republicans - it's like roaches for Raid."
Author: John Leguizamo
5. "Latins are tenderly enthusiastic. In Brazil they throw flowers at you. In Argentina they throw themselves."
Author: Marlene Dietrich
6. "I've dated interracially a lot. I grew up in Harlem, so I've dated Latins, Dominican, Guyanese, Cuban, black, white."
Author: Mekhi Phifer
7. "Latins are predisposed to thinking about the past. Catholicism has a lot to do with it because Catholicism is a contemplation of the past, of symbols that are supposed to be eternally present."
Author: Oscar Hijuelos
8. "Le pays latins, comme les pays d'Orient, oppriment la femme par le rigueur des moeurs encore plus que par celle des lois."
Author: Simone De Beauvoir
9. "The Patriarch Joseph, after agreeing with the Latins that their formula of the Holy Ghost proceeding from the Son meant the same as the Greek formula of the Holy Ghost proceeding through the Son, fell ill and died. An unkind scholar remarked that after muddling his prepositions what else could he decently do?"
Author: Steven Runciman

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