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1. "To whom shall I offer this book, young and sprightly,Neat, polished, wide-margined, and finished politely?To you, my Cornelius, whose learning pedantic,Has dared to set forth in three volumes giganticThe history of ages—ye gods, what a labor!—And still to enjoy the small wit of a neighbor.A man who can be light and learned at once, sir,By life's subtle logic is far from a dunce, sir.So take my small book—if it meet with your favor.The passing of years cannot dull its sweet savor."
Author: Catullus
2. "Anyone playing with you is going to change where your direction is."
Author: Charlie Hunter
3. "Remember that just so much are you adding to the pleasure or misery of other people's days… Whether each day of your life shall give happiness or suffering rests with yourself. – George Merriam"
Author: David Wagner
4. "Don't you realize," Merlin said to his pupil, "that the history of the universe has brought us here to this second?"
Author: Deepak Chopra
5. "Things certainly aren't the way you imagine them when you're a kid and dreaming big dreams about what your life as a grown-up will look like."
Author: Emily Giffin
6. "Sit under the sun abdicate and be your own king"
Author: Fernando Pessoa
7. "Are you an aberration to your species?' she cried. 'Cats don't look for approval!"
Author: Gregory Maguire
8. "I don't care where an actor acts. It can be in summer stock, it can be over a radio, it can be over television, it can be in a goddam Broadway theatre, complete with the most fashionable, most well-fed, most sunburned-looking audience you can imagine. But I'll tell you a terrible secret — Are you listening to me? There isn't anyone out there who isn't Seymour's Fat Lady. That includes your Professor Tupper, buddy. And all his goddam cousins by the dozens. There isn't anyone anywhere that isn't Seymour's Fat Lady. Don't you know that? Don't you know that goddam secret yet? And don't you know — listen to me, now — don't you know who that Fat Lady really is? . . . Ah, buddy. Ah, buddy. It's Christ Himself. Christ Himself, buddy."
Author: J.D. Salinger
9. "I should have proposed that night in your room." "I should have let you."
Author: Kiera Cass
10. "Maybe you're one of those people who writes poems, but rarely reads them. Let me put this as delicately as I can: If you don't read, your writing is going to suck."
Author: Kim Addonizio
11. "Lothaire to Trehan:"You are related to me by blood and, like me, are a Dacian royal.""So?""So that means your ridiculous behavior reflects "upon me.""What are you talking about? My ridiculous behavior?I've done nothing to warrant this summoning, Lothaire. I keep to my library—and to myself."Exactly. You sit in your room and stroke off to memories of your Bride."
Author: Kresley Cole
12. "You lost your ability to choose the moment you started to use your eyes to see, and your heart to feel. Choice has become nothing but an illusion for you."
Author: Lionel Suggs
13. "You fill a bucket drop by drop. You clear your mind thought by thought. You heal yourself moment by moment. Today I make one drop, clear one thought, and get present to one moment. And then I do it again."
Author: Lisa Wimberger
14. "Take him away. Prepare a feast. Forget nothing. My crown: the golden cutlery. The poison bottles; and the fumes; the wreaths of ivy and the bloody joints; the chains; the bowl of nettles; the spices; the baskets of fresh grass; the skulls and spines; the ribs and shoulder-blades. Forget nothing or, by the blindness of my sockets, I will have your hearts out. Take him away..."
Author: Mervyn Peake
15. "Rich said, "As your get older, feelings are harder to come by." It was so simple and poignant."
Author: Questlove
16. "I grew up in a suburb of Ohio, in a small town, and I resonated with that small-town feeling where everybody knows your business."
Author: Rachael Harris
17. "I'm avampire. I havesecret powers ," he said with a full-on fake Transylvanian accent, which he dropped to say, "Actually, your mom let me in."
Author: Rachel Caine
18. "Rose. Listen to me. Run. Run as fast and as hard as you can back to your dorm. Tell the guardians."I nodded. There was no questioning here.Reaching out, he gripped my upper arm, gaze locked on me to make sure I understood his next words. "Do not stop," he said. "No matter what you hear, no matter what you see, do not stop. Not until you've warned the others. Don't stop unless you're directly confronted. Do you understand?"I nodded again. He released his hold."Tell them buria."I nodded again."Run."
Author: Richelle Mead
19. "Knowing your purpose gives meaning to your life."
Author: Rick Warren
20. "Do you have all that you desire? The health, the home, the career or the relationship? Look to where you're investing your time the most, is it dedicated to achieving those desires?"
Author: Rob Liano
21. "Keep the guests company, and mind your asses! Stay out of the hall before my chamber!"
Author: Sai Marie Johnson
22. "No matter how difficult your situation may be you have to follow the Lord of the Second Advent completely."
Author: Sun Myung Moon
23. "With your talents and industry, with science, and that steadfast honesty, which eternally pursues right, regardless of consequences, you may promise yourself everything but health, without which there is no happiness."
Author: Thomas Jefferson
24. "You know you are old when you discover that your children are learning in history class what you studied in current events."
Author: Vikrant Parsai

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