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1. "I was 18 and making 150 quid a week, which was a lot of money to me. Then there was a bad winter and I got paid off. Then my firm, JW Henderson of Bowling Green Street, Leith, went bust. If they hadn't folded, I'd probably still be scaffolding and loving it."
Author: Jamie Sives
2. "Eric?"Sometimes I think if I blink, you'll disappear."Oh, Eileithyia, Thea thought. Oh, Aphrodite. I'm in terrible trouble.The thing was, it was terrible and wonderful. She felt awkward and tremendously safe at once, scared to death and not scared of anything. And what she wanted was so simple. If he only felt the same, everything would be all right.I just can't even imagine life without you anymore, but I'm so afraid you'll go away," Eric said, still looking fatalistically at the computer on the desk."
Author: L.J. Smith
3. "My need of your words: for such closeness there should be a word beyond love."Helen, to Leith, in "The Great Fire"
Author: Shirley Hazzard
4. "As I was a stranger in Olondria, I knew nothing of the splendour of its coasts, nor of Bain, the Harbour City, whose lights and colours spill into the ocean like a cataract of roses. I did not know the vastness of the spice markets of Bain, where the merchants are delirious with scents, I had never seen the morning mists adrift above the surface of the green Illoun, of which the poets sing; I had never seen a woman with gems in her hair, nor observed the copper glinting of the domes, nor stood upon the melancholy beaches of the south while the wind brought in the sadness from the sea. Deep within the Fayaleith, the Country of the Wines, the clarity of light can stop the heart: it is the light the local people call 'the breath of angels'..."
Author: Sofia Samatar

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-Estamos hechos el uno para el otro-susurró-. ¿Puede ser que predestinados el uno al otro? Pero nada saldrá de todo esto. Una pena, pero cuando llegue el alba nos separaremos. No puede ser de otro modo. Tenemos que separarnos para no hacernos daño el uno al otro. Nosotros, predestinados el uno al otro. Hechos el uno para el otro. Una pena. Aquel o aquellos que nos crearon el uno para el otro deberían haberse preocupado de algo más. La mera predestinación no basta, es muy poco. Hace falta algo más. Perdóname. Tenía que decirlo.-Lo sé."
Author: Andrzej Sapkowski

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