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51. "Defending the library service from the predations of ideologically-motivated public schoolboys who had immensely privileged childhoods isn't ‘whining,' it is the pursuit of passionately held beliefs."
Author: Alan Gibson
52. "Athos liked every one to exercise his own free-will. He never gave his advice before it was demanded and even then it must be demanded twice. "In general, people only ask for advice," he said "that they may not follow it or if they should follow it that they may have somebody to blame for having given it"."
Author: Alexandre Dumas
53. "I was only allowed only to watch public television until I was 12 years old. I would come home from friends's houses with a list of demands. 'OK, We have all the wrong cereals. You guys are asleep on the job.'"
Author: Allison Williams
54. "I'm married. My wife, Stella - a beautiful woman. She's brought a lot of peace to my life, a lot of wisdom."
Author: Anthony Hopkins
55. "A person can do other things against his will, but belief is possible only in one who is willing."
Author: Augustine Of Hippo
56. "It's pathetic how we can't live with the things we can't understand. How we need everything labeled and explained and deconstructed."
Author: Chuck Palahniuk
57. "I glared at Christian as the blood smeared around. "You could have at least licked it."He smirked darkly. "I hear that all too often."
Author: Dannika Dark
58. "Officers are taught to use all the tricks and lies that courts permit within the scope of the Fifth Amendment's shield against self-incrimination."
Author: David K. Shipler
59. "But thought has no eyelids to close or ears to block..."
Author: David Mitchell
60. "Say you are at the brink of killing yourself and someone tries to talk you out of it. You've already thought about it and your life is not worth living. Someone else comes along and tries to convince you not to kill yourself. Is there someone out there that can convince you not to kill yourself? What can they possibly say to convince you that your life, the one you have firsthand knowledge of, is worth living? There is that one answer. No one! There is that other answer. Nothing!"
Author: Dew Platt
61. "Californians invented the concept of life-style. This alone warrants their doom."
Author: Don DeLillo
62. "Can a man still be brave if he's afraid?" he heard is own voice saying small and far away." And his father's voice replied to him. "That is the only time a man can be brave."
Author: George R.R. Martin
63. "Aloneness is nearer God, nearer reality."
Author: Gwen John
64. "Elinor, az aci çekenler diledikleri kadar gururlu ve özgür olabilirler -hakarete karsi koyabilir,kötülügü iade edebilirler- ama ben yapamam. Ben hissetmeliyim -sefil olmaliyim- isteyen buyursun bunu nasil tasidigimin keyfini çikarsin."
Author: Jane Austen
65. "Linux is a superbly polished copy of an antique - shinier than the original, perhaps, but still defined by it."
Author: Jaron Lanier
66. "White House and State Department foreign-policy experts are overwhelmingly directed towards military and diplomatic issues, not development issues."
Author: Jeffrey Sachs
67. "In real life, I tend to yell at people a lot. Not because I'm bossy or mean, but because I'm frustrated."
Author: Jen Lancaster
68. "He is bad in bed. I can see the roommate masturbating after the man falls asleep. I place the crosshairs over his heart. It would be a mercy killing. A man who goes to sleep without satisfying his woman deserves punishment. He sleeps through her self-pleasure? Death is too kind."
Author: Jessica Clare
69. "The only thing all men have in common with one another is their inherent capacity to make mistakes. But there is wonder in the attempt, knowing we are all destined to fall short, but forgoing reason and fear time and time again so deliberately."
Author: Joe Meno
70. "A facetious if logical question comes into George's mind, from where he cannot tell, unless as a reaction to all this unwonted intensity. If these are indeed the spirits of Englishmen and Englishwomen who have passed over into the next world, surely they would know how to form a proper queue?"
Author: Julian Barnes
71. "Inertia is so easy—don't fix what's not broken. Leave well enough alone. So we end up accepting what is broken, mistaking complaining for action, procrastinating for deliberation."
Author: Justina Chen
72. "This is the rock 'n' roll life, and you had to invent it as you went along. There was no textbook to say how you operate this machinery."
Author: Keith Richards
73. "I never believed the anchorman should be the know-it-all. And I try to communicate that to the audience. While I have some knowledge from my years of experience, what I want to do is walk you through this because we're all walking through this together."
Author: Lester Holt
74. "You dont have solo rights to anything anymore,not even your crazy life"
Author: Luis J. Rodríguez
75. "A breakup is the single most traumatic event in the life of a woman outside of a death. Some women can take years to recover."
Author: Melissa Kantor
76. "Being No. 1. It's talked about all of the time in hip-hop. 'I'm still No. 1! I'm the best! I'm the greatest of all time!' It's the same mentality in sports."
Author: Michael Rapaport
77. "Her skirts, sleeves, collar, and hat saw to it that none of the young ruffians of the Leased Territories would have the opportunity to invade her body space with their eyes, and lest her distinctive face prove too much of a temptation, she wore a veil too...The veil offered Nell protection from unwanted scrutiny. Many New Atlantis career women also used the veil as a way of meeting the world on their own terms, ensuring that they were judged on their own merits and not on their appearance. It served a protective function as well, bouncing back the harmful rays of the sun and intercepting many deleterious nanosites that might otherwise slip unhindered into the nose and mouth."
Author: Neal Stephenson
78. "... for most practical purposes, Tarbean had two parts: Waterside and Hillside. Waterside is where people are poor. That makes them beggars, thieves and whores. Hillside is where people are rich. That makes them solicitors, politicians and courtesans."
Author: Patrick Rothfuss
79. "...........La vida se metió por medio —dos años en el ejército, trabajo, matrimonio, responsabilidades familiares, necesidad de ganar cada vez más dinero, toda esa cagada que nos deja empantanados cuando no tenemos los cojones de luchar por lo que queremos—, pero nunca perdí el interés por los libros."
Author: Paul Auster
80. "I think Tom Paine is one of the greatest men that's ever lived."
Author: Richard Attenborough
81. "Scholars look for final truths they will never find. Creative writers concern themselves with possibilities that are always there to the receptive."
Author: Richard Hugo
82. "Life is a dance of nature."
Author: Toba Beta

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