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1. "Oh! To rationalize oneself into matrimony...Oh! To decide something so grave in life 'after mature consideration'! Choose the color of a dress after a thousand hesitations, but for God's sake, get married without reflecting on it! That's the grace I wish I wish for you. May you even be so distracted that day that you walk past the registry office without remembering to stop there."
Author: Colette
2. "...but I felt then the same way Nicky did, that I was getting myself more life. Not necessarily a better life, not a life more promising than the one I already had. But because I thought this life was in addition to and not instead of, I devoured it without a second's hesitation."
Author: Etgar Keret
3. "Robert held back in the press, letting others go after the rebels fleeing before the charge. Their orders were to slaughter anyone found in the streets to provoke a quick surrender, after which mercy would be granted to those left alive. He had seen death throughout his life, but the duel he'd had with Guy was the closest he'd come to ending someone's life and even then there had been rules imposed. There were no such boundaries here. The freedom to kill was a dizzying, precipitous feeling. But the veteran knights were pushing in behind him, forcing the issue. With a snarl of frustration at his own hesitation, Robert fixed on one man darting away down an alley and spurred his horse out of the crush in pursuit."
Author: Robyn Young
4. "Jay advanced. For the second time in his life, he didn't give a shit what anyone else said about his choice in a lover. He seized Lincoln by the waist and crushed his mouth to the other man's. Lincoln spread his lips and grabbed hold of Jay. No hesitation. No delay. Everything faded but the strength of that kiss, the power, the depth, the drive of man against man."
Author: Sloan Parker
5. "Big decisions in my life have always come easy and are made without hesitation. It is easier for me to make a life-changing decision than to decide what to get for dessert."
Author: Tony Hawk
6. "When confronted with two alternatives, life and death, one is to choose death without hesitation."
Author: Yamamoto Tsunetomo

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Quotes About Life And Hesitation
Quotes About Life And Hesitation
Quotes About Life And Hesitation

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