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1. "Hide not your talents, they for use were made,What's a sundial in the shade?"
Author: Benjamin Franklin
2. "The hidden economy [is] fed not by money and greed but by love, pure and simple. You see the best and truly golden opportunities do not arise to benefit oneself, but in order to benefit others."
Author: Etienne De L'Amour
3. "Good call. A second drag and your next stop's the wastepaper basket - and not to toss your kleenex, true."
Author: J.R. Ward
4. "In friendship I shall bind my heart and soul to yours. Forever beside you I shall stand. Together or apart always will I be with you. Eternal friends we shall ever be."
Author: Jen Wylie
5. "Research your brain,then Research the world.."
Author: Jerril Thomas Abraham
6. "When I go home to England, my friends all make fun of me for sounding American."
Author: Juno Temple
7. "Don't stop yourself from greatness before you've begun from fear or from self-doubt. You were put here on this planet to do great things, to pioneer change by way of your own personal uniqueness, and to express yourself and share your happiness with others."
Author: Kaiden Blake
8. "A currency serves three functions: providing a means of payment, a unit of account and a store of value. Gold may be a store of value for wealth, but it is not a means of payment. You cannot pay for your groceries with it. Nor is it a unit of account. Prices of goods and services, and of financial assets, are not denominated in gold terms."
Author: Nouriel Roubini
9. "It's like an emotional dance party: Some dances will be your favorites -- others more awkward or difficult to learn. Some will be boring or make you mad. some you will wish you never needed to do again. But AHA! You think. I will dance all the dances I can."
Author: S.A.R.K.
10. "Get the best people and train them well."
Author: Scott McNealy
11. "I said you were beautiful. I slept in your bed!"
Author: Stephanie Perkins
12. "And he wants you to keep that at the front of your mind? He wants you to stay focused on the darkest seasons of your life? How could that possibly do any good?'. . . He wants you to remember who delivered you from that time. That's the point of holding on to memory: delivery, not darkness."
Author: Ted Dekker

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Quotes About Liking Your Best Friends Brother
Quotes About Liking Your Best Friends Brother
Quotes About Liking Your Best Friends Brother

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