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1. "These are valentines for all the boys at school that I like... And this is a very special one for my sweet babboo.""Does your sweet babboo know who he is?""Oh, yes, he knows who he is...""I do not!"
Author: Charles M. Schulz
2. "If you look at a record under a microscope, the high frequencies are short jagged edges... and the low frequencies are long swinging ones are deep bass sounds. When it cut it at half speed, you're getting more of those on the record."
Author: Herb Alpert
3. "The monster licked his lips, long lines of whiskers twitching, and spoke in a deep growl. "Pretty, aren't I?" Curran. In midform. I broke from his gaze. "Adorable."
Author: Ilona Andrews
4. "He is dark and quiet and completely different from me, which is exactly why I should put distance between us. But it is also the reason I find him so fascinating."
Author: Jodi Picoult
5. "Yom HaShoah is a vital day in the Jewish calendar, providing us with a focal point for our remembrance. We cannot bring the dead back to life, but we can bring their memory back to life and ensure they are not forgotten. We can undertake in our lives to do what they were so cruelly prevented from doing in theirs."
Author: Jonathan Sacks
6. "Why is everyone complaining?" Daisy asked impatiently. "Thisis exciting! We get to perform. Do you know how long I have beenwaiting for this day?""Unfortunately, yes," Sarah said flatly."About as long as I have been dreading it," Iris muttered."
Author: Julia Quinn
7. "But you can only go so long being angry before you learn to hate."
Author: Katja Millay
8. "Once I start reading something, I can't stop. I obsessively read, which is a problem with long books!"
Author: Keegan Allen
9. "We have seen death before, Marnie and I, a mountain of ice melting over time, drops of water freezing at your core reminding you every day of that which has vanished, but the despair we know today is a sadness sailing sorrow through every bone and knuckle."
Author: Lisa O'Donnell
10. "I know what I wish. I wish some Day that I might live by a River — one that is strong of current & silent; & above it, in the Pines, the Hawks shall call; & I shall live there in a small House of one Room & play the Violin, & Someone Else shall play the Harpsichord, & we will be far from all Human Habitation. We shall walk by the Banks of that River, & listen to the Buzzing of the Rushes, & that alone shall be our Company."
Author: M.T. Anderson
11. "I enjoy hiking and skiing, like most Norwegians. In winter, there will be snow for months on end. In the summer, there are the long evenings to enjoy."
Author: Magnus Carlsen
12. "Live every day like it's your last. Treasure the moments you have, and make sure you make them count."
Author: Nicole Reed
13. "At the very end of a book I can manage to work for longer stretches, but mostly, making stuff up for three hours, that's enough. I can't do any more. At the end of the day I might tinker with my morning's work and maybe write some again. But I think three hours is fine."
Author: Peter Carey
14. "Cut your morning devotions into your personal grooming. You would not go out to work with a dirty face. Why start the day with the face of your soul unwashed?"
Author: Robert A. Cook
15. "I, Tiberius Claudius Drusus Nero Germanicus This-that-and-the-other (for I shall not trouble you yet with all my titles) who was once, and not so long ago either, known to my friends and relatives and associates as "Claudius the Idiot", or "That Claudius", or "Claudius the Stammerer", or "Clau-Clau-Claudius" or at best as "Poor Uncle Claudius", am now about to write this strange history of my life; starting from my earliest childhood and continuing year by year until I reach the fateful point of change where, some eight years ago, at the age of fifty-one, I suddenly found myself caught in what I may call the "golden predicament" from which I have never since become disentangled."
Author: Robert Graves
16. "Worst decision is when you have decided but still it doesn't satisfy you in hell lot of ways and you long to go back in time to fix it. It is so expensive to afford a wrong decision."
Author: Shreya Gupta
17. "Her voice was as rough as sandpaper. As long as Blomkvist lived, he would never forget her face as she went on the attack. Her teeth were bared like a beast of prey. Her eyes were glittering, black as coal. She moved with the lightning speed of a tarantula and seemed totally focus on her prey as she swung the club again, striking Martin in the ribs."
Author: Stieg Larsson
18. "People want what they want, for as long as they want it, then tastes change and something else works."
Author: Vince Gilligan
19. "Any guy hates Valentine's Day. Even if you're in love, you can't win on Valentine's Day. If you're married, you can't win on Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is like the thing you want to avoid at all costs."
Author: Vince Vaughn

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Quotes About Long Distance Valentines Day
Quotes About Long Distance Valentines Day
Quotes About Long Distance Valentines Day

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