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1. "There was a pair of books, one by Hemingway, another by Thomas Wolfe. Each had written a long inscription to the other. A knowledgeable dealer had to inform the unfortunate owner who had just paid a pretty penny for them that the inscriptions were not authentic, and that the value was not what he had hoped. Later, another dealer discovered that they were spectacular forgeries: Wolfe had written Hemingway's inscription, and Hemingway, Wolfe's."
Author: Allison Hoover Bartlett
2. "No one has ever become poor by giving."
Author: Anne Frank
3. "I got caught watching the one person I was supposed to not care about"
Author: Cambria Hebert
4. "The fly that no one to advise it follows the corpse into the grave."
Author: Chinua Achebe
5. "Oh, I have always been proud, I always wanted all or nothing! You see it was just because I am not one who will accept half a happiness, but always wanted all"
Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
6. "The history of our civilization has been one of intermittent war."
Author: John Boyd Orr
7. "Building one space station for everyone was and is insane: we should have built a dozen."
Author: Larry Niven
8. "You know," he (Tweedledee) added very gravely, "it's one of the most serious things that can possibly happen to one in a battle--to get one's head cut off." pg. 199"
Author: Lewis Carroll
9. "It's all right," said Wolf. "You loved her. I would have felt the same if someone wanted to erase Scarlet's identity and give it to Levana's army.Scarlet stiffened, feeling heat rushing into her cheeks. He certainly wasn't insinuating...."Aaaaw," squealed Iko. "Did Wolf just say he loves Scarlet? That's so cute!"Scarlet cringed. "He did not-that wasn't-" She balled her fists against her sides. "Can we get back to these soldiers that are being rounded up, please?""Is she blushing? She sounds like she's blushing.""She's blushing," Thorne confirmed, shuffling the cards. "Actually, Wolf is looking a little flustered."
Author: Marissa Meyer
10. "But why, she thought wryly, did a man seem more attractive as he became less available? How humbling to think one had so much in common with a cow stretching its neck through a gate for better grass."
Author: Mary Jo Putney
11. "I think no one could have made peace in Bosnia besides Holbrooke."
Author: Michael Ignatieff
12. "Oh sure, I'm her husband. That's what the record says. I'm the three white steps and the bug green front door and the brass knocker you rap one long and two short and the maid lets you into the hundred-dollar whorehouse."
Author: Raymond Chandler
13. "The game of football is one of strategy and tactics."
Author: Woody Hayes

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Quotes About Losing A Loved One And Moving On
Quotes About Losing A Loved One And Moving On
Quotes About Losing A Loved One And Moving On

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