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1. "I thank the Creator of the universe to have discovered the discipline of music was the greatest gift that I could have been given, the possibility to be a student working in the world."
Author: Anthony Braxton
2. "I always like to get local music when I'm in another country."
Author: April Winchell
3. "A piece of music is an experience to be taken by itself."
Author: B.F. Skinner
4. "This is me trying to bridge the gap and make a record that I'm truly proud of, I've got my 80s side and my indie side, my super pop slant and the electronic music that I love. I wanted to make happy, feel-good music. It all comes from an organic place"
Author: Blake Lewis
5. "But otherwise, music is about a beat and a message."
Author: Casey Kasem
6. "I'm not really a music guy."
Author: Dave Attell
7. "Well, they don't make their music just to pass the time," says Jenny, grinning. "Got to want something to sing about it, no?"
Author: Emma Donoghue
8. "Youth leaders, are you holding aloft our standards, or have you compromised them for the lowest common denominator in order to appease the deceived or vile within the Church? Are the dances and music in your cultural halls virtuous, lovely, praiseworthy, and of good report (Articles of Faith 13), or do they represent a modern Sodom with short skirts, loud beat, strobe lights, and darkness?"
Author: Ezra Taft Benson
9. "Make yourself full proof that no one can hurt your character...."
Author: Fawad
10. "They want more, they learn to make claims, the tribute of respect is at last felt to be well-nigh galling; rivalry for rights, indeed actual strife itself, would be preferred: in a word, woman is losing modesty. And let us immediately add that she is also losing taste. She is unlearning to fear man: but the woman who "unlearns to fear" sacrifices her most womanly instincts."
Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
11. "He pauses, and I know he is about to lie. The worst feeling: when you just have to wait and prepare yourself for the lie."
Author: Gillian Flynn
12. "I used to split my time between writing, music and painting. I would work on a book and then abandon it, start a band, do an album, quit music, then do a gallery show. Eventually I decided to give writing a serious shot."
Author: Isaac Marion
13. "To have a girl two thousand miles away going to pieces over you, weeping at the mere memory of you, losing her appetite, losing herself and her self respect - well, that's a trophy enough for a guy's ego, huh?"
Author: Jerry Spinelli
14. "It bothered me that he was right. Without Sir Stuart's intervention, I'd have been dead again already.That's right--you heard me: dead again already.I mean, come on. How screwed up is your life (after- or otherwise) when you find yourself needing phrases like that?"
Author: Jim Butcher
15. "The Mekons were kind of like the background music of my life."
Author: Jonathan Franzen
16. "It was harder to let yourself sink if someone else needed you to be their rock."
Author: Jonathan Maberry
17. "That's what you promised him, Princess?" he shouted throwing up his hands. "That was your bargain? You would offer yourself to the Unseelie Court?" He turned and punched a tree, sending twigs and icicles to the ground. "Of all the stupid ideas! What is wrong with you?"-PUCK"
Author: Julie Kagawa
18. "What people tend to forget is the journey that I had getting to Formula One. There were plenty of years where I had to learn about losing and having bad races."
Author: Lewis Hamilton
19. "Letter from Van Gogh to Gauguin: "Ah! my dear friend, to make of painting what the music of Berlioz and Wagner has been before us... a consolatory art for distressed hearts! There are as yet only a few who feel it as you and I do!!! [Letter 739, Arles, 21 January 1889]"
Author: Liesbeth Heenk
20. "Well, the old Autumn didn't know anything about reality. The old Autumn was quite happy living in a childish make-believe world where bad things didn't happen and where you could make up whatever silly story you liked and tell yourself it was true."
Author: Liz Kessler
21. "Move forward with no second-guessing, no guilt trips, no hesitation. Your purpose is to recreate yourself anew in each moment."
Author: Neale Donald Walsch
22. "However in countries outside of Japan I think game music is still a potential growth market that has not yet developed to the extent that we are seeing in Japan."
Author: Nobuo Uematsu
23. "To fail to experience gratitude when walking through the corridors of the Metropolitan Museum, when listening to the music of Bach or Beethoven, when exercising our freedom to speak, or ... to give, or withhold, our assent, is to fail to recognize how much we have received from the great wellsprings of human talent and concern that gave us Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, our parents, our friends. We need a rebirth of gratitude for those who have cared for us, living and, mostly, dead. The high moments of our way of life are their gifts to us. We must remember them in our thoughts and in our prayers; and in our deeds."
Author: William F. Buckley Jr.

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