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1. "We always deceive ourselves twice about the people we love - first to their advantage, then to their disadvantage."
Author: Albert Camus
2. "And there you see the distinction between our feelings: had he been in my place, and I in his, though I hated him with a hatred that turned my life to gall, I never would have raised a hand against him. You may look incredulous, if you please! I never would have banished him from her society as long as she desired his. The moment her regard ceased, I would have torn his heart out and drank his blood! But, till then - if you don't believe me, you don't know me - til then, I would have died by inches before I touched a single hair on his head!"
Author: Emily Brontë
3. "You have complete permission to enter my mind, probing all my thoughts, looking for whatever you need to know. There is nothing I intend to hide from you. No matter what you will find, either luminous or dark, you can rest assured that in my heart I deeply love you and I want the best for you, and... I do mean you!"
Author: Franco Santoro
4. "From a Christian point of view of course we do want a peaceful world, and I think September 11 did actually make people aware not only of vulnerability and how transitory life is, but there are forces of good and honor and justice which speak to us of God and his love for us."
Author: George Carey
5. "If you had one last breath - what would you say?If you had one hour to use your limbs before you would lose the use of them forever - would you sit there on the coach?If you knew that you wouldn't see tomorrow who would you make amends with?If you knew you had only an hour left on this earth - what would be so pressing that you just had to do it, say it, or see it?Well there is something that I can guarantee - that one day you will have one day, one hour and one breath left.Just make sure that before that day that you have said, done and experienced everything that you dream of doing now.Do it now - that is what today is for.So pick up the phone and call an old friend that you have fallen out of touch with.Get out and run a mile and use your body and sweat.Seek out someone in your life to say your sorry to. Seek someone In your life that you need to thank. Seek someone in your life that you need to express your feelings of love to.Then when that day comes you will be ok with it all."
Author: John A. Passaro
6. "We're always looking at this love through the eyes of the person who is suffering because of this love."
Author: Krzysztof Kieslowski
7. "TV actors are doing great in Bollywood. We have our own market, our own fans, who love to see us on the big screen."
Author: Mona Singh
8. "And I'd be willing to bet that you were great at it, if only because you have to love something before you can hate it."
Author: Nicholas Sparks
9. "A man's power to connect his thought with its proper symbol, and so to utter it, depends on the simplicity of his character, that is, upon his love of truth, and his desire to communicate it without loss."
Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
10. "How the hell was it that she'd always been so comfortable with him before, but as soon as she'd realized she was in love with him, as soon as she told him that … she was nervous all the time?"
Author: Stacia Kane
11. "Each sigh, a metaphor.Duel, a couplet. And the bickering, a sonnet.It is the beauty of a poet, falling in love with a poet."
Author: Swapnil Tewari
12. "I changed my mind because of a scene between Howard Cunningham and Richie. The father-son situation was written so movingly, I fell in love with the project."
Author: Tom Bosley
13. "Mercutio: "If love be rough with you, be rough with love;"
Author: William Shakespeare

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Quotes About Love Between Teacher And Student
Quotes About Love Between Teacher And Student
Quotes About Love Between Teacher And Student

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