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1. "Laugh at love and love will make you cry."
Author: Ai Yazawa
2. "The festival of the summer solstice speaks of love and light, of freedom and generosity of spirit. It is a beautiful time of year where vibrant flowers whisper to us with scented breath, forests and woodlands hang heavy in the summer's heat and our souls become enchanted with midsummer magic."
Author: Carole Carlton
3. "And, Kar, love is not a commandment, it is a need, as real as eating."
Author: David Clement Davies
4. "As Cookie says of Johnny Quid in the RocknRolla, 'I love that man, he's what you call 'CLASS'... Russell Brand, I reckon, is classier..."
Author: Deepak 'The Fitness Doc' Hiwale
5. "I loved the fact that it wasn't my responsibility to change somebody, that it was God's, that my part was just to communicate love and approval."
Author: Donald Miller
6. "To be God's people, to love Him fervently with whole hearts, is our sole desire."
Author: Elizabeth George
7. "God is the reason I'm surviving, but he's sure used you in my life wonderfully. I love you."
Author: Esther Earl
8. "Was it not because I loved man all-too-much? Now I love God. man I love not. Man is for me too imperfect a thing. Love of man would kill me."
Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
9. "If girlfriends were knees, I'd love to have both of mine replaced. That way, it'd be easier to run around on them."
Author: Jarod Kintz
10. "Where there is love there is life."
Author: Mahatma Gandhi
11. "He loves you, really he does. He'd love you even if it destroyed him. He matches you."
Author: Marie Lu
12. "I love Richard Pryor. I love him to death."
Author: Mike Epps
13. "It's so great to love somebody and, out of that, to make a child. So that's my goal."
Author: Nastassja Kinski
14. "But what happens when her beauty is torn from her like a cover from a book? Will he care to read her then, although her pages speak of nothing but love for him?"
Author: Pearl S. Buck
15. "It is a strange fact, incidentally, that religious apologists love the anthropic principle. For some reason that makes no sense at all, they think it supports their case. Precisely the opposite is true. The anthropic principle, like natural selection, is an alternative to the design hypothesis. It provides a rational, design-free explanation for the fact that we find ourselves in a situation propitious to our existence."
Author: Richard Dawkins
16. "He smiled his dimpled smile. "Well, I've found something in my heart, my love, and it's you. You fill it up so completely that I don't need anything else." His gaze turned solemn. "I don't want to be the river anymore. I want to be the earth that the tree roots in. And I believe that I can, if you'll be my tree. Will you?"It was too much. She began to cry, though she smiled so he'd know that they were happy tears. "That vastly your last one," she choked out between sobs. "I would very much love to be your tree."-Jarret and Annabel"
Author: Sabrina Jeffries
17. "True love isent true unless it lasts forever"
Author: Sophie Kinsella
18. "I shall now call myself;I shall now call.In the forest of my heart, seeing myself,I shall love myself and love myself.I shall be my own quest,My absolute wealth.The journey of light supreme will commenceIn the heart of freedom."
Author: Sri Chinmoy

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Quotes About Love Tagalog 2015 Kilig
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