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1. "Live, laugh, love.When you can feel someone else's pain and joy as if it's your own, thats when you know you really love them - Tina Lowell"
Author: Ann Brashares
2. "Merciful death. How you love your precious guilt"
Author: Anne Rice
3. "I am your forest, your earth, your eternity. I am your life. I am your death. I am all things forever and always. Love me. Love me. Forever love me."
Author: Brom
4. "Curiously, she is not afraid, knowing as she does that love is mostly the avoidance of hurt, and furthermore, she is accustomed to obstacles, and how they can be overcome by readjusting her glance or crowding her concerns into a shadowy corner."
Author: Carol Shields
5. "I think I may be in love with you, Sophie," said Will. "Marriage could be in the cards."
Author: Cassandra Clare
6. "He loved constantly, instantly, spontaneously, without thought or words. That's what he taught me. Love is not something you think about, it is a state in which you dwell. That was his gift."
Author: Christopher Moore
7. "She has known all the time that I cared for her--though I never said a word of my love to her--"
Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
8. "I experienced by observing my own body and my own soul that I sorely needed sin, sorely needed concupiscence, needed greed, vanity, and the most shameful despair to learn to stop resisting, to learn to love the world and stop comparing it to some world I only wished for and imagined, some sort of perfection I myself had dreamed up, but instead to let it be as it was and to love it and be happy to belong to it."
Author: Hermann Hesse
9. "We love you, dude, but I swear to God, if you put me in a position where I have to pick between you and Shaw, she is going to win every single time, hands down. Know it."
Author: Jay Crownover
10. "I just kind of understood it, and I threw my love for others and love for life into the character, and was having a blast. I loved playing Dharma. I loved it!"
Author: Jenna Elfman
11. "May I ask why you're passing notes to Aiden?" He eyed the letter like it was a bomb."It's a love note. I'm asking him to circle ‘yes' or ‘no' if he likes me."
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
12. "Those are Klingon and Federation ships," I said. "You're a nerd, Shelton, but, holy crap, do I love this."
Author: John Corwin
13. "I don't like this.""I know you don't, my little spaetzel. But I am too worn out to run from both the police and your murderous twin, and Damian's looking peaky, plus Christian did apologize for trying to kill us earlier.""I wasn't talking about that. It's your lamentable habit of using completely unsuitable love names for me that gives me grief," Adrian groused. "I am not a lambypie, nor am I a spaetzel."
Author: Katie MacAlister
14. "I have a whole iPod full of exceptionally bad music, truly awful stuff including a disproportionate number of one hit wonders from the early '80s and lots of hair bands. I find it utterly impossible to love a song until I know every single word, so listening to live music or new bands is pretty much out."
Author: Lauren Weisberger
15. "All love songs, no matter how eloquent or crude, ornamented or plain, in whatever language they are sung, say essentially the same thing. All love stories have but one meaning."
Author: Lee Siegel
16. "One to openly display affection, except for a hug here and there, but her love had a gentle constancy I could feel."
Author: Leigh Byrne
17. "You're so beautiful," said Alice. "I'm afraid of looking at you and not knowing who you are.""I think that even if you don't know who I am someday, you'll still know that I love you.""What if I see you, and I don't know that you're my daughter, and I don't know that you love me?""Then, I'll tell you that I do, and you'll believe me."
Author: Lisa Genova
18. "The love of life begins with the love of one person."
Author: Marty Rubin
19. "We are all created in the image of our Creator - Love itself."
Author: Mary Manin Morrissey
20. "All love stories are tales of beginnings. When we talk about falling in love, we go to the beginning, to pinpoint the moment of freefall."
Author: Meghan O'Rourke
21. "What are you up to now?" "I'm sill crazy. The rain feels good. I love to walk in it."
Author: Ray Bradbury
22. "I lust love to play football."
Author: Ray Nitschke
23. "Leo cried, "Hold on! Let's have some manners here. Can I at least find out who has the honor of destroying me?""I am Cal!" the ox grunted. He looked very proud of himself, like he'd taken a long time to memorize that sentence."That's short for Calais," the love god said. "Sadly, my brother cannot say words with more than two syllables--""Pizza! Hockey! Destroy!" Cal offered."--which includes his own name," the love god finished."I am Cal," Cal repeated. "And this is Zethes! My brother!""Wow," Leo said. "That was almost three sentences, man! Way to go."Cal grunted, obviously pleased with himself."Stupid buffoon," his brother grumbled. "They make fun of you. But no matter. I am Zethes, which is short for Zethes. And the lady there--" He winked at piper, but the wink was more like a facial seizure. "She can call me anything she likes. Perhaps she would like to have dinner with a famous demigod before we must destroy you?"
Author: Rick Riordan
24. "A man should not be judged by his fame, power, or money, but rather by how much love he gives to others."
Author: Sandranil Biswas
25. "I find that often simple words say all that needs to be said in less time, using less energy, with all the details wanted- fully in tact. Love it."
Author: Sereda Aleta Dailey
26. "For I'll keep my humanity, though I did not keep my promises. ... and Love shall not be wrested from my veins."
Author: Susan Abulhawa
27. "Their lust to win the love of mortals away from God knows no bounds."
Author: Ted Dekker
28. "'Sex drives us, love or no love. Power or no power. Money or no money. It's the most powerful drug in the world. Some pay for it. Some die for it.'"
Author: Vicki Pettersson
29. "I respect music, I do. I love it."
Author: Youssou N'Dour

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