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1. "As always, whenever I want to get rid of someone I'm not really listening to, I made it appear as if I agreed."
Author: Albert Camus
2. "Pain was as much a part of this life as the summer and the winter and the rain, and there was no greater asshole than the one who believed you can cure it."
Author: Brian McGreevy
3. "Security has no place in the life of an actress."
Author: Claire Bloom
4. "Making movies is time-consuming and it's boring. You spend most of your time waiting between takes. It's like a big machine that moves slowly."
Author: Eddie Murphy
5. "This is the Cuzco asking you to pull on your armor and, mounted on the ample back of a powerful horse, cleave a path through the defenseless flesh of a naked Indian flock whose human wall collapses and disappears beneath the four hooves of the galloping beast."
Author: Ernesto Guevara
6. "We're the therapists pumping through your speakers delivering just what you need."
Author: Fall Out Boy
7. "Never let your mind talk you out of what your heart wants."
Author: Giuseppe Bianco
8. "Well, let's say you heard a fight in the boys' bathroom, and you broke it up. What would you do naturally if you could solve it your way?""I would run in the other direction. You really expect me to go in the boys' bathroom? Let them kill each other."
Author: Jennifer Echols
9. "The more the other party thinks he's having his way, the easier always to get your own."
Author: Jerome K. Jerome
10. "As a comic and as a nurse, it's important to look calm on the surface when you're absolutely crapping yourself inside. So, if someone is waving a machete at you, which has happened to me when I was a nurse, it's important to make that person feel that you're in control."
Author: Jo Brand
11. "I just think that knowing about your body at any age, whether it's educating yourself on fertility, getting mammograms, going through puberty - whatever it may be, is really important. I just really encourage women empowerment and being comfortable talking about these issues."
Author: Khloe Kardashian
12. "She bit her lower lip hard and blinked her eyes. There was such wistfulness and longing in his voice. Oh, she was going to give him back his eyes, or the next best thing, if it took her the rest of her life to do it."
Author: Mary Balogh
13. "His dark gaze searched her face. "Aren't you curious, inspector? A kiss—and only a kiss."Only a kiss . . . from someone who wanted her. Longing slipped through her, tugging at hopes best kept buried. Yes, Mina wanted to know. But she couldn't afford it."No," she said.He smiled. "Liar."
Author: Meljean Brook
14. "He lowered his voice. "You are a true shield-maiden; you do not turn from a scar on a man's face."I looked at him and did not lower my eyes. "My father was an ealdorman, and his brother ealdorman after him. He taught me that a scar is the badge of honour of the warrior, and this I believe."He regarded me for a long moment. "I think I am glad we did not face your father and his brother in battle," he said, "for they were of better stuff than what we have found here."In saying this, he gave my dead kinsmen much praise. I felt that praise came rarely from the Danes, and took a strange pleasure in hearing him say this. I did not speak, but he lifted his cup to me, and I again took up mine. - Sidroc the Dane to Ceridwen"
Author: Octavia Randolph
15. "Well, I'm your man. I'm the bloody bastard you wanted when you had me spawned. I'm your tool, and what difference does it make if I hate the part of me that you most need? What difference does it make that when the little serpents killed me in the game, I agreed with them, and was glad."
Author: Orson Scott Card
16. "Most chick singers say 'if you hurt me, I'll die'... I say, 'if you hurt me, I'll kick your ass.'"
Author: Pat Benatar
17. "Do not speak of your happiness to one less fortunate than yourself."
Author: Plutarch
18. "Adventure is important in life. Making memories matters. It doesn't have to be a secret seaplane and a historic sports moment, but to have a great life you need great memories. Grab any intriguing offer. Say yes to a challenge and to the unknown. Be creative in adding drama and scope to your lfe. Work at it like a job. Money from effort comes and goes, but effort from imagination and following adventure creates stories that you keep forever. And anyone can do it."
Author: Rob Lowe
19. "All roads, whether long or short, are hard," said Frog. "Come, you have begun your journey, and all else necessarily follows from that act. Be of good cheer. The sun is bright. The sky is blue. The world lies before you."
Author: Russell Hoban
20. "The thrill of falling in love is often the thrill of being loved; the thrill of marriage is the thrill of loving someone for the rest of your life. Each day - and year - that passes is a triumph of this act of loving."
Author: Susan Waggoner
21. "She did it, though she hated opera. She hated everything about it. The overblown sense of drama. The violence and lewdness. No one had ever died of heartbreak in Reverie. Betrayal never led to murder. Those things didn't happen anymore. They had the Realms now. They could experience anything without taking risks. Now, life was Better than Real."
Author: Veronica Rossi
22. "His life had been disrupted, but not his billing cycles."
Author: Victor LaValle

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