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1. "Small, red, and upright he waited,gripping his new bookbag tightin one hand and touching a lucky penny inside his coat pocket with the other,while the first snows of winterfloated down on his eyelashes and covered the branches around him and silencedall trace of the world."
Author: Anne Carson
2. "I've walked past so many pennies in my life, never bothering to pick them up because none of them were ever appealing to me. Then one day, I literally crashed into the most gorgeous penny I'd ever seen, so I picked her up off the ground, wiped away her tears, and became mesmerized by her every movement. Stupidly, I let that penny get away from me, and I've regretted it ever since. You were my lucky penny, Audrey, and I've been dreaming about you for years."
Author: Kimberly Lauren
3. "Audrey, you've been in my head since the moment I met you and you never left. Baby, I sure as hell don't deserve you but I can't imagine anyone else being the mother of my children or being the hand I hold at the end of every day. You're my lucky penny, remember?"
Author: Kimberly Lauren
4. "Something went down my throat withoutmy permission."Shit.Fear wrapped around my heart like barbedwire. "What went down your throat, Carrington?"Her face crumpled and turned red. "My lucky penny," she said, and began to cry."
Author: Lisa Kleypas

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Quotes About Lucky Penny
Quotes About Lucky Penny

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