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1. "I've been a lucky man. I've only faced one real tragedy: the death of my wife, Maggie, from cancer in 1995."
Author: Charles Jencks
2. "I'm lucky my wife is a strong woman. She's one of the stronger people I've ever met. It's hard for me to be away, but I know my home life is fine because my wife is there."
Author: Darius Rucker
3. "I was lucky to have my wife as the art director, and it turned out to be quite something - a great success. I'm very proud of it."
Author: Helmut Newton
4. "There is an internal landscape, a geography of the soul; we search for its outlines all our lives. Those who are lucky enough to find it ease like water over a stone, onto its fluid contours, and are home. Some find it in the place of their birth; others may leave a seaside town, parched, and find themselves refreshed in the desert. There are those born in rolling countryside who are really only at ease in the intense and busy loneliness of the city. For some, the search is for the imprint of another; a child or a mother, a grandfather or a brother, a lover, a husband, a wife, or a foe. We may go through our lives happy or unhappy, successful or unfulfilled, loved or unloved, without ever standing cold with the shock of recognition, without ever feeling the agony as the twisted iron in our soul unlocks itself and we slip at last into place."
Author: Josephine Hart
5. "I'm lucky that my restaurant partners are my wife Liz and Doug Petkovic. We opened our first restaurant over 15 years ago. And we didn't open up our second restaurant for almost ten years. So that gave us a good foundation of employees."
Author: Michael Symon
6. "Before 'Lucky Louie,' nobody would ever cast me to play a mom or a wife; nobody ever saw me in that role, which is weird, since that's who I really am."
Author: Pamela Adlon
7. "I'm lucky to have a wife and a child that keep me grounded."
Author: Rainn Wilson
8. "I'm extremely lucky in that my wife is the chief scheduler."
Author: Seal

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Quotes About Lucky Wife
Quotes About Lucky Wife
Quotes About Lucky Wife

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